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34.6k · Apr 2015
I'm not gay
Arlo Disarray Apr 2015
A lot of folks see me and think I'm gay
Because of my short hair and foul tongue
But that is an offensive thing to say
That you can just spot out a ***-be-un

I've been friends with many two girl couples
And none of them were ever quite the same
Some were very sweet, some had troubles
And others were rowdy and insane

I've known lesbians who spent hours getting dressed up
And some who throw on sweatpants and a hat
You can't just judge by looks, that's so messed up
You can't always tell which girls like "the cat"

Thinking about ***** doesn't make me sick
I'm not gay, no, it isn't just a bluff
I prefer the *****, the **** or the ****
But I'd let a girl touch my *****
          if I was ***** enough
15.6k · Apr 2015
self control
Arlo Disarray Apr 2015
He walked in and flashed me his best smile
Raised his eyebrows as he gently touched my arm
Complimented my haircut and unique style
As he just thickly piled on his charm

He was **** and he made me feel tingles
Running up and down my spine as he did speak
He told me I was cute, asked "Are you single?"
And instantly my knees shook and grew weak

His body looked amazing and his smile was perfect
I was tempted to leave work and let him have me
If I lose my job today, would it be worth it?
For a few minutes of pleasure and mystery?

**** my self control. I said no
I hate to see him leave. But **** I love to watch him go...
14.6k · Jan 2015
Ugly weeds and nettles
Arlo Disarray Jan 2015
Are flowers without petals
Simply ugly weeds and nettles?
Do the leaves
from the trees
On the breeze
ever settle?

Are the songs without words
Ever truly properly heard?
Or do their sounds
float around
Toward the ground
in the dirt?

Is the blue inside your eyes
A fallen piece of all the skies?
Or could it be
a trick to me?
It's not funny
or at all wise
13.1k · May 2015
Freddy Krueger Batman
Arlo Disarray May 2015
I've been sleepless for ten days, my head's tearing at the seams
There's too much inside my brain from the many built up dreams
As the seams break one by one, all the darkness starts to seep
All the nightmares in my mind are now loose on every street

Dreams all running rampant and destroying all the Towns
Zombie dogs, giant potato bugs and lots of **** clowns
My dreams are all disgusting, and I want to run away
But I guess the right thing to do here is try to save the day

Now thinking of Batman to come and rescue me
Hiding so that the nightmares couldn't still view me
But watching Batman battle was turning me right on
So I had to dream of *** toys, until the urge was gone

And as Batman finally wins the fight
He sticks my dreams back in my head, tight
And he asks "Anything else I can do?"
Getting turned on again, I then replied "I'd like to do you"

After *** with the bat, I felt so much better
When suddenly Batman was in Freddy Krueger's sweater
"I'm just way too tired." the next words I spoke
When I opened my eyelids, and then I awoke
*I thought it was real, but it was all a hoax
12.0k · Apr 2015
Anal Sex
Arlo Disarray Apr 2015
He said "Baby, I really want to put it in your ***."
She said "Okay, but I have terribly bad gas."
So he stuck it in when suddenly he heard a sonic boom
As he was quickly shot out of her *** across the room
This was going to be much worse. But I got sleepy.
11.0k · May 2015
Arlo Disarray May 2015
Inhaling smoke on my front step, they always **** me with their eyes
All the men who live near by, they're a bunch of ***** guys
I find it fun to taunt and tease them every time I go outside
Wearing tiny skirts and dresses that show more than just my thighs

And when I drop my cigarette to the ground,
I bend over and make them make whimpering sounds
As they run back inside after they've seen enough
I press up my round ******* and give my skirt a fluff
9.6k · Jun 2015
My Stalker
Arlo Disarray Jun 2015
Last night,*

A man followed me around
All about and through the town
Wearing a bandanna over his mouth

And he had so much pep
In all of his step
Whilst he followed me all through the south

His face went unseen
Which, to me, made him keen
I wanted the mystery to remain

So I left my door unlocked
And left my gun un-cocked
Who knows? Maybe I'm just insane

Then the stalker came in
Following me again
He followed me up to my bed

So I undressed myself
Placed my clothes on the shelf
And then, do you know what he said?

"You've been served."

Arlo Disarray Feb 2015
I know that you think I'm just mediocre
But I'd hoped I could be the Batman to your Joker
You've broken me down to make me feel like mud
Stained my life's skin when you spilled all its blood

I've sat by the clock of this world as it ticks
Simply waiting and fading as you make me sick
And I know I'm no hero, but I can pretend
I've nothing to offer but words from my pen

So why do I bother? I know I won't win
I don't have a clue where I'd even begin
So I just cut my spine out and gave it to you
When you planted it in the ground, what kind of plant grew?
I hope that you got to see something brand new
Something so strange, did your mind go askew?

It's fine if you think that I'm nothing but dirt
Your pathetic attempts to be cruel do not hurt
I'm stronger than coal that's been crushed into diamonds
I'm larger than mountains, there's no need to climb them

I've caught all the stars and I've swallowed the moon
I've danced with the sun and flown with stray balloons
I've cried tears of seas and I've swum with the sharks
Collecting the lights of life, creating the dark
8.8k · Jan 2015
Arlo Disarray Jan 2015
*******, it's good for your health.
And I think about you when I touch myself.
I picture you putting your hands on my chest.
Touching my *******
with a gentle caress.

Then you just take me.
And I see the moon
and stars.
It's so beautiful,
I cry
as I scream
and cream
and touch the sky.

Oh my.

I think about you, and it makes me sigh...
8.5k · Jan 2015
The Misunderstood
Arlo Disarray Jan 2015
A naive heart
  Who never does what it should
Lives in the dark
  Of the misunderstood
      It lurks in the thoughts
   Of a thousand broken plans
       It lives with the lost
           Where no one understands
       It twists and it pulls
    Tries so hard to be good
  It's so hard to control
All the misunderstood
  It smiles and it cries
    It laughs and it dies
      The misunderstood
           Still always tries
      Will someone love me
The way they should?
    Life is so lonely
When you're misunderstood
8.4k · Mar 2015
Arlo Disarray Mar 2015
There's a big ol planet floating here with seven billion folks
And somewhere in this world, I know you sit
I try not to act serious, I'm always full of jokes
But I want to bathe your body in my spit

I want to taste your skin, and to feel your every inch
But all this distance stands between our ****
I know I'm always dreaming, so I don't need a pinch
I just need an ounce of better luck

Pins and needles fill me as I think about your touch
God, I want to ******* so **** much
8.2k · Jan 2016
I'm gonna be honest, here
Arlo Disarray Jan 2016
There are a small handful of decent poets on this site
And then there are the manipulators, the cliques, and the trolls
The manipulators will re-post their poems to the same collections over and over and over to get likes and attention

The cliques all re-post and like each other's work just because and they probably never even read a word, they just want the likes in return

And the trolls, well, we all know about them

But I'm extremely tired of this site's "best poetry". Most of it sounds like a five-year-old wrote it while they were drunk. A sentence is not a poem. I don't care what anyone says.

Poetry has no permanent definition. But I will accept a smear of boogers on a page as poetry before I consider one measly sentence an entire poem.

Did your brain get tired? That's all you could bother to write, today?

And it feels like we're all running out of original things to say.

I'm feeling rather cynical and "*******"ish right now.
7.9k · Apr 2015
Bored to Death
Arlo Disarray Apr 2015
You're like a sad cup of vanilla yogurt
When all the people want is chocolate ice cream
You make the dullest, blah dessert
So plain, I want to ******* scream

There is mediocre, and then there is just plain boring
I don't mean to doze off, but when you talk I'm snoring
You're like a bran muffin that's missing the top
Don't know why you won't ******* stop

I feel my brain fall asleep when you're talking
And slowly I feel my gun in my hand cocking

And with a splash and a spray,
you're covered in my ****** boredom

You literally bored me to death
7.8k · Mar 2015
Arlo Disarray Mar 2015
My poems are ****
But you enjoy my wit
I know I'm a loser, but I'll never quit
7.1k · Mar 2015
Fly on the wall
Arlo Disarray Mar 2015
I'm a fly on the wall
So ugly
and small
And when I get squished
They won't miss me at all
6.9k · Mar 2016
rejected toys
Arlo Disarray Mar 2016
if you're looking for a gift that no one else could ever give
something to stand out in someone's life for as long as they live
if you want to get a laugh or a genuine smile,
then browse my toy shop and stay for a while

my toys are not pretty, but they're unique and bold
and each comes with their own special story, when sold
if you're trying to wow someone strange that you love
then the rejected toy shop is the one to speak of

there are monsters and clowns, creepy things all around
when folks have seen these toys, they have rarely frowned
so if you are a fan, and my art you enjoy
check out my shop, and purchase a toy
Seriously, if you guys are looking for the perfect gift to stand out to someone you know, check out my toys. I take custom orders.
6.7k · Sep 2016
like a rock
Arlo Disarray Sep 2016
We can't always be strong

even the toughest
and largest things
on this earth
get worn down a little
here and there

I have strength
and courage inside me

it yearns to come out
while the tears fall down my cheeks
and erode the skin
on my face

I'm not gone, yet

only small pieces
have been chipped away

I'll be okay

here I am,
I'm still standing

I may not be what I used to be
but maybe there is a new beauty
to be found
from what I have become
There's a picture that goes with this:
6.4k · Apr 2015
Arlo Disarray Apr 2015
Bubble gum and taffy are fine and dandy
If you're sweet and you like candy
But I like worms and bugs and dirt
I think they make a fine dessert
5.9k · Jan 2015
Orgasm, in pieces
Arlo Disarray Jan 2015
The perfect sets of skin had found their way
To each other and then they began to touch
They didn't really have that much to say
But they intently loved each other very much

Their sounds of sweet love were being screamed
And they instantly melted into just one
This *** was better than any ever dreamed
It went on for hours before it was done

He looked at her and she began to cry
And then she had a fit of vicious sneezes
And now you know that this was why
Her ****** was broken into pieces
5.9k · Feb 2015
The Camel
Arlo Disarray Feb 2015
The desert burned so hot as the sun shone on the sand
The camel wandered over all the dunes
And love was a concept that he didn't understand
But one that he'd get a lesson in soon

He knew that he was ugly, and he never really cared
He never had anyone to impress
But he soon saw a figure that left his heart impaired
And suddenly his brain was quite a mess

A beautiful white horse now stood before his eyes
And all that he could think was "I'm in love."
He'd never thought that life would toss him such a nice surprise
He knew that she would fit him like a glove

So he approached the lady who had just won his heart,
hoping she would be impressed by him
But instead she just laughed, and he then fell apart
Love is just a game we never win

So he now knew of love, and he sure did believe
But he also learned more from his mistake
He figured out how happiness is so hard to achieve
And he got a cruel lesson in heartbreak
5.8k · Aug 2017
Arlo Disarray Aug 2017
Suffering from depression is like:

biting your nails
when they're already too short

picking at your wounds,
and not allowing them to heal

living in your past,
because you're afraid of the future

feeling lonely,
yet being afraid
to burden other people
with your presence

wanting to get things done,
but being too unsure of yourself
to even try

you want to be happy,
but being sad is what you're most familiar with

you're afraid to live,
and afraid to die,
but you never know which option is worse
5.3k · Mar 2015
Ode to beer
Arlo Disarray Mar 2015
You're sparkly and light like a soda pop
But you fill my head with a fuzz
When I drink you, I never want to stop
I just want to keep building my buzz

And at times, I cheat on you with whiskey
Sometimes *****, tequila, or ***
But I know when I'm gone that you miss me
And I'm sorry for for being so dumb

You're perfect for burgers or pizza
And sometimes, you're great on your own
But when I drink, I usually don't eat much
I'd rather get full on the foam

Dear Beer, you are such an old, dear friend
I've known you and loved you so long
You're always there for me to depend
Thank you sweet beer, and my ****
5.0k · Jan 2015
Arlo Disarray Jan 2015
How many times must I ask myself
"What's the point?"
Before I'll actually have an answer?

And I see all people
As disgusting pieces of
Trash, waste and cancer

I'm so fed up with trying
To understand these fools
Who insist on filling our population

And they just

Not realizing
Many mouths we're
Already feeding

And how

4.9k · May 2015
Arlo Disarray May 2015
Sometimes I'm sweet, bet you're in disbelief
But sometimes I'm so sugary, I'd rot out your teeth
Sometimes I'm bitter, and don't taste too great
Like when I'm full of anger and boiling with hate

At times, I am spicy and burn like a flame
I singe all your hair with the sound of my name
And I can be sour, so hard to devour
And I'm sure I'm salty when in need of a shower

But no matter the flavor, no matter the taste
I won't accept leftovers, you better not waste
If you want to taste me, and sample a bite
You better make sure that your pallet is right
4.7k · Apr 2015
Zombie Christ
Arlo Disarray Apr 2015
There was a zombie in my backyard laying eggs
So I ran outside and broke both of his legs
He claimed to be the dead son of the Lord
But I cut him into pieces with a sword

I saved my house and family from the zombie
Gave his head on a post to my grandmommy
This was the most proud I've ever seen her
She usually has a cruel and cold demeanor

We scrambled up some zombie eggs for lunch
And they had such a delicious crunch
Wiped our mouths and cleaned off the stains
When suddenly all of us started craving brains
4.6k · Apr 2015
Arlo Disarray Apr 2015
Mercury is fine if you want to get poisoned
Venus ain't too shabby, but it's a little warm
Earth is overpopulated with **** and fools and noise and
Mars is dead
Jupiter's a constant storm
I adore Saturn and its gorgeous rings
When I rub their ridges, the planet sings
Uranus is too hard to say without cracking a grin
We can race a bobsled on Neptune, our space wolves would win
And we'll ride off to Pluto, declaring it a planet again
4.5k · Oct 2015
failed garden
Arlo Disarray Oct 2015
I opened up my chest and filled my heart with countless seeds
I tried to grow you flowers, but I only sprouted weeds

I tried again and thought
"I'm sure it just takes some practice"
But instead of flowers, this time, I just grew a spiny cactus

I can't grow a flower garden, or a tall tree for the birds
But I can water you a garden full of honest thoughts and words
4.5k · Apr 2015
Arlo Disarray Apr 2015
Paranoia clouds my brain
As it pours pathetic reign
And I trust no one,
being left completely alone
And completely insane
4.5k · May 2015
Just Another Poem About Rape
Arlo Disarray May 2015
The putrid smell of his breath still haunts me
The combination of rotting teeth and stale beer
As his memory comes back and taunts me
And I'm all alone with him, here

My body shaking like an earthquake
My tears crashing like the ocean's waves
My eyes closing, for a short break
My mouth and my ***** were his slaves

It's been twelve years since I've seen his face
I would rip his ***** right out of their sack
And I'd watch them unravel all over the place
Then I'd smile without ever looking back
I hope you're dead somewhere, you ****.
4.3k · Mar 2015
My Pirate Husband
Arlo Disarray Mar 2015
I woke up on a ship upon the sea
And I have no idea where I'm going
None of this looks familiar to me
I'm just taken wherever the wind is blowing

The captain's got no teeth, says he wants me for his bride
His crew is all prepared to please his heart
If I don't do as they say, I'll get a sword in my side
And be forced to walk the plank to feed the sharks

So I do just as they say,
and we drink the night away

Singing pirate songs
and letting our arms sway

Dancing with these scalawags
until the light of day

Married to my pirate man,
I guess I'm here to stay
4.2k · Jul 2015
i made a lizard cry
Arlo Disarray Jul 2015
i saw a spiny, little lizard
whose skin was rather dry
i told him he was ugly
and it made the ****** cry

i told him i was sorry
but then that was just a lie
the ***** boy ran off
and he had himself a cry

i laughed as he had an outburst
i got huge tears in my eye
this lizard was hilarious
quick jokes right on the fly

he didn't have to work too hard
he didn't have to try
he was a clown by nature
i will laugh until i die

the lizard ran away from me
because i made him cry
the rude ******* just took off
without telling me "goodbye"
i work in a pet store, so i was inspired by an iguana who was making me laugh.
3.9k · Apr 2015
31 Flavors
Arlo Disarray Apr 2015
You've got no hope, and you've got terrible taste
At Baskin Robbins your flavor would be labeled "Waste"
Instead of milk, they probably used paste
And when it came to sugar, they must have just spaced
Somehow, your flavor was bottled and cased
But I'm sure that real soon, it will be replaced
3.9k · Apr 2015
Arlo Disarray Apr 2015
I digress
I have become obsessed
And my mind is so sick
So's this thing in my chest

I'm a mess,
I must stress
And if this is a test
I should repeat this course
This mark isn't my best

Barely dressed
Still obsessed
And my hands up my dress
As my mind goes to you
And I keep screaming "Yes!"

And the rest
Will just nest
Below my ribs and *******
I'll let my heart stay sick
And my brain stay distressed
Always you, idiot. <4
Arlo Disarray Jun 2015
rhymes with **talk

So that's what I'm gonna do

I'm gonna talk
about your ****
and make a blushing fool of you

The smoothness
as it slides
in between my lips
just long enough
to shut me up
so that I may
no longer talk
about your ****
But instead
I tell secrets
directly to it
Why not?
3.8k · Jan 2015
Magic Purple
Arlo Disarray Jan 2015
Thank you, magic purple
For making me munch
Without you I could
not stomach my lunch

Thank you, magic purple
For getting me ******
And helping me cope
with being alone

Thank you, magic purple
You get me through work
I hate customers
These people are jerks

But I smoke my magic purple
And I feel okay
Without it
I couldn't get through my day...
3.7k · Apr 2015
Arlo Disarray Apr 2015
There's a tingle in my ****-en
      On my furry, little kitten
        Below my underpants I touch
    After I remove my mittens
3.7k · Mar 2015
Sad Circus Clown
Arlo Disarray Mar 2015
I'm aware I'm just a joke
It's not a secret in the least
Every time I speak, I choke
All my dignity's deceased

Only specks of me have stayed
So light that I'm barely here
Slowly, I start to drift away
Into the sky and disappear

I'm just another lost balloon
Who's been let go into the sun
But I'm reaching it too soon
No gravity, so I can't run

I know I'm such a laugh
A great joke for you to tell
I guess I'm okay with that
Because you truly tell it well

Even the voices in my head
Are always laughing at me
At the stupid things I've said
And how pathetic I can be

I'm a joke to everyone
I'm a sad circus clown
My jokes are never fun
They're all meant to bring you down
3.6k · Apr 2015
Arlo Disarray Apr 2015
A lot of you probably think I'm a ****
But what is expression if not to be blunt?
I say what I feel and do what I want
I don't see the point in a mask or a front

You get what you see, you see what you get
I'm honest and noisy, you'll never forget
I've scared away most of the people I've met
But I'm not at all worried, and I'll never fret

I believe what I see as the truth in this world
I watch as the idiots tales are unfurled
I laugh as their deceit is constantly hurled
And smile when they argue "You're just a dumb girl!"

I laugh when I'm told that my views are all wrong
I'm not worried about how we get along
So spill out your hatred, it just makes me strong
I feed from your speech, so please make your words long

I'm simply just me, I'm only just I
I'm not here to make you feel happy, or cry
I don't care if you stay alive or you die
It's all the same to me, I'm not gonna lie
3.6k · Jan 2015
Arlo Disarray Jan 2015
I reach up to my head, and unscrew it from my shoulders like a lightbulb.

This is for you.

Now you know all my secrets.
3.5k · Mar 2015
Arlo Disarray Mar 2015
My heart had fallen empty
to a point where it was dead
It wouldn't beat for me
and the blood filled me instead

My head had overflown
with the crimson paint inside
An ugliness had grown
from my ****** water slide

The blood just kept on raining
from my tear ducts and slit throat
I used my blood for painting
as I scribbled you this note
3.5k · Mar 2015
Inner Beauty
Arlo Disarray Mar 2015
I'm unhappy with myself, so I tear myself apart
Hoping I can fix the flaws if I get another start
So I pop out both my eyes and I sliver off my tongue
I'll be so beautiful by the time that I am done

I cut out my spine and play it like a xylophone
Making chirpy tunes by the brackets of my bones
I take out my intestines and make myself a dress
Creating my own beauty with a giant, ****** mess

String my teeth into a necklace that I'll wear without a smile
As my toothless gums will bleed until it goes out of style
My heart will be a pendant that I wear upon my sleeve
My lungs will fill with fluid until I can no longer breathe

The only beauty I've obtained has been on the inside
I'm bringing it all out so it doesn't have to hide
3.4k · Dec 2015
december cemeteries
Arlo Disarray Dec 2015
The cold so sharp
I see my breath
As I walk along
The land of death
Taking pictures
Of every grave
Trying to make sure
Each memory's saved

The frostbite blackens my soul
As I embrace the bitter cold
But this is love
And perfection
I love these dreadful days

They make me smile
Such an evil smile
That the sun goes down
Causing the cold to grow
And the whole world frowns

The cemetery in December Something I'll always remember
It's a cold so fierce
That it shatters my life
And allows a fresh start
When the new year begins Defrosting my heart
So I may love again
I wrote this one year ago today, and I just came across it.
3.4k · Mar 2015
The Graveyard
Arlo Disarray Mar 2015
She put on her favorite black dress,
grabbed her camera and guitar,
walked to the graveyard on 9th and S
because it wasn't very far

This place was her true sanctuary
The place where she felt most at home
She'd sing songs in the cemetery
Tunes for the boxes of bones

Sitting atop of a headstone,
she'd take photographs of the crows
And she knew that she wasn't alone
Her friends were all buried in rows

Each song that she played would just echo
And bounce right back into the ground
The ghosts grabbed on and would not let go
And they rode her music all around

She cried at the beauty before her
The music and ghosts filled the skies
And the undead began to adore her
As more darkness grew in her eyes

At one point she tried to leave that place
But the graveyard kept bringing her back
She then lost all the color from her face,
turned into stone, and then cracked
3.4k · Mar 2015
Arlo Disarray Mar 2015
I made a voodoo doll of you to stick some needles in
I filled your heart with knives and stuck your face with pins
And every time I cry now, I make another hole
I'll stick you full of needles and crack open your skull

I visited the witch doctor to have her shrink my head
But she misunderstood and she shrunk my heart instead
So now my chest is empty and my head still grows and grows
It's so huge, I lose balance and fall right off my toes

I stole a wizard's spellbook to find the magic words
Shouting gibberish into the wind, it's just so absurd
I would yell a thousand spells to make my heart complete
But my words just fall flat and then blow right down the street
3.3k · Apr 2015
Demented Circus
Arlo Disarray Apr 2015
A rusty train screeches to a smokey stop, as the circus comes to town
Kids gather to see the animals in costume and the sad circus clowns
Families line up, one by one
Underneath the greyish sun
Hoping for laughs, and smiles and fun

Something waddles out from a dark train car
With an eye for a mouth and a saw for an arm
Its face oozing **** and its stench so unholy
The flesh from its face was falling off slowly

Families start to gasp from the horrible sight
They whisper and mutter "That just isn't right."
Fingers start pointing and laughter loudly chatters
But having an audience is the one thing that matters

The tent goes up, and the lights turn on too
From miles away, this sight is in view
The people pile in and line up outside
Pushing and shoving to make it inside

There was something about this circus, tonight
The elephants stomped as some ravens took flight
Children chant out "Oohs" and "Ahs" as they walk through the crowd
The lights were so bright, the music so loud

As the crowd took their seats and the music went down
The lights dimmed to just one on a clown
He explained the show and how tonight should go
Then the lights faded out, and went on with the show

Blood started raining from the tent's ceiling
People were gasping, crying and screaming
The doors were all locked, there was no way to escape
The audience left sitting with their jaws agape

The trapeze artist swung through with an ax
Chopping off heads and shouting "Relax!"
They'd paid for the seats, but this was the tax
The audience dying, the circus folk eating
The circus lives on as the crowd is left bleeding
I realized after writing this that it's basically the circus from "We're Back".
3.3k · Jan 2015
A friend named Meth
Arlo Disarray Jan 2015
Since three years old, Caitlin and I had been the best of friends
We grew up always knowing our friendship would never end
We did everything together, and got each other through it all
She taught me how to run, and I taught her to crawl

She held me when I cried after every broken heart
And gave me a place to live when my whole world fell apart
I took her hand and held her when her father passed away
And when her husband left, I was there to stay

But, tragically, my dear Caitlin made some huge mistakes
When we went out to the bar, and our fun had hit the brakes
A young girl had walked up asking to buy us drinks
Caitlin said "of course!" But I still had to think

This girl, I didn't trust her. There was something really wrong
Caitlin just thought I was crazy, but my instincts are strong
So I just kept my eyes on Caitlin making sure she was okay
She's so important to me, and I don't want to stand in her way

It started to get late, but Caitlin just did not care
So I said "Fine, have fun." And I just left her there
I worried all through the night that something would go wrong
The hours just dragged by making my night seem so long

The next day, she wouldn't call me or answer her phone
I felt so guilty for ditching her and leaving her alone
But I could not say sorry, because I never got a chance
And something awful happened when I left her there to dance

That girl I left Caitlin with, you see now, I was right
I knew she was messed up when I first had her in sight
And she got my dearest friend addicted to crystal ****
Sending her to jail, and very nearly to her death

And I'm so heart broken now because I know she's dead
Not physically, but in her heart and in her head
**** took her away from me and it turned her into ****
She won't ever be the same, and I feel to blame for it
Yes, this is a true story.
3.2k · Jan 2015
Too Nervous
Arlo Disarray Jan 2015
My hands drip with sweat
   I swear, they do it on purpose
They want you to know
    That I am too nervous

     My words
          trip right over
  my tongue

      And in doing so
          they come out
   all wrong

      I wish that
         my mouth and
   my words

       Would be
           able to just
   get along

           I'm too nervous
   to look you in the eyes
And you tie my
    stomach into bows
    They're bows,
  and not knots
     because, simply put,
It's something
     that no one else knows

     You make me so sick,
and I can't see straight
        I'm too nervous
      to stand by your side
My words pour right out
      like a beer on tap
But I wish I could
     keep them inside
3.2k · Feb 2015
Little Sailboat in my Heart
Arlo Disarray Feb 2015
There's a little sailboat inside of my heart
And you have been the captain, always you
But the sea's storm has torn my sails apart
Ever since the winds of another woman blew

Now my little sailboat just sails sideways
It has no more direction or place to go
It seems it's trying to sail through a huge maze
But without you, the ocean won't fully flow

My sailboat is sad and starts to rot now
All the wood's decayed and falls apart
There's blood quickly flooding over the bow
And sinking the little sailboat in my heart
3.1k · Feb 2015
Burn! Burn! Burn!
Arlo Disarray Feb 2015
You hold the world inside your smile
I keep your smile in my eyes
You imprison my heart in denial
I feel at home in your lies

I hold Hell inside of my spirit
And I use my heartache to burn
The world is on fire, can you hear it?
The ashes can go in my urn

The world is on fire, and I'm laughing
I can't help but smile at the flames
As the people around me are gasping
And my selfish ways are to blame

I wait til there's nothing but ashes
And cry at this sad, empty place
My memories are gone in short flashes
And the glow is erased from my face
3.1k · Nov 2015
curiosity killed the arlo
Arlo Disarray Nov 2015
I swear it's true I'd come home to you,
but I can't find my car keys
And I can't remember where it is we live

I took a train ride across your eyes into your mind and through your spine
And saw some great scenery along the way
I was asked to keep my greedy hands inside the ride,
but I didn't listen
and I lost my forearm trying to take a piece of your heart with me

Ejected from my seat, I see you slowly getting smaller
I just had to push that big, red button to see what it did
Curiosity is doing its best to **** me again
I just have to run my hand through each flame to make sure it's hot
Because when I finally find one that's not,
I want to make sure I don't miss it
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