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Arlina H Dec 2017
when I finally saw your true colours
and the demons you possessed
then, and only then
I no longer feared the darkness
because I ultimately knew
Nothing was darker,
than you.
Arlina H Dec 2017
you were like the sea

so pure and soft,
                         you had the ability to cleanse
                            the sins I committed with you

                                            so dark,
the deeper I searched
                                                 the more I became captivated

                                 and so powerful,
                                                        with even destructive wave,
                                                                         you could drown the only       one who
                                                        dared to ever love you

                                                                                        who knew something so beautiful
                                                                             possessed such power.
Arlina H Nov 2016
I love you, i always will.
I was your happy little pill.
The heartbeats from your ******* heart,
Always synced with mine, it was fine when we were apart.
But baby, i can see you will never love me,
The same way you love your drugs.
Know, that it was always you,
Who chose power over love.

I sit here, looking at the bullets next to your gun.
From your caged demons, you always had to run.
The clock strikes another hour,
Days have passed since i saw you last.
They were right, we're made of glass.

When you find me, well if you do,
i took your gun, and wrote your name on the bullets that you had left on the bed,
so you could know that you were the last thing to go through my head.
And when the drugs finally stop you corrupted heart.
I will be waiting for you,
right here, like i was, since the start.

Goodbye my lover, it was just a matter of time,
you killed the happiness in me, you did this crime.
But i will never hate you, thats the problem with me,
And there one solution, i know that,
i can now see.

           When you decide to love me the way i deserve,
          Come to me, come to paradise,
            *destroy this curse.
I create personas.
Arlina H Nov 2016
I love you,
But can't you see,
Your words are killing me.

and i know I'm not your only baby,
you love her, and I'm going crazy.
i used to be your little secret pleasure.
and now, she's the only gold, in your treasure.

i love you,
and i know you can see
that you've destroyed me.
Arlina H Feb 2016
As I was walking from school, one day
I saw him staring again, I decided to run away.
Then I got lost, I didn't know where
And when I turned around, he was there
He smiled and said, pretty girl come with me
And I said no please, but he wouldn't let me be.
And as I pulled away I fell on the ground
I was unconscious and woke up to a sound.
He was fixing his belt, whilst i was crying
But he wouldn't let go, I dreamt of dying.
It never crossed anybody's mind, no one knew
That for me, the sky was no longer blue.
And even though he has gone,
I will always remember what he has done.
He haunts me every time I try to sleep
I was alone, stuck in a nightmare so daring and deep.
I wished upon a star, that I could fly
And there was only one way I could soar that high.
As I stood on the cliff that day,
I looked at the ocean, the waves flowing away.
Angels can fly, the stars told me.
And I jumped, and painless jump,
Letting myself, finally be
© copyright
Arlina H Feb 2016
I* was the moon,
You were the sun,

Every morning,
I died, to let you illuminate the
Lonely sky.
And even my stars shone for you,
You could never love me,
But imagine if we could,
How beautiful that would be.

And everyone adored the sun
He was always the special one.

                                       I died for you

                                                         ­                                                             -A.H­
© copyright
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