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Aries Jan 2018
Aries Apr 2017
"Deaf Ears"

You were shouting
Screaming the things you buried
Crying your heart out
Mumbling the words you held captive
You did not bother
You shouldn't
For you've been rooting for that moment

Pacing your way through the crowd
You didn't mind
For as long as your cries of plea
Would be heard by the person
whom you thought as favorable as  the moon
But as undignified as the scorching sun

You were shouting, screaming
With your unheard  thoughts
Searching for someone who'll listen
But no one even spares an empathetic glance
No one dared to look into your eyes
No one offered a hand
No one gave a ****
No one is there
It all  fall on deaf ears

You realized it was all useless, pointless
Then you weren't shouting nor screaming any longer
That's when they all notice the signs you're giving
That's when they start to turn their heads
That's when they paid attention
That's when you choose to care no more
That's when you decided it's over


That's when you're gone.
Aries Aug 2017
Does it matter if I'm included in your circle of friends?
Does it matter if I walk on the same hallways?
Does it matter if I am part of a group activity?
Does it matter if I inhale the same air?

Does it matter if  I breathe?
Does it matter if I wake up?
Does it matter if I eat?
Does it matter at all if I exist?

Does it matter if we share the same sun?
Does it matter if I am with the same universe?
Does it matter if I get wet of the rain?
Does it matter if I die?

Does it matter if we ride similar transit?
Does it matter if we go the same direction?
Does it matter if I talk to you?
Does it matter if I walk with you?

Does  it matter if I am your child?
Does it matter that I am your sibling?
Does it matter if I am your grandchild?
Does it matter if we have the same blood?

Does it matter if I'm lonely or happy?
Does it matter if I embrace who truly I am?
Does it matter if I turn to you?

Does it make a difference if I'm gone?

Because honestly,
I wish it does.
Because I wish someone would say, "You matter"
Because I wish that someone would comfort me.
Because I wish someone would truly sees through me
Because I wish someone would understand.

Before the darkness claims me.
Before everything is over.
Aries Jan 2017
Ikaw yung taong pumukaw sa aking pansin
Ikaw yung nakakaagaw tingin
Ikaw yung hinihintay kong dumaan
Kahit ilang oras pa ang abutin
Ikaw na ang tingin lang sa akin ay hangin

Siya ang tipo mo
Siya ang kinahuhumalingan mo
Siya ang tinititigan mo
Habang nakatanaw ako sayo
Siya ang klarong gusto mo

Ano nga lang ba ako?
Ako lang naman to.
Na naghahangad ng kahit kaunting atensyon mula sayo
Ako lang naman ang nananakit sa sarili ko
Na kahit Ikaw ay sa kanya nakatingin
At Siya naman ay tumutugon din
Ikaw pa rin ang pilit na hinahabol ng dalawang bolang itim

Kaya, dito ko na lang ihihinto
Ang pagkwento sa ating tatlo
Na kahit ang totoo'y
Wala namang Ako sa pagitan nyo.
Aries Jan 2016
Pwede kong dugtungan ang ating nasimulan
Pwede mo ring tapusin ng walang lingunan
Pwede mo akong ipagtanggol sa lahat ng tao
Pwede mo ring iwan ang isang ako.

Pwede **** hilingin na lumayo sa akin
At lahat ng sakit ay akuin
Pwede kang lumabas ng pinto
Ng walang pangakong pagbabalik
At pwede rin akong tumu-nganga na lang sa isang tabi
At mangulila sa iyong mga halik

Pwedeng sa akin, ikaw ay magsinungaling
Na kapag tayo ang magkasama,
Iba ang gusto **** makapiling.
Pwede kang maging bingi sa aking mga hinaing
Pwede rin akong maging pipi sa aking mga pasanin.

Pwede mo akong sumbatan sa aking mga pagkakamali
At pwede ring sa piling mo ay hindi na ako manatili.
Pwede kang maghanap ng iba,
At tuluyang ako'y limutin na

Pwede akong magmaka-awa sa iyong harapan
Na huwag mo sana akong lisanin
Sapagkat ang sabi ng puso ay hindi nito kakayanin

At pwede rin tayong umabot sa puntong tatanungin kita
Na kung pwede pa ba?
Pwede pa bang ayusin natin 'to?
Pwede pa bang ayusin kahit sirang-sira na?
Na kahit gahibla na lang ang pagitan ng Tayo pa at hindi na.

At kahit alam kong pwede iyong mangyari
Na kahit hindi sabihin, iyon ay iyo ng nawari.
Pero pinili nating ang lahat ng iyon ay hindi gawin
Dahil sa pangako ng isa't- isa ay mahalin

Mahal, hindi ako perpekto
Na kahit malapad ang aking noo,
Iaalay ang aking pagkatao
At sana, sana, hiling ko
Tanggapin mo ito ng buong-buo.

Ngunit kung ika'y nag-aalangan,
Huwag ka sanang matakot na ako'y lapitan.
At kung naguguluhan ka pa rin sa lahat,
Nakiki-usap ako,pakibasa lang 'yung pamagat.
Aries Jan 2016
I adore your face.
I like your smiles.
The twinkle in your eyes,
Cannot tell lies.

Your proud and arrogant nose is perfectly built up.
Your alluring lips are being twitched up
Aiming for a kiss
But don’t assume, it’s surely not for me.
When I see you, I just contentedly sigh.
When you're around, I act as if I don’t care.

It will be a merit for me,
If you notice me.
I might flash a shy smile
But the insides of me,
Is still awed for a while.

I take a glimpse of you
And suddenly, you looked up too.
I hastily take my stares away
Pretending that I’m looking the other way.

Funny, isn’t it?
Reminiscing how you’ve done it.
Please, don’t fret.
It’s just our little secret.
Aries Jun 2017
It's been a while
Since you lost me
To the sea of sadness

The memory's so vivid
When you let me drown, sink
And become lifeless

You just watched me suffer
You just watched me!
While the waves of anxiety envelops me

You just watched!
You didn't do anything
To save me from
The current of self-destruction

I thought I was right
For believing that you could be my hero
My knight and shining armor
But I was totally wrong!
I believed the notion that
I am great when I'm with you

That I cant do anything without you
That I'm useless when I'm alone
That I'm worthless as you quote
I felt that things because
You made me think that I am

I believed you. Always have.
Aries Jan 2017
I don't want to look at your eyes
I might see what's inside
I want to veer away from your grasps
Cause I had enough
I want to blink the tears away
Which the evidence of my misery
I prefer you not looking at me
Cause You'll probably just walk at my side
And I only succumb in your loving arms
Aries Jan 2017
My soul is like bed ridden.
Chained by the headboard, tugged with the sheets.
Swallowing loneliness in an endless pit.
Can't figure out who's the culprit.
Aries Jan 2017
Ako mahibulong kanunay
Labi nag kitang duha ang magkatinutukay
Kay hapit kada lihok,
Atong mga mata mag-tagbo.
Dili ko man tinuyuan
Pero basin mao na ang imung binuhatan.
Binuhatan nga dili nimu gustong ipaaambit sa akoa.
Binuhatan nga ikaw ray nakasabot.

Kung may gusto ka mang isulti,
Wala nay kaso kay ako mamati.
Ako lang tambag nimu, ayaw nag luoma,
Kay ako dili bungol ug buta."
Aries Nov 2015
I’m losing my mind just merely thinking of you
Don’t know what I should do,
You didn’t tell me what to do.
Now, I’m counting sheep just to get some sleep

You know, you’re acting hot ‘n cold
Sometimes you’re yearning for my hold.
But you keep reminding me to not stay close,
For the reason that you don’t want me to choose.

Hey, I’m so confused.
Confused with the things you’re doing,
Dazed with the things you’re saying.
I’m tired of over thinking.

Is it just like this?
Tearing me up into pieces.
Aries Oct 2018




And it's  
Of hope




Aries Dec 2015
Do I need to feel the pain,
So that I could bring it in?
You see, it's a nightmare!
But, you never care.

I might lose my temper
Because losing you is my fear.
So please, do understand
And I hope, beside me you still stand.

Keep this in your mind,
That you, I desire
I will cross the land of fire
To prove that you're worthy to be called mine.

But instead of embracing me,
You drifted your arms away.
Now, I'm drown in self pity
And why you're making me feel this way?
Aries Oct 2018
Another petal fell
Another thorn bended
Last string of hope
Another flower wilted
Aries Dec 2017
How can you so sure

when everything around you

screams chaos?
Aries Jan 2017
You made me feel like living again
Because of this unexplanable pain
You made me whole once
But for breaking me,
You never gave a chance

— The End —