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I’m trying to improve my english because until now I‘ve always written in another language. As a result my english isn’t that good.
Melancholy of Innocence
Planet Earth    Philo-poetic fable of love. Its our journey into self-discovery about true meaning of love. Poems of LOVE for Z Facebook: melancholy.innocence Twitter: melanofinnocent Instagram: melanofinnocent
Lola Montez
31/F/USA    Writing my heart out
Lora Lee
I am a writer, of both poetry and fiction, since as long as I can remember. It is simply a part of who I am, ...
Anderson M
20/F    each day is a fist and each heart is a wish
F/Ottawa    The French poet Aragon said: "By the time we learn to live it is already too late" Instagram: rose_emerald_ وردا‎‎‎‎‎‎‎
Penny Yilmaz
queens, ny    a most rudimentary philosopher
Sydney Bittner
21/F    Eyes closed, head first, can't lose.
18/F/labyrinth    cb enthusiast ; semi hiatus || spanish-american-filipino
Kelsey Rhoads
18/F/The dark place of my mind    If you understand, I'm sorry. Stay strong friend. I would say music is my escape.. But poetry has my heart.
Cait Harbs
Gotham City    I am still as lost as ever, but that's part of the adventure, isn't it? I'm whomever you think I am, nothing more or less. ...
Denise huddleston
I love writing, most of my writings are life experiences,but there are some that aren't, please enjoy
America    "On ne voit bien qu'avec le coeur. L'essentiel est invisible pour les yeux." -- Antoine de St. Exupery
Elizabeth Squires
All poems original Copyright of Elizabeth Squires.
Brent Kincaid
Kapaa, Kaua'i, Hawaii    Brent Kincaid, born in Kansas City, Missouri just before WWII ended, moved to Hollywood in 1967 to pursue a career as a singer, actor and ...
Amory Alexandra Laine
Grand Rapids, MI    Wealthy Rock Star singer of the band Chandelier Profile pic is Keith Moon, of course
Claude Robert Hill IV
Chicago, Illinois    My name is Claude. I am an educator, a published poet, a sketcher and a painter. .
Major Rity
29/F/Germany    just curious . 'Oh man this is really living. So just try and relax, yeah cool it. Fall apart in my backyard The bare necessities ...
Kewayne Wadley
30/M/memphis tn    Live to Love, Inspire to Love
Tanisha Jackland
111/F/is still...    here
Muhammad Ali KHeirollahi
I am Mohammad Ali Kheirollahi, 48 years old, I have doctorate in jurisprudence and law from University of Tehran, Science and Research. I have a ...
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