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Finding a reason to live is harder than finding a needle in a hay field. You don't quite where to look but you know what you are looking for is out there. Your hands and knees will get ****** from searching, and at times you might feel like giving up. but when you finally see that this piece of metal shine you will get the most forgiving sense of relief. Like everything you have had to worry about is just gone. When I first saw you the sun reflected off your eyes and there was the most beautiful sparkle I have ever seen in my life. I found what was to be the smallest needle in the hay field we call earth. And all the pain and suffering I tried to cover up with cheap perfume and mindless lust was replaced with the smell of freshly bloomed roses and passion. You were the girl that gave me a reason to live, to love and to see how beautiful this world can be. You made me remember why I am alive.
This is my first write in over almost two years. I know it's bad but there is someone I love to much not to write about them.
 Jan 2017 Ariel Baptista
Isa, dalawa, tatlo
Ikaw parin ang laman ng puso ko
Apat, lima, anim
Sana ay ako parin

Pito, walo, siyam
Sana'y hindi pa ito ang huling paalam
At ang panghuli ay sampu
Na nagsabi sayo ng "I love you"

Umaasa ako na mapapansin mo din ako
At sa huli ay magiging tayo
Gamit ang mga numerong ito
Ay ang mga rason kung bakit kita inibig ng ganito

Lahat ng numero ay babanggitin
Hanggang sa ika'y mapasakin
At kailanman ay hindi magsasawa,
Magsasawang maghintay at sumaya
*** ang korni *** asdfghjkl
 Jan 2017 Ariel Baptista
hand's shaking
have you once realized?
eyes were blurring
have you ever cared?

i spent nights thinking of us
screaming my thoughts loud
burning my heart up
losing my soul in a deep broke

but still,
i hope you'd sleep well
not dreaming a thing
let the thoughts fly away
and have yourself a peaceful night
theres a land i dream of full of fantasy

it so full of charm with lots of things to see

there are little fairies with a magic wand

lots of colored frogs swimming in a pond

lots of different flowers of yellow red and blue

all with funny shapes there are quite a few

there are little unicorns flying all around

evrythings so peaceful you dont hear a sound

there are little bluebirds singing in a tree

in this land i dream of full of fantasy

if my dream come true i would like to stay

in this land i dream so very far away
I am not starved
Heartbreaks are all I eat
That's why I have a
malnourished soul
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