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  Mar 24 Arianna G
you call yourself a hopeless romantic
because you've repeatedly failed at love
but you overlook the fact
that a hundred girls
are fantasizing about you this very instant

you're insecure about your looks
because you were bullied for it long ago
the memories taunt you, haunt you
yet you choose to ignore
how a hundred girls
drool at the sight of your chiseled physique

you think you're not good enough for love
that you won't find the perfect girl
you wont find perfection, that's a fact
but one day when you find the one
she will be perfect for you, and you for her
and the hundred girls will be sobbing,
hopelessly craving your love
to my hopeless romantic...
sad part is, i'm one of the hundred...
  Mar 24 Arianna G
ting is
your           life
thro             ugh
a ne           edle
and         if
you sew
Arianna G Sep 2015
Nothing else matters when I'm with you
This is the third night in a row
We've watched the sun rise from my window
Arianna G Jun 2015
You handed me this bouquet a week ago today
White like the socks you were wearing
I couldn't keep my eyes off the floor
We danced in my room
I stepped on your socks
Your smile bloomed
I missed that smile
Your bright petals
These flowers haven't withered
Arianna G May 2015
Your shallow personality
Your shallow compassion
Your shallow grief
Your shallow emotions
Your shallow expressions

Your shallow love

I'm going off the deep end
Arianna G May 2015
They say home is where the heart is,
Well in that case, my home is you.
The urgency for airports and foreign places has greatly subsided.
How can this be?
Yearning for unknown places and pretending I know where I need to be.
You see, home is where the heart is.
Adventure is awaiting.
And all along this adventure was you.
Arianna G May 2015
Lustrous but also lackluster
We are gems yet salvaged
Formed inside of a shelled world

Waves waning and whining
Sailors nauseated on our waters
Drifting towards an aggrandized land
Where they might find us oysters in the sand

They'll tear them open,
In search of what only we bear
Camouflaged amongst the cultured,
Or even those with nothing there

We are wild,
Yes we are rare
Open up to me,
We've so many layers to share

Your metallic smile,
Your iridescent articulation
Everything happened so naturally
A miracle to be in the same location

They won't crack us,
For our muscles will defend
Our valuable and vulnerable interior
From the worlds vinegary intent
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