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Adil Rahim Hyder Jun 2019
callous fingers stroking hair
aching thumbs, black symbols
that have served to ensnare
my waking mind

the exchange is unbarred,
thorough, aching, felt, and
though i am no bard
you are

there is something about
the gaze of this lens
inexplicably devoted, somewhat devout
that reminds me of yours
this is the email in poem-form
Adil Rahim Hyder May 2019
Our lord, stationed on the precipice of
See, he will embrace us, all his faithful
The overseer of our dreams, master, ruler, lord
Slumber, permit us its black embrace, O
When last did we meet? How many aeons?
NINETY-NINE (approx.)
Envelop me once more, so I may sink
In the depths of your almighty domain
I whisper your name, feverish, at dawn
“O Hypnos, Lord of Sleep! Cease your cruelty!”
(permit me my theatrics, as I genuflect through the folds of my Hypno-Lutheran blanket-cloak(?))
“Deliver me!”

— The End —