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Anica De Luna Feb 2019
What a way to make a Love so Sweet
like a flower in a favorite movie scene...

Bodies draped in sugars and salt.
Souls covered in deep blanket of warmth and cold..

Shall engrave in her heart
Shall leave handprints of Love
Shall write poems in her stars..

You smell her,
You touch her gently,
You admire the beauty,
You watch it blossom
and you thank God
for creating something
so... perfectly..
so... extraordinary..

Anica De Luna Jan 2019
No one likes

Like a broken glass
bleeds red
Like a bird so free
caged in a prickle.

With every eyes
wearing horse blinders,
you mounted with culpability
With every hit
a jockey throws,
you rode greatly.

You're an Honored Warrior,
wavering a smile
in a bridal veil,
with broken limbs
you armored the pain.

You are forever blessed..

So Hail to a Queen
coz battles alone
are bygone..

Fight now with
your own sword
Forged by our God..

Proud to say im a singlemom.. be a blessing coz we are blessed..
Anica De Luna Jan 2019
You are like
a flower, loved in
a field of

I think im digging
too deep
into your soil.
Taking a small break..

Praying it wont
harm your roots.
Praying hearts
will grow unharmed.
i remembered my current situation and this popped into my head when i saw a beautiful flower yesterday..

— The End —