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Aug 2019 · 321
Sally S Ali Aug 2019
When it rains,
hide me by
your arms.

When it's sunny,
take me in a picnic
With your eyes.

When it's windy,
let's talk
about love.

in a stormy day,
hold me hard
and ..
Can you sing for me?
Aug 2019 · 196
That song
Sally S Ali Aug 2019
Every word
Said by a God
to his angels

Every artwork
painted by sunlight
on a window

Every story
told to
a sleepy child

sung as them all
to the birds

about the girl
who unleashed herself
to be
a butterfly
Jun 2019 · 141
The tress of loss
Sally S Ali Jun 2019
I wanted to scream
While my mouth is closed
Like a concealive bullet.
To cry deeply
To look for a cat:
And sing for it sadly at least;
Put my face in the lab of my palms and shake:
Forward .. backward
Forward.. backward
Like a mother
who lost her daughter, suddenly.

Farewell is an idea;
A growing shrunb of evil.
You think it a flower;
Telling yourself:
She is being grow a bit,
and stay with me,
Bright forever.
sun vis-a-vis sun
rose vis-a-vis a rose
Song vis-a-vis song
Heart vis-a-vis heart
Cry vis-a-vis hug
A smile vis-a-vis stumple.

But the trees of Loss
Have black long fingers.

In the beginning:
They gently touch your fingers
-as if it is a begining of a hug,
Or a kiss on the wrist-
The fingers intertwine
Like two lovers who would walk
till the the borders .. of the sea.

And gradually
Everything glows
One by one
Until you sit alone
Face to face;
Contemplating the mirror of fire
Until you both turn into
By: Sally S. Ali
From Arabic By: Shurouk Hammoud
May 2019 · 153
Cannot, can't, can not!
Sally S Ali May 2019
How can I tell a bird
about my screams
How can I explain to a mountain
the huge weight over my chest
How can I describe the missing
to a rainless cloud
How can i draw a heart
without real blood
How can grind my teeth
to hold a teardrop

I miss you.
May 2019 · 501
End or salvation
Sally S Ali May 2019
Under inlaid sky
by emptiness
paved floor
with coldness

bright colors
of pain

I meet you
you are sitting
at the edge
of the abyss
swaying your legs
as if it is
the paradise

We stared
at each other

this is an invitation
to expected end
may be
unexpected salvation

Stared at the silence
rejoicing the loss
singing the pain

This pathway
opened by blood
and human cell debris

We paid
our debts of emotions
and walked
Like a smile
to be planted
in the ground
of the freedom

1 second
the apocalypse
Apr 2019 · 117
Universal approach
Sally S Ali Apr 2019
Like a toxic relationship:
We curse each other.
Slap each other.
Call each other by names.

And do it all over again
at the next day.

at the end of the day:
We hold each other's hand
With broken smiles.

That is us,
Me and the life.

So why
the bluish and reddish colours
of the fight
Only appear
over my body?
Sally S. Ali
Apr 2019 · 748
wonderful wondering
Sally S Ali Apr 2019
What is:

the time for a rose
the music for a tree
the sleep for a lover
the silence for a bee
the daylight for Kafka
the wine for a butterfly
the loneliness for a sailor
the white colour to the red

What is the world,
when i look into your eyes?
Sally S. Ali
Apr 2019 · 648
Sally S Ali Apr 2019
Your chaotic laugh
arranges my disorders
adjusts my serotonin level
regulates my heart rate

So start with a smile
and see
how this cure happens
wave by wave

Watch me
Bloom and shine
this time
Sally S. Ali
Apr 2019 · 263
Sally S Ali Apr 2019
as a small car
in a terrible accident

your chains of love
are smashing
my ribs

Love hurts
every *****
pouring acid
inside of veins

I am shrunken
and wrapped
around my heart

as a feotus
in a grave
Sally S. Ali
Mar 2019 · 224
The flame
Sally S Ali Mar 2019
I am the storm:
who dreams,
of hugging trees.

I am the song:
who aspires,
for passionate listeners.

I am the rain:
who hates,
black umbrellas.

I am fear:
who shivers,
for the warm shores.

I am the poetess:
who writes,
to feel the shiny pain.
Mar 2019 · 128
Wake me off
Sally S Ali Mar 2019
As a peaceful foetus
I bite my umbilical pain
Drain my blood
Sustain half life
Odour of my corpus

Shake me love
Exhale the ghosts
From my blue chest
Implant your nails
Into the flesh
Inflame those
exposed nerves
this pain
Resurrects me

Sally S. Ali
Feb 2019 · 362
What was the time?
Sally S Ali Feb 2019
After your kiss:
I shut my mouth,
to not lose its taste by talks
irrelevant to berries at all.

After your touch:
I lock my grip,
to stop the dust of time,
from wiping it.

After your hug:
I embrace myself
like a wating fetus for
arriving to the world as a jesus
reading your heart's verses
Over the strayed out of your eyes' lanterns
To be drunk!
Sally S. Ali
Jan 2019 · 1.8k
Blank to butterfly
Sally S Ali Jan 2019
Like a bra
She held my heart
in the right place
Covering my soul from the firey eyes

Bitter than *****
Sweeter than wine
With a kiss
she heals
And heals and heals

I had something like a house
But it was just a place to live in
I had a language
But it didn't express my urges
I had a lot of poeple
But not truly humans
Now; Now i have you
And you are the home
To scream by our words
over the top of my chest

World of moustaches no more exists
Underneath her smile i hid my joys
To release the madness
Control the clouds
and let the rain flow
Splitting the reality of us
Away from
Their horrible happeiness

Sally S. Ali / England
Dr. Sally S. Ali MD
Jan 2019 · 445
World doctor
Sally S Ali Jan 2019
And she used to stand at my door
To sing, as if she's the daylight;
To heal the flowers from the spikes
Heal the birds from the sorrow
Heal my soul from the night's colour

Sally S. Ali
Jan 2019 · 4.3k
Lemon girl and starry night
Sally S Ali Jan 2019
Under the bluish yellow marble sky
I introduce my soul;
to the demon & the angels

By the lemons tree, I've unleashed my hair and unbutton my blouse
Then cried
as if my teacher called me the black girl

I will call to the 1st passing girl:
"Slow down, please wait for me;
Rise me up by my arms
like a little girl.

I wanted her to Plait 2 branches;
of hair for me
To walk over the world's cold grass
And lie down in front of the sea
Forget the stars - she said
Forget the sea - I said

We left the world coughing its smoke;
of poisoned kids' toys,
cast the residuals of cosmetics and tore bras
Into this sacred sea

So come with me my friend
Delete all of my contacts
smash my mobile phone by your shoe's heel
And let's vanish
from this world
Toward shiny white space
Toward inky smell books
Toward white skies and pink kisses
infinite daylight
For you and for me.

-  Sally S. Ali

— The End —