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april Jun 2018
my love, i am here
on the other side of the radio
chasing daydreams of your ghost
in the quiet place we used to know.

empty with or without you
drifting through our yesterdays
the vacancy you left still haunts me
and you’ve left me lost in space
my sun, moon, stars - perfect getaway
until your sunlight turned to darkness
and you called me your mistake

with your space in my bed empty
and your words still in my head
i’d give our “us” my last breath,
not to taste the bittersweet of your regret

i’ve done my best to let it go
to write it off or keep you close,
but i still feel you in my bones;
haunted by your missing ghost
and the nights we spent out all alone
in the quiet place we used to know.
for better or for worse.
april Jan 2015
met a girl
who tried save the world
and made me need a savior of my own.
says i remind her of someone
she's never met,
yet still knows just the same.
says she's looking for a girl who
loves her darkness and her pain.

and we smoke cigarettes in her car
while the indie music that she loves
plays to the only two people
who will ever listen
and both of us still mean it
when we say we'll never leave
until the night ends
and she's no longer caught up in me.
and her laugh reminds me of a sun
that never comes
and she calls me "dear,"
but it's not enough--
still inside the rush of another love
and the things that she expects:
that the one girl who hurt her
is more perfect than the rest.

and i thought
'i think this could be something -
she holds my hand just right,'
and I am a fool
because I believed her
when she lied.
there is so much pain behind this.
  Dec 2014 april
Andrew Switzer
I came on too strong,
and I rubbed your soul wrong.
Now I'm strung along
by a silent, unloved song.
april Dec 2014
I didn't want to tell you
because I know that you are gone,
but I turned on the radio tonight
and I heard your song.
Not the song
of you and me -
that's far too old
(from '83):
the song that made your fingers bleed -
the song you sang with strings and keys.

It reminded me of ways you'd scream -
In times of fear - of ecstasies.
It brought me back to your backseat:
the place we lived in summer, spring.
It wreaked of your apology -
too sweet, too short, too noisy,
and sounded like a false parade -
too hip for love, too dumb to hate.

It taught me that we lived so wrong -
two girls with hopes: lived for a song.
Our 5am's, our autumn split -
too young to live and not forget.
Soaring notes through melodies:
song for a girl who always leaves -
the irony slipped right past me
the day you sang it straight to me,
but I am here and now I see:
it all came true--we end, indeed.
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