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In the late night light
of the bedroom lamp

you watch me watch you
undo your favorite dress;

you don’t stop until
the garnet necklace

around your neck
is the only thing

left in the world for me
to touch that is not you.
 Sep 2015 cozy april
within myself
a being  trying to
become  aware of itself
also what others  see and feel
not  being cruel nor ashamed of
my thoughts ore ideas

    Embrace   that  I am
    a  moment.
 Sep 2015 cozy april
Nathan Pival
I want to do things right
Leave the past behind
Quit judging people for other's misactions
Quit judging myself
Let myself be happy
Quit wasting time
Be a little more kind
Take charge of my life
Get back in control
Tie things back together that have unraveled
Instead of taking the easy road
Travel the path less traveled
Learn to appreciate what I've got
Take less for granted
And learning to love this life
I've been handed
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