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April Caddigan Feb 2010
Clouds are beautiful. They never
die, but can never live either.
All they can do is cry
and shine. Floating through the
sky at a leisurely pace, unable
to stop, totally immortal.
April Caddigan Feb 2010
Left or right
nobody knows
I am everywhere
I have no end

Round I go
No beginning in life
I am everywhere
Yet you often forget

I go round infinity
No Beginning
No Middle
No end
April Caddigan Feb 2010
Wish I could sleep
Wish I didn't need
Wish I didn't want
Wish I could help.

Am I bad?
Am I selfish?
What would they say?

I need
I want
April Caddigan Feb 2010
So much has changed
in the past year or so.
People have come and gone
and come back again.

New freedom has been granted.
New places have been seen.
New people have been met.
New obstacles have been overcome.

Everyone has changed
Whether for good or bad.
We are older than our years
But younger than we seem.

Parents are proud
We are almost there.
So close to adulthood
We can now taste it.

Childhood has passed.
Adulthood still looms.
Caught between worlds.
Is where we stand.

Are We Ready?
April Caddigan Feb 2010
Warm at last
Inside and out
Excited for tomorrow
Despite the chill
In the air
April Caddigan Feb 2010
Is it bad
when you can't
remember to breathe
can't remember
why you must
stay on earth
can't think of
one good reason
to stay level
when every step
feels less and
less firmly planted
on the ground
can't keep a
whole thought before
you change to
when you feel
on the very
edge of losing
your last bit
of precious sanity
when you keep
repeating yourself and
can't remember where
it was going
when your only
escape fails you?

Is it ending
when swallowing and
breathing are harder
when vision is
blurring and faded
when words and
songs run together
when you are
ready to leave
when dark isn't
as dark anymore
when limbs go
numb and needily
when a can
looks like the
best way to
finish it all?

This is all
I have left
in me and
all I want
is to leave
and never have
to handle these
feelings and impulses
and pain again.

I want out
please believe me.
April Caddigan Feb 2010
The candle
will flame
for all

Blazing through
every day
just like

Moutains fade
trees die
through out

No one
would recall
with out

will never
fade away
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