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Jul 19 · 532
The Most Beautiful Thing
Haley Jul 19
A beautiful thing to remember,
Is that what is will become once was,
And what is now once was still is.

Everything must come to an end,
But that doesn’t mean the story is over,
It means you have just found the beginning.

In order to see the true meaning,
You must understand the ending.
And in order to open new doors,
One must become closed.

So while I am surrounded in sorrow,
I shall remember;
What is will become once was,
And what is now once was still is.

And it shall remain forever.
~ I haven't written in forever oops.
Jul 11 · 239
Dream Love
Haley Jul 11
I grip your hand as I cling on for dear life,
Our life has just begun,
But it’s time to wake up.

I cling onto you as I feel your invisible breath on my neck,
I’m trying to get the most of you,
But my breathing is getting heavier.

I finally open my eyes,
Just wishing you were truly there,
Right next to me.
~ I've started writing more short stories and less poems, sorry! I just got my new computer so I'll try to get more poems up!
Jun 30 · 264
Switch The Beat Up
Haley Jun 30
I’m going to push my boundaries,
And the deep walls I have buried within.
Because this song is about loving me,
And if I keep playing the same tune it’ll wear me thin.

So if I change it up,
Switch the beat and play myself up,
Maybe I can find a way to be tough,
And yet still be me.

It'll be hard but it’s worth the try,
If I can hold your hand and look into your eyes.
I’m willing to push my boundaries,
Just for you to love me.
~ I've been some writers block recently, so sorry for the inconsistent posts. I'll work harder to flex my emotions in the future. Stay safe!
Jun 10 · 122
Haley Jun 10
just as we start to rekindle our friendship,
my feelings come crashing down like the burden they are.
all of a sudden i’m at square one,
and i’m in love again.

i wish i didn’t ache for your touch,
that my whole body relaxes at the sight of your smell,
that i just want you.

or maybe i’m just desperate,
for someone to love me as strongly as i love(d) you,
and you’re the closest to loving me,
for who i am.
not for someone i am not.

i need somebody to love,
before my access energy becomes negative,
and it’ll engulf me just like last time.
~no caps intended
May 29 · 1.0k
Haley May 29
I am an introvert.
I am an introvert because whenever I go outside,
The bugs flying around me feel like they’re tearing me from the outside in,
Leaving nothing more than my indestructible bones.

I am an introvert.
I am an introvert because whenever I talk to somebody,
I am reminded of all of the words once spoken to me,
It’s deteriorated my head, allowing for me to just sit there in silence.

I am an introvert.
I am an introvert because for my whole life I was walked upon.
The bruises are still there from where they left their footprints,
Damaging my skin time and time again.

I am an introvert, but I wish I wasn’t.
Maybe then I could prove my talents,
My worthiness.
******* it, I just want to be able to talk to people.
May 22 · 301
Haley May 22
I want to be seen as many things.
One of those things is with you.
May 22 · 106
Haley May 22
the world became a ****-show,
I was into the sciences.
Staying at home,
Has made me appreciate literature,
In a way I haven’t before.
May 22 · 114
Haley May 22
What empowers me most,
Is that here,
I am seen for who I want to be seen as,
Not someone I accidentally portrayed when I was younger.
May 22 · 122
I Wish
Haley May 22
There was a way
To condense my words.
Maybe then
Somebody would
May 20 · 262
Haley May 20
I’m like a pillow,
Soft and squishy.
I just need my blanket,
Before I get too cold.
Reading and this popped into my mind
May 12 · 166
Why Am I
Haley May 12
Always the one to cheer you up?
How can I
Tell you I am not fine,
When all you do is laugh?

Your problems are the world,
Mine is just a speckle.
With you I used to feel the world,
But now it's just a tickle.


I can never speak on my emotions,
Because yours are just way greater.
I wish I could tell you,
That I’m your biggest hater.

To you I’m better dead than alive.
I even gave you my stuffed bear,
I got when I was five.
Now my life is just a joke to you,
I can’t believe I used to love you.
No idea why I wrote this, it kind of just wrote itself.
May 12 · 1.2k
I Just
Haley May 12
Want to kiss someone.
Afterwards, we could look up at the stars,
Picture anything else but reality.

I am sitting in my bedroom,
Watching others take advantage of my dreams.

I’ve been using my lip chap,
In hopes it would pay off when she and I touch lips,
For the very first time.

I just want someone to kiss,
Someone to look up at the stars,
Picture anything but reality.

Is my wish too big?
I am going through feelings time
May 12 · 189
I Look
Haley May 12
At the words on the page,
As my eyelids droop.

I learn
About their adventures,
And their hopes.

I smile
Because it’s the only thing,
Keeping me from engulfing myself
Into the black pitter-patter of the rain.
May 10 · 121
My Fingers
Haley May 10
Tingle as I try to reach for your hand.
There is no grasp back,
Just the empty void beneath me.

I try to hold my breath as I am pulled beneath the surface.
I choked on the water,
I’ve been slipping under with my whole life's work.

The scent of your perfume still rattles my nostrils.
I try to follow my heart,
In return my head is thrown against a wall.

I finally see your face,
I finally hear your voice.
Who knew I could love you,
And the next day it was a choice.
May 8 · 672
The Rain
Haley May 8
The thunder,
The lighting,
The sun,
Is bright.
It reminds me of you.
I miss you.
Decided to try a different writing style
May 7 · 123
Childhood Song
Haley May 7
Your voice is like sweet music to my ears,
But I haven't heard sweet music in a long time.
The way your mouth forms that ‘O’ shape,
Or the way our fingers intertwined.

You’re like a song from my childhood.
You brought me and still bring me joy,
Yet you also come with pain, guilt, and my wicked childhood.
But I still love your sound.

You’re the same as a tune that couldn’t be forgotten.
I still think about you every night,
The way you bring me pain yet oh, so much delight.
And the way I play you on the piano and belt out the lyrics that I had stored inside.

But am I the sweet music to your ears?
Do you think about me as much as the reoccurring thought of your face bursts into my ever so ****** up head?
Am I the childhood song that you cry yourself to sleep to,
Or was I the childhood song you forgot you even had?
-This is an actual ****-show *****
May 6 · 113
Society's Standards
Haley May 6
Society’s standards collect me.
They grasp me by the hand and they drag me down to the ground
They hiss at me and treat me like ****.
They call me names and test my wits.

Society’s standards deteriorate me.
They hold down my neck with force and pin me against the wall.
Because my body’s 70% water and daddy’s getting thirsty.
So they pin me down and force harsh words at me until I break, releasing all of my fluidity and

To society, I am a child.
To society's standards, I am an adult that needs to comply.
To both, I am a fragile woman that can and will be dominated for or against with or without my consent.
And that needs to change.

Society’s standards are never told off, but we can erase them completely.
Nobody can hiss at me and treat me like ****,
They can't call me names or test my wits.
The ****-hole that is society’s standards.
No idea why I wrote this or who I wrote it for, I guess my finger just slipped. oopsie
Apr 29 · 235
Glass Pane
Haley Apr 29
I just want a glass pane.
I just want to know the truth, only the truth,
Please, nothing but the truth.
I’m only begging because I’m sick of all the lies.

I want a glass pane,
Because then I would be able to see your lies through my vivid reflection.
Maybe then I wouldn’t have to pretend,
Or I wouldn’t have to be embarrassed by the words flowing out of your mouth.

I want a glass pane.
I want it so that I can look out of it with confidence,
Like how you look at the window and you see the weather.
Maybe then I can see who you truly are.

I want a glass pane.
I want it so that I know what you’re thinking.
I need it so I can protect my only thing I own.
If I get it, maybe then I'll be safe.

Maybe I wouldn’t need a glass pane if you were honest.
Maybe I wouldn’t need it if you told me what you were thinking.
Maybe I wouldn’t need this ******* glass pane if you never violated my privacy and teamed up to lie in my face without me knowing.
But you did all of that ****.
So I really need this glass pane.
-this hurt to write
Apr 27 · 146
The Elements
Haley Apr 27
The elements;
They're coming to surround me,
They’re engulfing my everything.

First there came fire,
It locked me up and took everything I once was.
It burned me up until all I had were scars.

Next was air.
It picked me up and swirled me around and everything I once loved was swirling too.
It dropped me down and all I had left were broken bones.

The third was earth.
It dug a hole beneath me, buried me inside just to close again.
It suffocated me until all I had left was a limp and numb body.

Last was water.
It flooded the gates of my feelings.
It drowned me until all I had left was a broken heart.

The elements have surrounded me;
They’ve taken away my pride and joy,
Until all I had left were scars, broken bones, a limp and numb body, and a broken heart.
What have they done to you?
what have they done to you?
Apr 26 · 121
Haley Apr 26
It's an odd thing.
When my heart falls so deeply looking into her eyes,
And she feels nothing.

I feel the numbing pain.
When she shows me her face,
Or the dip of her waist.

I’m melting.
My insides are pouring into the screen.
Making me question everything,
But still nothing.

I know she doesn't feel the same,
She doesn’t feel the numbing pain.
She doesn't even question things,
Or melt to the screen.

But I love her,
So should it really matter?
Apr 26 · 199
Haley Apr 26
What happens when you get in too deep?
When you feel astray?
When we warned you to stay away,
Did you listen?

Did you hear our cries?
Our pleading, begging you to stop.
But you still talk about it nonstop,
Have you listened?

When you finally realize,
Will you ever listen?
Apr 26 · 139
I Love You
Haley Apr 26
I love you, I love you, I love you.
Three words that i will say to you until the day i die.
Three words that i know you don’t think about,
But you are the apple of my eye.

The way you look at me,
It’s like today is the day,
But i don’t,
Because we talk until we sleep,
So I'll just sit and wait.

My palms are sweaty,
I cant ******* breathe.
Can someone tell me,
What does this all mean?

But i’ll just stay relaxed and down low,
And maybe one day she would know,
I love her, I love her, I love her.
I should've posted these in order. oops.
Apr 26 · 116
What is it?
Haley Apr 26
What is love?
Is it the way that she talks to me for hours,
Or the way that she makes my heart go numb?

Is it the way she looks at me in times of need,
Is it the way I want to hold her hand in the street?
Am I just hallucinating this fever dream?

I love the stares and the caresses,
Or maybe I’m feeling compressed,
Because all I want is you.

I think I just might love you.
And maybe, does she love me too?
-**** no she doesn't love you dummy
Apr 26 · 86
Haley Apr 26
You’re like a firefly.
You’re dull during the day, bright during the night.
But you’re still a beetle.
You still have the capacity to bite me with your cold, hard teeth and make my skin blister and blister until it rots.

You’re like a firefly.
Your light is cold.
But the feeling I get when I’m with you is warmth.
Yet it’s so ******* old.

Do people wish on fireflies?
Because I wish when I’m with you.
I wish that every single little muscle in my body would stop aching for you, would stop aching for your touch, or love, or affection in any way possible.

You’re one of those fireflies that eats on tinier insects.
Because you knew, you know, and you ate up every little drop of the affection I gave you,
And you lead me on.

Because you are just like a firefly.
You’re just a beetle,
That can eat and tug at my precious skin with your cold, hard teeth and you can make me and my skin rip and blister and rot.
And trust me, you have.
-Do you know a firefly
Apr 26 · 76
The World Will End
Haley Apr 26
I’ve heard that the world will end one day, and we won’t know it.
But the world has already ended so many times, and yet nobody has noticed.
Because the world ends when your heart breaks,
The world ends when you don't know what to do or say.
The world ends when you feel your saddest,
It ends when you don’t feel anything.
Yet, it always comes back to bite you in the ***.
Everything has a consequence,
You better be watching what you do or say,
Because the world is out to get you.
But every time the world ends, we reset.
You’re back to your old habits,
Back to the things you said that you would never do.
You’ve become the person you always said you weren’t going to become.
So you stay silent.
You don't move,
You don’t speak,
You don’t think.
Because the world has ended, remember?
Or has it?
-Has it?
Apr 26 · 109
Haley Apr 26
“Shoot your shot,” they said.
“What do you have to lose,” they said.
Everything. Everything was on the line.
I tried to shoot my shot, but it dodged the bullet, and in return I was smothered to death,
I was left to rot with my own revolting thoughts until the last time I ever took a breath.

What am I now?
Can I still live on, or will my breath only come back at the strongest spew of necromancy?
I’m begging,
I just want myself back.

I want back the un-smothered me,
The oblivious me,
The me that was a hypocrite just because they wanted to be.
The me that I used to be, because then I could still breathe.
And even though I could breathe I was dealing with the unbearable pain that was to see her everyday and want her touch oh, so badly.

But that was okay, because my lungs were expanding,
And that was okay because I never knew the pain of not being able to breathe,
And I always just stuck the landing.
And I never knew the pain of trying to hide from someone that was so close, yet so far away
And I will never be that oblivious again.

Because “Shoot your shot,” they said.
“What do you have to lose,” they said.
So I enslaved;
And I tried to shoot my shot, but it dodged the bullet, and in return I was smothered to death,
I was left to rot with my own revolting thoughts until the last time I ever took a breath.
So the answer to that?
Everything. I lost my everything.
What did you lose?
Apr 26 · 79
The Arrow In My Heart
Haley Apr 26
There's an immense amount of pain surrounding me.
Too late, nobody’s here to save me.
Curled in a ball,
To sit here to weep.
And in my hollow heart,
I fell the **** apart.

I was too naive,
It was a ******* fever dream.
So now i sit here alone, questioning
“What’s wrong with me?”

It's like an arrow, but with thorns.
That ache in my heart,
Still there to mourn,
Don't know how to act,
Don't know what to say.
But what i do know is;

One day, my life will be filed with great passion
One day, I will be free.
One day, i will meet the love of my life,
That in every which way, is like me.

But for now, i must go,
And weep my heart away
For the arrow in my heart,
Needs somewhere else to stay.
Apr 26 · 73
Haley Apr 26
All the wishing on eyelashes never worked.
Close your eyes, breathe in, blow it off your hand.
But nothing ever happened,
Because I just wanted you.

I was wishing on a shooting star,
And then you called me.
Eyes closed, fingers crossed.
You watched me light up like a Christmas tree.

I wore a penny in my left shoe to school the next day.
I was wishing for you to do something,
But that day went on like normal, like any other.
Please, I’m slowly diminishing,
And I just need you to speak.

I picked out all of the green M&M’s so that I could just have you.
But when you said you knew,
I was in a million pieces.
Because I just wanted you.

I don’t believe in magic,
I don't believe in love,
All those wishing on shooting stars,
It’ll never be enough.

Because I can’t control emotions,
And I really just wanted you,
To like me the same way I’ve always liked you.
If all the wishing on eyelashes worked.

— The End —