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Haley Jul 19
A beautiful thing to remember,
Is that what is will become once was,
And what is now once was still is.

Everything must come to an end,
But that doesn’t mean the story is over,
It means you have just found the beginning.

In order to see the true meaning,
You must understand the ending.
And in order to open new doors,
One must become closed.

So while I am surrounded in sorrow,
I shall remember;
What is will become once was,
And what is now once was still is.

And it shall remain forever.
~ I haven't written in forever oops.
Haley Jul 11
I grip your hand as I cling on for dear life,
Our life has just begun,
But it’s time to wake up.

I cling onto you as I feel your invisible breath on my neck,
I’m trying to get the most of you,
But my breathing is getting heavier.

I finally open my eyes,
Just wishing you were truly there,
Right next to me.
~ I've started writing more short stories and less poems, sorry! I just got my new computer so I'll try to get more poems up!
Haley Jun 30
I’m going to push my boundaries,
And the deep walls I have buried within.
Because this song is about loving me,
And if I keep playing the same tune it’ll wear me thin.

So if I change it up,
Switch the beat and play myself up,
Maybe I can find a way to be tough,
And yet still be me.

It'll be hard but it’s worth the try,
If I can hold your hand and look into your eyes.
I’m willing to push my boundaries,
Just for you to love me.
~ I've been some writers block recently, so sorry for the inconsistent posts. I'll work harder to flex my emotions in the future. Stay safe!
Haley Jun 10
just as we start to rekindle our friendship,
my feelings come crashing down like the burden they are.
all of a sudden i’m at square one,
and i’m in love again.

i wish i didn’t ache for your touch,
that my whole body relaxes at the sight of your smell,
that i just want you.

or maybe i’m just desperate,
for someone to love me as strongly as i love(d) you,
and you’re the closest to loving me,
for who i am.
not for someone i am not.

i need somebody to love,
before my access energy becomes negative,
and it’ll engulf me just like last time.
~no caps intended
Haley May 29
I am an introvert.
I am an introvert because whenever I go outside,
The bugs flying around me feel like they’re tearing me from the outside in,
Leaving nothing more than my indestructible bones.

I am an introvert.
I am an introvert because whenever I talk to somebody,
I am reminded of all of the words once spoken to me,
It’s deteriorated my head, allowing for me to just sit there in silence.

I am an introvert.
I am an introvert because for my whole life I was walked upon.
The bruises are still there from where they left their footprints,
Damaging my skin time and time again.

I am an introvert, but I wish I wasn’t.
Maybe then I could prove my talents,
My worthiness.
******* it, I just want to be able to talk to people.
Haley May 22
I want to be seen as many things.
One of those things is with you.
Haley May 22
the world became a ****-show,
I was into the sciences.
Staying at home,
Has made me appreciate literature,
In a way I haven’t before.
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