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grace Mar 20
maybe if i didn't push us
to be something we weren't meant to be
you would still be around
and you'd still be here for me
grace Mar 18
you said that it would hurt
but i didn't believe
that it would hurt just as much as it did
grace Mar 18
Dear Future Friends,
Please don't treat me like my last
I dream that I'll find support
And not need memories from my past
I hope that you won't find me annoying
And I hope that my sarcasm and humor is
understood and taken with a grain of salt
I pray that you don't treat me like a little girl
And that you understand that just because I don't look broken doesn't mean your words don't hurt
The things that people before you have said have damaged me
I don't believe I can be loved but assume that everyone loves me
Because I don't see a reason to be hated
And if you do please go now before our bond becomes a friendship
I don't think I deserve my time wasted
But people before you have shown that I do
The way I was treated feels unfair and unjust
I'm left in despair
and I don't deserve
The love
The happiness
The joy
And the support
Because sadly I'm nothing
Future friends that's exactly what they made me feel
I'm sorry I'm so damaged
I'm sorry that every future text that I send feels like I'm clinging onto moments before you leave
I'm sorry if I make you feel bad
I don't want you to go like the last
I don't
And friends before
I'm sorry you didn't think I was good for you
I'm sorry that I relied on you a little too much
I'm sorry that I didn't listen when you spoke up
And I'm sorry that I'll never be enough
why should i be sorry when i know it's their fault
grace Mar 17
He told me we just can't talk
But what I want to know is why
Did I **** it all up
Or are you just so insecure
That you have to leave me behind
grace Mar 12
I just haven't been feeling myself lately
Feel locked in a cage
There's no room to escape
So I wait to be saved
By a boy in a cape
Because apparently Princess Peach can't be her on hero
grace Mar 10
I can't control who I fall in love with
And falling in love with you was the worst thing I could do
With your glimmering smile
Your sunkissed skin
A hand that could only hold mine
And a heart that was built to be alone
I wish I could have you
I wish you'd be mine
But for once in my life
I'm let down
grace Mar 8
I'll never be the girl to fall out of love with you
Because I don't know what it means to be in love in the first place
I miss the feeling of feeling alone
But not alone with my thoughts, that's the worst place
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