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you'd rather ruin a good thing,
in attempt to control some level of hurt,
rather than soak in current happiness.
confusion about why I'm confused.
How can you support someone,
while they're the reason youre needing support?
why do so many words whirl though my mind,
but so few come out my mouth.
You're great. More than great.
Probably true too.
But how do you offer up an imcomplete version of yourslef?
How do you persue a feeling while still trying to supress and hide the feelings you know stay with another.
Its not you its me.
But its not me either.
Its him.
I'm mad that I wanted you.
I hate that with the simplicity of a song so much can overflow back to me.
I was doing so well.
So ******* well.
Ignorance is bliss as they say.
To cut you out is to cut out that bit of myslef that was causing the pain too.
And thats how I liked it.
But as those words that leave the speaker,
So does any thought, desire or hope, that I could really just cut you out like that.
I'm drowning under the words left unsaid.
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