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Apollo Hayden Oct 2018
See the waves rush in
to grasp a bottle in its hands;
a letter written perfectly protected enclosed by glass
Fire could not do
what this bottle is hoped to do
Sail aimlessly, never to reach the shores again of me or you
Words that were never said have ran out of time and expired
So they are just messages in a bottle lowering and rising with the tides
Never again to reach the shores of you or I
Apollo Hayden Sep 2018
Warm me in winter
If you can remember who and where I am
For we're just like Peter
Longing for neverland
Love may not come till summer
but it doesn't hurt to sit and wonder
if you'll return or fall in love with another
I've got my head filled with you
and I've got these fingers crossed too
It's all superstitious but I will wait to see what it does
Cuz if the mind creates our thoughts
Then maybe I can resurrect the love we lost
Till then there'll be no one in this bed where you have laid
No ones hands will touch this skin
Afraid that you'll feel it on your end
and never come back this way again
You are my soul
So hard to let go
I wondered how we ever went so long without each other before
Cuz when I ment you I
felt like I knew you'd always coming walking through that door
The one in my heart that can never be closed again
Until you return
I'll be missing you my sweet love
My dearest friend...
Apollo Hayden Sep 2018
When the silence gets to you
Hold on just a little while longer, you'll get through
Stillness is better than being  anxious when we know we shouldn't move
Place your mind in the darkness
Close your eyes inside your room
Breathe out and then breathe in to find a calmer you
Sometimes a resting tongue is all we need, to our temples we must always find a way to retreat
Away from the world that can become so busy
We get lost in all the rush
Return to the center and remember peace can be found in the stillness
Oh, yes you will find your way in the darkness
if you're ready and you're willing
There's much to be heard
There's so much to be settled within those emotions
that can create a storm unfit for sailing, or calm the waters for your ship to go floating
Upon the sea of your thoughts
cast your net of introspection
For it is only in times of stillness that we
can find answers to our most difficult questions
Be still...
Apollo Hayden Sep 2018
I've been tryna get to sleep at a decent time
but when the clock hits 3:33 I awake and have to write
If I don't it's hard to lay back down and close my eyes,
I know you see these dark circles but it's become something I just can't fight
Ask my old girl, even she knows I'm an insomniac
She probably didn't know this but when she would sleep, I used to write poems with my finger on her back
I wasn't massaging her to sleep, I was writing myself inside her dreams
But that's not about nothing, just something I used to do to try and get myself back to sleep
but here it is 3:33 and I'm not quite sure of what to write anymore
and I know that I will wake up in the morning and not remember this at all
I just gotta write something
Even if it's nothing
My mind won't rest until I've written a few lines
In order to lay down I must lay down these words if I wish to get back to sleep tonight
So please don't mind me
I'm just an insomniac who loves to write...
Apollo Hayden Sep 2018
Have you ever felt the pain
from the sting of a scorpion?
It burns and sets in so quickly then eventually leaves you numb.
Takes away your breath and makes it hard for you to breathe.
May cause illusions and confusion till you're left sinking deeper into the sunken place.
Oh, mind your steps and protect your heart cuz if you're ever caught slipping,
they'll wait for the perfect time then pierce you right where the tenderness is.
Beautiful and magnificent, yet dangerous and unpredictabl...
They pull you in till you've become one of them, then leave you searching for your soul.
Every now and then run your fingers across your scars;
They're there to remind you of what's been done and exactly who they are.
If ever you come across a scorpion just admire from afar, take care and take heed in making sure that you're protecting your own heart.
Cuz ain't no pain like the sting from a scorpion.
It'll leave you lost, dazed and confused.
Have you trying your best to not become numb.
Apollo Hayden Sep 2018
Trace these lines with your fingers and close your eyes,
and feel this map that'll lead you to treasures deeply hidden inside.
A challenging trek but nevertheless, valleys are worth the journeys through, and mountains are worth the climb
to find me patiently waiting here at the seat of my soul, I'll know that you've traveled far and wide.
If you make it here I know you've been sent by the heavenly divine
spirit that resides inside of you, and inside of I.
Remember the soul contract we signed at the beginning of time,
and lets move these constellations out the way until we feel our stars align.
Yeah, we're still living our lives but just know that I'll be waiting, until you find me here inside.
Apollo Hayden Sep 2018
You say I'm too cold.
Well I guess I'll be no use to you in winter when it comes.
Saying my responses are short if I respond at all, and its as if I've gone completely numb.
Oh, but I assure you that's not true, I don't even feel right being this way,
but it's all about protecting my heart at the end of the day.
Who but me is with himself twenty-four hours, three hundred and sixty-five?
I gotta take care of self, and keep a healthy state of mind.
And truth is you've become a broken glass in my eyes; so hard putting you back to the way I thought you were, I've cut myself a million times.
Once the trust is gone my whole world was torn like a punctured canvas of a beautiful masterpiece;
I've been doing my best in still trying to find the beauty that I once seen.
We get so use to things
until we're no longer true to things.
We even abandon wedding rings and forget all our vows,
but even when its falling down I'm Still the only one standing 'round,
getting hit by bricks when I thought we built such a strong wall.
The more we let things inside, the truth uncovered the lies in our eyes.
We were no longer who we were
so I keep silent cuz I've got nothing else to say,
and you do your best to let me know I'm still apart of your soul, in your half-*** ways of reaching out to me.
I guess it's the pride in you, so great that I hope one day it doesn't turn to hate
cuz I still got love for you and I know you know it's true.
But I'm protecting my heart now...
So if you dont come with truth and love, then don't ever come back around...
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