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His breathing is slow,
His slumber deep,
A bottle in his hand betrays,
His never-ending wasteful ways.
Her rags become whole again,
As an ebony dress, beautifully woven,
Wraps around her frame.

Her cuts close, her bruises fade,
The aching pains that were her life have gone away,
Never to inflame.

Her boundaries are long gone,
As now she dances alone beneath the cold sun,
Of her empty world.

Her death is far behind her,
Only a distant memory remains of Earth,
As her wings unfurl.

*She flies, finally free,
But alone, her heart must freeze.
Rejected by his own mind,
Cast down to a lower plane,
All ties severed with hope,
All memories wiped of love,
All knowledge removed of freedom,
All hints unsaid of safety,
He falls, further, faster,
Wings broken,
Lungs crushed,
Heart stopped,
Eyes closed,
But just caught,
As he bursts through empty skies into her arms.
Alone they fall,
But with her wings,
Both can soar together,
Both get lost together,
Both are safe together,
Both escape together,
Both feel love together,
Both unafraid together,
Both can smile together,
And finally,
Both are released,
Both are free.
Walking quickly,
Just to catch up with you,
So we can talk for a few more minutes,
So I can see your eyes just one more time,
Before tomorrow.

Walking slowly,
Just to make it last longer,
So I can feel your hand in mine for another eternity,
So I can see you smiling for another second,
Before tomorrow.

Holding you closer,
Just to feel your heart,
So I can hear the sound of every gentle breath,
So you can keep me warm for another moment,
Before tomorrow.

Looking back,
Just to see you step inside,
So I can catch another glimpse of your hair,
So I hear the last thing you say,
Before tomorrow.

Running home,
Just to make the time go faster,
So that the adrenaline can make each minute rush by,
So I don't have to wait quite as long,
Before tomorrow.
My throat is sore from all the words I wrote,
My leg hurts from breathing smoke,
My shoulder aches from the cuts on my hand,
My chest crushed from the neck I hanged,
My stomach twists from where my skull smashed,
My spine twinges from where my arm was slashed,
My heart yearns since my eye was jabbed,
My mind forgets since my guts were stabbed.

The pain I feel is all wrong, messed up, confused,
Like me.
This is how I felt about a year ago.
Things are better now.
I'm sorry soldiers,
For caring too much about ceremony and the 'Last Post'.
I'm sorry soldiers,
For forgetting the true meaning of all these parades and bugle calls.
I'm sorry soldiers,
For lying with everyone else saying 'We will remember'.
I'm sorry soldiers,
For wearing my poppy this year out of pressure, not respect.
I'm sorry soldiers,
For looking at your memorial and seeing only a piece of architecture.
I'm sorry soldiers,
For reading your names and not caring who you really are.
I'm sorry soldiers,
For thinking of you as foolish men, for obeying orders to the end.
I'm sorry soldiers,
For blaming you for your own demise.
I'm sorry soldiers,
That you had to go through such pain and difficulty only to be killed the next day.
I'm sorry soldiers,
That the rest of the world isn't.
I'm sorry soldiers,
That what you died to end never really stopped.
I'm sorry soldiers,
That I am alive through no act of bravery or skill but through luck.
I'm sorry soldiers,
That you were born at just the wrong time.

I'm sorry soldiers,
That this apology comes one hundred years too late,
But I think it's time someone said it,
So I'm sorry,
Can you ever forgive us?
I don't normally ask for reposts, but this one's important.
In memory of Samuel Yates
 Nov 2014 Antiquity Vaircome
 Nov 2014 Antiquity Vaircome
do my words have meaning
and depth
and importance
to you?
are they just a combination
of different letters
put together
With every fiber of my being,
I hate you.
I hate what you did to me.
You treated me like a *****,
and called me one, too.
Does a ***** fight like I did?

I ******* hate you with every bone in my body.
I hope someone sets you on fire.
I'm not who I used to be,
because you couldn't control your lust.
You *******, give me back what you stole.
This emptiness burns for your head on a stick.

The violence of how you treated me
is echoed in my hatred for you.
I am not the kind of girl who has such bloodlust.
And yet, I lust for your blood for it will rectify my pain.
My blood spilled on the pavement,
Bruises that blossomed beneath my skin.
it's one of those days....
when you wake,
with the birds singing,
the sun shining,
everything washed clean,
by the previous nights storm.

your little one standing,
by your bedside, smiling,
holding the purring cat.

your partners voice,
whispering... i love you
and his body shouting
...i want you,
as he leans, into your back.

it's one of those days,
where all is well,
with world....

and all you want to do
is SCREAM....
                   blue ******....
so out of sync.....just want to
pull the covers over my head
and cry.....not sure why....
but there it is....
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