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The null and void reclusive love who we seek
I was a man once
Deceptively strong and meek
The world won't be inverted by me

The painful resurgence of romance so bleak
I was a boy once
Innocently sweet
But internally soured

The patron of matrimonial glee
I am dead now
I'm married to death
A lonesome loving grave
What a shame
The way you feel when you know it could have all been easily avoided, but you were weak anyway
A love
But none
At the same time
Dang it
Not again
It's so easy
To lose my feel
When one's so far
And one's close to feel
A love with none
Dang it
You fool
One feels with no hands
One speaks with no words
A love with none
Dang it
Forget it
You love it
You crave it
You will destroy them
May you rest in peace
You fool
A color of light.
More blatant in the dark.
We all seek it,
But we can't see it.
It's listened for,
But unheard of.
So bundle up,
It's cold outside.
You will freeze in your stride.
The weight of your grin
Will keep you here.
And all that is dear
Will become folly.
I am folly.
I am your folly.
And I will see to it
That you will never see
The color of vitality.
What is the color of Vitality?
How dare you
I was majestic once
But ow
Now in the nettles of Nevermore
I am lost
I had direction
Pious protection
And spoke in such glorious dialect
But now
I am ensnared
Because I never cared
Yet you took me
Let me in
I'm lost
Won't you let me in?
The wolves are coming
I won't last long
I swear I'll forgive
If you just let me in
How dare you
I will die
You won't cry
You don't care
But I dare
To stare down
The King of White Death
Cry if you want
But unless my tears are pure
I will cry no more
The monsters are here
I'll pass on this night
The monsters have me now
You've killed me
How dare you leave me out in the cold to die
I was born yesterday
Blinking eyes in the Cape Divine
Divinity was my riot
Divine was I
With wings whiter than snow
A span for miles
Higher than Heaven
I fell
I fell for a love without voice
And a reach without arms
It spins me around
And slaps me on the ground
My winter wings are gone now
I died today
And tomorrow
It will happen all over again
Who knows
The full extent
Of the fool I have become
I died today. And tomorrow it will happen all over again.
Run, run, run, run
He stalks in the night
Where children have fun
Run, run, run, run
Be urgent
Take flight
For a monster comes tonight

Run, small children, and hide
For monsters have come
To cast you aside
A mere fairy tale?
Just some old folklore?
Much worse
Much more.

Upon your hopes
I bring my scar
You're where monsters are

Pin the doors
Sharpen your steel
A beast approaches
A new hunter poaches
To feed on children's cries
Place your fears in the front
Lock your hopes in a jar
You're where monsters are
If you can, save yourself
The Blue grave is inviting
But I don't want you near
You think there's room for one more
But I hear your fear
The Blue is no place for lies

You've been on holiday for some time now
You've been gone so long
State your claim
With classic poker face
Push my love aside
You'll never see me cry

My cries are locked deep inside
I don't know what to do
I don't...

I hurts to know
So soon after saying "so long"
Though you're back
I should be saying "goodbye"

Don't blame me
Don't hate me
Regret me
I'm lost in the Blue now
People often see me as this poised smart creative intellectual individual. That's all that they see. They only blind themselves to the surface. If they knew the pain that I carry from the mistakes from my past I always wonder if they'd even so much as look at me ever again. I have friends externally, but inside I am all alone.
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