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Sam Gerochi Aug 2018
Oh, what a delightful image I have when suddenly something beautiful appears that reminds me of you.
As the great poet and thinker once wonderfully put it, "We all have one perfect image when we are reminded of someone who has touched our lives. It will be the first image that swims into view every time we think of them in the future."
Now I see, in the presence of beauty we can do great things. Anything is possible.
Now I understand, because of women like you, there are men who are willing to die on the battlefield. Swords unsheated, ready to cut and wound and slay.
Now I understand, because of women like you, there are artists and treasure hunters and poets in the world.
Inspired by ars amorata
Sam Gerochi Aug 2018
A smoky, crowded street of the festival
Deafening mixed of different noises and sounds
I was walking in despair and distracted with thoughts of daily concern
And she's there 
On that crowded street 
I recognized her immediately since she is all one flower divine 
I walked toward her where she stands in beauty, like the night of cloudless climes and starry skies
O mystic metamorphosis! 
I tapped her shoulder and she turns to me unhurried and gracefully with her long silky hair like a goddess of nature
Meet in her aspect and her eyes; 
Thus mellowed to that tender light 
With a countenance of innocence and a bit surprise 
So soft, so calm, yet elegant,
She said Hi in a cheerful way
Her voice makes a perfume when she speaks
Mesmerized and ravished by the scenic beauty 
Ah, what romantic atmosphere!
Again, I can't hardly breathe 
How can one possibly resist the disarray of desire that beauty invokes?
Sam Gerochi Mar 2018
You are the constant object of my thoughts
I think about you everyday
I knew from the first moment I saw you that I've been shot by Eros
Beautiful and enchanting

I was fascinated how you see the world so differently and naturally
And everything you do has a deep effect on me
The way you tighten your hair
The glimpse of your sweet smile
The sound of your voice when you tell stories and asking something
The radiance of your gaze
The twinkling of your eyes
It seems larger than life itself

I see the inner of you
The one deep inside you
The one that used to run through the fields smelling and picking flowers
You have the ability to cast a spell naturally
To draw into the kind of purely fantastic moment in which past and future lose meaning

Every detail and image of you I'm allowing it to play repeatedly in my mind
Willingly and delightfully
I am very intoxicated with the thought of being with you
Emotionally and physically
As if we are living in the world of fiction
What exists in beauty is surrender due to enchantment
It's been forever, I haven't been writing.
Sam Gerochi Dec 2015
I'll be your escort in sad waltz
In the place we never knew existed
Sam Gerochi Dec 2015
The clock is ticking and I'm here lying under the sparkling universe
Listening to my play-list and to the song of nature
Visualizing the tomorrow what might be
I'm not sure if I can make it or not
I just wanna go to the dreamworld and never come back forever
Sam Gerochi Nov 2015
As I walk through the hallway
I saw you from the stairs
The afternoon seems so nice and blue
It's a cloudy day for me
I was slowly walking toward you
Nearer and nearer
And time suddenly stopped
Stunning to your gaze
Beating my heart so rapidly fast
Magical things begin to happen
I felt like my stomach burst into a thousand of butterflies
The vision of fireworks on the top of the mountain
And I feel the leap of my feet
Imagining myself exploring the universe with you
A place full of flowers
Blooming so fast
Clouds form into a delightful object
As if the clouds shaped like hearts through the velvet sky
Birds were singing anywhere and everywhere
And everything in the wondrous world turns to be colorful
Just like in the romantic movies
On a high definition
In that moment
Everything are invincible
Except you and the universe

— The End —