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Putting Light to Her Darkness

Refusing to accept that this is the best it gets became the drive that pushed her fence and created a gate that was protected with Faith, that it was...

Building skills and making tools became something she could consume,
When did she stop dancing?

A passion inside her that burned like the fire, as it transforms everything it touches...creating a new form of the norm, she walked her path as a woman scorn, for too long

Letting go of what was and jumping into what is, became an experience. Being present, made sense. He said, "The problem with people is that they're always trying to get somewhere... they forget to be in the moment..."

Slowly I stepped into my own skin again and looked around at the paper thin, walls of my existence. The world wanted to show me some reality that hit me, what are we doing?

To live a single day in a humans life has so much more potential than the destruction of our plots...
the ground that we walk...
the waters that we've got... need love...

She looks to the sky above and the thoughts begin to flood, her imagination.

Is that all that we live in?

A childhood of exploration without stagnation left her mind to build up walls, with secret passageways to a state of Grace where her dreams seemed to bloom and fears were erased

If only she could reach that place...
I'm pretty sure all poetry has left me.
As if it just packed up and hit the road.
Like my words no longer dance or sing.
Like they have forgotten all melodies.
Assimilated tone deafness.
Compound letdowns retract vulnerabilities.
Brick walls and leather skin replace possibilities.
Reckless love and whimsical fantasies,
Replaced by ***** diapers and piles of laundry.
Consonants and vowels blend to mush.
Aches and accomplishments are one in the same.
All of my agony has turned to apathy,
And I wonder.
How could I let poetry walk away from me?
How have I become so broken that I can no longer write?
Words have no ability to woe me.
Vocabulary is no longer my saving grace.
Void of creativity.
Like somehow life has gotten too messy for me to express.
Series of catastrophes and celebrations run together.
And I feel lost.
And I feel blessed.
But oh so empty.
Poetry come back to me.
A wire wrappers dream,
seems the plan was Supreme
in path way of choices blinded by sight
the artist didn't see the Light
when the Mother called late that night
his attention span was traveling through space and time,
fighting Demons for those who gave up fight,
but why was it worth the sacrifice?
Why wasn't she worth that time?
She used to hold more weight in those spaces of life,
Does he know that moment pushed the line?
Finally feeling the weight of the grind,
became too much for his state of mind

Da da,
Da da,
Da da,

You made a promise to the Divine to stay straight and in line and, all the sudden it,

Now what?
How many second chances?
What is the breaking point of the cast over shadow that keeps stealing your light?
The Angels showed up every morning, and came back full force every night
Never breaking stride on the moments your eager to hide,
You try and find your disguise and the plain as day face shines
Shines bright

Da da,
Da da,
Da da,

Is this what you say it is,
is this what you see
is this what you claim to know
or what you claim to BE

Within a half a click of a seconds time the wall clock holds space to constantly remind
US of what we came here to SEE
US, of what we are destined to dream,
US, of, everything
Da da,
Da da,
Da da,

Is this what you say it is,
is this what you see
is this what you claim to know
or what you claim to BE
The problem with today is that you are the children that were slaves
To that textbook

The problem with today is that the men are ingrained with the need to feel enraged at

And that very same textbook and that teacher that sent you elsewhere taught you, somehow, that you are just acting through your genetically inherited tendencies

They taught you that once upon the great time
The outlandish and fairly out of context concept that we were,


But to every woman who has ever been mated by a man who thinks dominance is the answer,
I remind you,

You never have been, and you never will be
You are a soul who has a blind date with destiny
and if anyone ever tries to be, offensively bigger than me, I have full faith that my faith, will guide and protect me, to mutual clarity

And through the limitations of a structure that assures everyone they will see the stage and hear their name over the loud speaker in a Coliseum full of restless siblings and great grandparents,
they taught us that,
The 'Winners' found 'Fame'

And identified 'Degrees' as 'Security'
but the reality that the black hole created while trying to keep your head above the surface was just another stress to jot down in the

But the textbooks my son reads won't contain the fallacies of the commentated beliefs of ignorant injustice that subtracted art and theater and replaced it with

You see,
A fact is simply a point that has yet to be falsified and I promise you that if you give it time,
no child of mine
Will forget,
that he can prove me wrong,
because I give him
*the freedom to express it
Foundations were laid by hands that create the exploration of your Imagination when you choose to display your understanding of the Human Game
Either guided to expand or by your own hand it was all part of the bigger Plan which allowed the spaces of time to fill the cracks of your mind,
Progressing, regressing, following the Divine
Pattern of it all,
It's what we choose to involve,
Our Selves in

In the end it transforms the dusty cobwebs to ballroom floors and the hay bails to open arms, welcoming your Soul to take a seat, and relax in the strength of your Ancestors that rode so many miles before

To get you where you are, they rode through Conscious Expansion ******* with only FAITH that they would wake up on the other side with the same faces by their sides, in THIS reality

Forgiveness became key because it seems almost selfish to me to take the risk that could be, the end
Which they promise is the beginning
Which is a test of Faith, yet again
and again
and again
every time you blink, you think,
you are presented the opportunity
to change things

To BE a THOUGHT in the world that promotes
Positive Vibrations

Keep faith that everything is working,  
The words that find me are the words that have found you,
Through it all, we walk together,
Through it all, we smile
There was once an angel with one broken wing,
that had a vision of regrowth at the end of a dream,
woke up one morning and began fixing things

finished mending her method of flight,
again had the freedom to fly through the sky,
however fast, however high, however wrong, however right

And one day she was going about,
saw a spark of light amidst a very dark cloud,
she spoke to him and asked his name,
with no reply he only slowly grinned,
with the flash of a smile,
she was consumed by him

She stayed in captivity for a while unseen,
until again she awoke from a lucid dream,
determined to change everything
insisted she knew exactly how to break free

So she fought and she fought to knock the walls down,
but eventually found she had an easy way out,
slipped right though that crack and swore she'd never look back

As she flew she began to grow cold,
and it seemed she had forgotten where it was she had to go,
she flew in circles hoping no one would know,
but soon enough her secret was exposed

She asked for a hug,
to be reminded of love,
the way the maker had intended...
Wanting more she took out a loan
on a garden she was determined to grow

As the flowers bloomed she was again consumed
by the power of the spark,
as light shined through, her keeper knew,
she was ready again for what only he could do

She was surprised by the spark, his eyes pure blue,
his voice of reason so fresh, so new,
a past more broken, held together with glue
than the one she was fighting,
with a blindfold and noose

She made it through a great depression,
or so her mind had made her think,
but she was still young, and so very naive
this was a plan she could never foresee
So she went along, with the bigger plan,
learning how to let things happen,
discovering life, in a completely new light
making sense of the unimagined

She spent a day in silence,
tuning the entire atmosphere out,
and when she waited for the voice to come,
she was able to hear the sound

A voice so calm and steady,
familiar sweet and heavy,
telling her she's ready,
for the test she would be getting

It told her to stop, and slow it all down,
look at things a little differently now,
eliminate hate, and jealousy,
replace it with positivity

That loving yourself is the key to it all,
the only way to be sure you can handle the fall,
the right way to get through it even if you have to crawl,
the best way to ensure, the engines wont stall

As she began to understand this,
she no longer ignored pain,
she accepted these things for just what they were,
and started living again

And on a little journey,
she took with his spark today,
she found that he had found himself,
along the broken way

Again she was consumed,
but in a positive sort of way,
never again would she look
at any spark the same

The angel and that spark,
sit now on a different level,
holding hands tight like handles,
passion burning like candles,
caught up in the blaze
            her plans went up in shambles

And maybe its the shambles,
that builds the stories end,
of a love that will never be lost,
and the finding of a friend

Forgive me while I sit here,
without too much to say,
but I find I become speechless,
when our souls begin to play

Push me, pull me, love me, hold me.
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