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Objects in life they call to me, To tell their story that eyes can’t see. Feelings too, ooh how the heart bleed, A long silent travel of a tumble ****. Treasures and trinkets, Gods creatures and land, When pen meet paper there’s never a plan. Shall I shock, or keep safe, with words of charm, Be political, maybe cynical to all those that harm. Bring some light to a soul, Too dim to let go. Or inspire a dream with a promise to uphold, Or an adventure…exciting With all the things that unfold. All the time they scream At poor ole me, To be the first acknowledged By these ABC’s. In Ink, lead or computer screen.

By: Anthony BamBam!! Thomas aka God’s Monsta -
I wanted to write somethin but was i wrote nothin about everything
“Proof of God’s Love” (Sheep Into Shepherd)

In the past when Mankind were few; it only took one person to govern His or Her people, and they called Him or Her, King or Queen, Chief or Emperor, Ruler of His or Her land, and all those that reside in it. Because they stood and said that they are chosen by God Himself to lead the country’s people, to take care of His or Her Subjects with a Devine state of Caring, Reasoning and Wisdom, beyond all others; with the Devine right from God to exploit, imprison, and to take life, with the Devine right from God to give another the unquestionable right to exploit, imprison, and to take life, with the Devine right from God to give another the unquestionable right to give and enforce unjust order, in the name of God, for Country and Progress.

As Mankind became many; the one became few, still molding Mankind’s Behavior, Beliefs, Way of Life, and the fate of Our World, with the World’s Population unwillingly and blindly, divided amongst them, we now call these Kings and Queens, Chiefs and Emperors Members and Leaders of  Religion, Government, Corporations, Mobs and Street Gangs; soul source of the Manipulation, Belittlement, Harassment, Control and ****** of the rest of  the World’s Population; worsening with Time, Discovery, Technology, Drugs (be it Medical or Social) and the power we let Money have, which all should have been in Mans favor, not reasons for Lies, War, Repression and Killing of God’s Children.  

I asked myself, “How could we (every Generation of the 99% of the World) let these few people (only 1% of the World) do all these horrible things to us, Generation after Generation?”

Hundreds of thousands of people rounded up removed from their land and culture, mistreated, starved, *****, enslaved and slaughtered.

Hundreds of thousands of people rounded up mistreated, starved and then slaughtered by gas.

Hundreds of thousands of families detached by walls and invisible lines made by man to claim land not theirs.
Hundreds of thousands of children turned into Terrorist and Murderers of their own community, only looking for Friendship, Acceptance, Guidance and Love.

Millions of people starving and hungry when there’s food and water being wasted.

Technology that could help start Healing Our Precious Earth, withheld because of greed and lack of Empathy for Our Planet and everything living on it.

We Allow them to put guns in the hands of Our Children. And  we say nothing, when they ship  Our Children over sea’s, to where He or She will become a Murderer, of those whom are the same as He or She…. God’s Children, led astray by those that should be imprisoned for their actions and influence, against  Freedom, Education for All, the Balance of Nature and the usage of God name to help them do so.

We Allow them (only 1% of the World) put guns in the hands of unstable people, and allow them to walk among us, in Government assigned costumes, unleashing their own impurities and unstable mind state on the people they are sworn to protect and serve.

So I asked, “How could we (the 99% of the World, Generation after Generation) let any Man or Woman do all these atrocities to Mankind, Earth and soon Space”.

With God’s eyes and understanding, it became clear to me. It’s been said throughout time as an insult; something that no Man or Woman wants to be call or admit they are. To do such a thing would be like committing treason to one’s self. But it is in our design, and it is needed to run the World smoothly and can’t be denied. Only the foolish, stubborn, and those truly lost will find this claim absurd, because they think or believe they are greater than God’s Design, and I pity that person, for these words and realizations could free us all, every Man, Woman and Child from what we know, and accept as life.

God planted in Man’s Design, a deeply rooted over whelming Sheep quality, that few Men and Women (only the Kings, Queens, Religious Leaders, Government, Corporations, Mob Bosses and Street Gang Leaders) acknowledge and use…yes I said  Sheep, and deeply rooted, because it is needed to run the World smoothly and correctly. These few (the Kings, the Queens, the Religious Leaders, Government and Corporations, Mob Bosses and Street Gang Leaders) that know, are the ones that has been and still are, controlling our day to day lives and sculpting our future using God’s Design to benefit while others slave, suffer and die under their rule.

Then I asked, "Where would this Sheep Like Quality be in God's best interest and so Vital to the Beginning, Middle and End, of Man’s Existence?"

With God's Eyes and understanding, it became clear, God made us (the 99% of the World) so gullible  and so acceptable to the answers man gave, (God’s and Demons at war, stories of destruction and hell, punishment and disease, the killing, slavery and suffering of those opposite of their God’s favor, the killing, slavery and suffering of those in God’s favor) because we were as a people then as children are today. When a child’s tooth fall out, and they ask, “what now?”, Parents across the World tell a tell of a mystical fairy that comes and leaves money, if they put their tooth under their pillow. And that child believes it, because the one telling the tell is the one that shouldn’t and has no reason to lie, when the child is asking for the truth.

So when Mankind began to wonder, take on belief, divide amongst each other bounded by one purpose,  one outcome,  one reward,...Man created ceremonies, rituals, scriptures, lies about others groups, does and don’ts,   outrageous confusing   tells  WORLDWIDE (at them same time) were told and accepted, spread  and practice with full heart, with no questions, even when their evil intent (harm against Man and Nature) were in full view and said aloud, we followed, like children (Sheep).

God made us (the 99% of the World) so gullible  and so acceptable to the answers man gave, because the story of our existence is outrageous but not confusing……to be continued

By: Anthony BamBam!! Thomas
There were millions of other people that could have been here on this Earth in your place, but it was you that made it. It was you against all odds; blind and in the dark, you chased Gods Love and won.
We all love to be Winners and Champions. It breaks our heart to be called a Loser; that's why God made the beginning of our Existence a big race against millions, a race like you'll never be involved in again (millions entered, one (you) and only one (if your not a twin), Lived on, while the others perished. No one can or ever should call someone else a loser (we are a World of Champions)...because no race is more important than the race to Existence, and nothing won is more Valuable than the reward of God's Air, His Water, Grass, Mountains, our Universe, the Ability to and be Loved, but most of all and more importantly...God's Gift of Individuality and Choice.
We all are Winners, Champions of a Great Race Forgotten.

To call some one a loser is to call Our Great Creator and the manner in which we became to be, a lie.
By Anthony BamBam!! Thomas
I'm on a mission to create outstanding people through reviling Proof of God's Love in our Design and Life
The Rosetta Stone is slab of granite that man wrote one decree in three languages . When it was found it was so amazing and declared one of man’s greatest discoveries…it was the key to deciphering the a lost language of the Egyptians … it took highly trained scientist more than 20 some odd years to painstakingly recover what it said to their best of their knowledge.

This how much God Loves us…a child born between two; first drawn together by the sight of one-another, then sadden when language cannot enhance and insure with words what their eyes, hands and blushing faces are saying, are God's Loving, Living, Rosetta Stone.
God did not want language to be the reason why a person does not have true love…so that's why he gave our children the ability to take in any language spoken to them. They are able to translate and distinguish the difference with proper Grammar and pronunciation with no schooling or effort.
The whole translation would be done and available in 5 to 6 years stress free out the mouth of their gift from God …..That is proof of God’s Love…and understanding that is more amazing than a rock someone wrote on…not say it wasn't a cool find…but God is Cooler than anything Man will ever find, unless it is Him.

Written By: Anthony "BamBam!!" Thomas
You have strings on your arms and a stick up your a__,
But tell me black man how long will it last?
Not for long like the sand at the top of the hour glass.

You curse us like them;
To their racist jokes you laugh,
Like an ignorant educated fool who forgot his past.

You were put there for a reason, to help us get there too;
Not to put us down and brag to your new found crew,
That white man, your idol with his eyes of blue.

But not all white men are the same as he;
Who made us struggle and can’t stand to see,
Us equal, side by side with a better society.

They made you hate us and love them,
And their laws you obey;
They brain washed you and coach the words you say,
To your family, your brothers, your sisters day after day.

To me you‘re still in slavery,
But there’s no chains this time; instead,
There’s no whips; you’re not in prison,
But you’re locked down in your head.

So break those strings you White’s Man Puppet!
Look what you’ve become to be,
And use where you are to help others like you and me.
You are God’s Art Work. When you understand this; you understand the importance of being and the importance and beauty of another’s being.
Imagine a child of any age, with his or her coloring pencils drawing on a piece of paper. Tongue stuck out, eyes focused and every mark in its place. The yellow is where he or she wants it, there’s just enough blue and every line and dot in the background makes that child’s art work complete. It took some time, but it was worth it. This child is so proud of his or herself, sitting back gazing at his or her creation, knowing that he or she will never create this one masterpiece ever again. Can you feel that child’s joy, that child’s love for his or her creation?
Now, imagine another child with only one black flat tip marker, with only two strokes in only two seconds ruin the first child’s creation before he or she was able to show it to anyone. Can you feel that child’s pain, that child’s anger?
You are God’s Art Work. And every Man, Woman and Child should be treated as such.
Every scar you made on another Man, Woman or Child was a mark on one of God’s many Great Masterpieces (if you never done so, I congratulate you and ask you never feel this shame). This is how wrong our world is. You should feel ashame to have another bare the mark of your rage and even worse if you bare the mark of another because of your own wrong way of living. This is not a hard task but it must be dealt with where the problem begins. It begins with you. If you have a thought, an idea, the feeling or if someone is pushing you to hurt or harm or even dislike anyone in any manner at any time, you should have the wisdom and compassion to know that this is wrong, that this is not right and want to resolve the matter of not; the difference of the other person, but why I feel this way towards them.
Now, imagine a world with no man made scars created in anger or dislike. Can you see a World with no war, a World with no animosity toward one another Worldwide…a World without one man made bruise in anger toward another? That world can be, just by respecting...God’s Art Work.

Is Museum Art more important than God's?
These are thoughts for our wolrd to heal it from all the wrong we bring into it, we must look at ourself and see our faults and change our behavior tward one another to make this World a the wonderful place God made for us....
"Greater will be the place in heaven for the A__hole that can control His or Her tongue and actions while here on Earth."
Quote By Anthony BamBam!! Thomas
The body is the portal to which Evil uses to enter the Universe, our World, and our Lives. Evil could not exist without these three portals:

1. Speech
If all Man, Woman and Child said nothing harmful or misleading, conflict and war would not exist. There would still be differences but they would be resolved in favor for all Man, Woman and Child with words of wisdom and concern.
(Our emotions and feelings at the time make up the words that come out of our mouth. Knowing this you should know that while speaking in a destructive mind state you are about to say something harmful and destructive, and it would be wise at this moment to hold your tongue (harsh and demeaning words you can’t take back, should never be heard…be it directly to or spread by rumor). And no Man, Woman or Child should have the need to mislead or lie to another. To end lying we must look at what we lie for, into what we try to accomplish by lying? We lie to make ourselves look honest, we lie to make ourselves look responsible, we lie to gain acceptance, we lie to make ourselves look faithful, we lie to make ourselves look trust worthy, dependable, concerned and kind, we lie to eat well, we lie to live comfortable. We must acknowledge then teach our children and show our families and friends that people who live truly Godly don’t lie to have or be these things; they just do and are.)

2. Body Action
If a hand is not raised, a person is not struck.
If a sword is not waved, a person is not cut.
If a trigger is not pulled, a bullet can’t fly.
If a fire is not set, a home is not burned.
If a button is not pushed, a missile is not launched.
(Our emotions and feelings at the time; sometimes trigger body reflexes that harms another person be it intent or involuntary, it is uncalled for, unacceptable and avoidable. No one is struck for no reason and out of nowhere; there is always either a difference of emotions, a difference of understanding, a difference in belief, a difference in culture, be it whatever the difference; lack of Love, Concern, Respect or Self-Control, there is no excuse to harm someone else. That is not the way of our Great Creator, God gave us this World to Love one another, to Create and Sing for one another, to Entertain and Invent for one another and to Share Joy with one another. We are here to live for one another, but we live for self. We want to control everything, but we can’t control ourselves. We want to have it all, but we refuse to share. All problems have an answer that doesn’t involve violence and has a solution that is best for all involved, but it can only be seen through the eyes of truly Godly People, which every Man, Woman and Child should be.)

3. Sign Language
If no Man, Woman or Child made an obscene jester or smirk, no-one would feel intimidated, put down or beneath by another.
(As simple as a wave of a particular finger, the roll of your eyes, and the raise of one of your lips, intimidates and hits as hard as a punch in the face, but a truly Godly person see these actions as silly…as a view into that person’s lost soul and as a warning sign to an unwanted situation about to unfold.)

Controlling these portals doesn’t mean that bad things won’t happen, but it will mean that it didn’t happen because of a Man, Woman or Child, and that’s not Evil; that’s Life, something we all will come together to confront and resolve because of care for one another.

Mankind’s true Greatness is at the mercy of our uncontrolled selves.

Don’t be a portal to Evil. Do your part to live true Life, the way our Great Creator intended.
Control yourself...control Evil’s portals.
These are thoughts for our wolrd to heal it from all the wrong we bring into it, we must look at ourself and see our faults and change our behavior tward one another to make this World a the wonderful place God made for us....
"Greater will be the place in heaven for the A__hole that can control His or Her tongue and actions while here on Earth."
Quote By Anthony BamBam!! Thomas
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