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  May 2020 Shafira Azzahra
I don't want to have to try and explain to you
The dark lines on my wrist and thigh
That I pray you will never be able to understand
Spent a long time just staring at my scars today...

It's been over a month since I last cut... doesn't feel like much of an accomplishment, but maybe it is...
Shafira Azzahra May 2020
I know we'll never end up together
That's the secret from the fortune teller
Shafira Azzahra Apr 2020
she threw the ring
and the vow
for the throne
but all he witness was her sin

made himself fell through the crack
forced her to break the window
he let the tears drown her thoughts
as he slips away into thin air
for you
Shafira Azzahra Feb 2020
Why does it feels so wrong
When our nose collide
  Jan 2020 Shafira Azzahra
I really... It’s getting harder...
I don’t want my scars to fade
I want to see...
I want to see the blood on my wrist
The pain won’t be ignored
I can’t move on
Can’t go forward
There’s still illness in me
Even when I smile
Shafira Azzahra Nov 2019
two souls aligning
other halves colliding
harsh reality
Shafira Azzahra Nov 2019
you know I’m complicated
always made you frustrated
you never got wasted
instead love is what you gifted
all about you, compilation
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