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anotherken Feb 2020
It's been a while.


Took me a thousand miles
Ahead of time, and somehow
I feel like tons of tiles
Burrowing ahead, and now
Even with pain
Even with darkness
Even with no gain
Even with sadness

It's all come down to this
I can't back down now.
There were things that I missed,
But tell me, if I could come back, how?

I crossed the bridges.
I crossed the seas.
Oceans filled with weird fishes
Some of them looked like me.

Like the reflections of me.


Burrowing under sea.
Pretending to drown, even if I know I can float.
Accepting a kiss from the swaying winds.
Forgetting the rules and breaking them as I go.

Remember the good old days?
But when did it stop?
Who says that they will end?
Who says that we will end?


Everything'll be alright.
Bad or good, it may happen, heck, it might
be fallen under lots of circumstances
But we'll take those chances.

What's worth more are how we feel.
How we enjoy those moments.
They aren't fleeting,
they're never leaving.

The world may be on fire,
People might be angry at each other.
Blood and gore has and probably will be shed.
Everything will collapse.
Everything will go dark.
Everything will be all for nothing.
But everything'll be alright.
Because of you.
Everything'll be alright.
Everything'll be fine.

We'll **** everything, then we'll be fine.
We'll eradicate hunger, war, disease, and then we'll be fine.
We'll take pleasure out of everything, then we'll be fine.
We'll destroy each other, then we'll be fine.
We'll burn everything, then we'll be fine.
We'll look at the stars, then we'll be fine.
We'll see how we were born, then we'll be fine.
We'll see how we die, then we'll be fine.
We'll look at how we look at ourselves, then we'll be fine.
We'll just enjoy life,  and then we'll be fine.
We'll be happy, and then we'll be fine.
We'll live, then we'll be fine.
We'll exist, then we'll be fine.
then we'll be fine.
we'll be fine.
be fine.

Welcome back, me.
anotherken Feb 2019

anotherken Feb 2019
"Hurry, my child, dawn is coming clear."
"But mother, the wolves I cannot hear."
Yet I look at her, with a single tear
Feeling the need to be near.

"Do what is must, what is right."
"Save the people that save you might."
I swear to heaven, I tried to be a knight.
Just the thought of it fills me with fright.

Being moral in an amoral state,
Where the just seemed to ****** and ****.
It sickens me, fills me with hate
But what is there, left to save?

What of the leaders?
Apparently, they too are sinners,
Found guilty of being evil's supporters.
All for a greater purpose, I wonder.

What's the point of all the great morals and ethics,
If this immoral world makes it somewhat pathetic?
No symbols in a world seemed symbolic,
No heroes in a world seemed heroic.
anotherken Jan 2019
Call it the most vile evil thing,
Call it what you want, it's still waiting,
Waiting to be put up once again.

The red flag of worker utopia,
The change for a capitalist dystopia.
What we need: a permanent revolution.

Where the term of rich and poor are free;
Here, we share our rewards equally!
Is it not the most ideal thing?

Coal is shovelled all as one,
Laziness is easily frowned upon.
Where people unite and work hard.

No more rich; no more poor.
Where we live by shovel and lure,
Where we die equal and pure.

In practice, yes, it may fail.
But in due time, we'll all follow the trail
To a utopia, filled with red and yellow.

Call me a fool, I may be a dull tool.
But I stand by my dreams, we'll start anew.
A permanent revolution for us all.
I believe in a permanent revolution.
anotherken Jan 2019
I wrote this poem for me.
I wanna show to the world:
I'm the biggest *******.

Hey, you!
You ****.
You are a ****-up.
I made this poem--no, this song,
To immortalize me:
I hate yourself.

I think you ****.
You make me sick.
I want to burn you, just for fun.
This is my song.
Look at your friends.
Your family.
They left you.
And it's all your fault.
You've been a bad boy.
You've been a big *******.
And ******* congratulations:
You played yourself.

You got no one to go to:
You got no one to vent to.
I can't stand you at all?
Why won't you
Jump off a train
Skin yourself
Sell some drugs
Play Frogger
Kiss a toad
Drink liquid oxygen
Stab yourself
Drown yourself
Shoot yourself
******* some delinquents
Go to a war
Play a guitar
Write a poem
Show it to your friends
Get laughed at

You are alone.
You won't be recognized.
You won't be loved.
You won't have any friends.
See you in hell.
Hope it burns real good.

God, you've been the inspiration
For this wonderful poem
I hate you so much
That I wrote this poem
For us to be immortalized

Yeah, I hope I ******* die.
Vent poem
anotherken Dec 2018
I got a call from an anonymous callbooth yesterday.
"Where have you gone?", she said.
I said I had deeds to pay.

My rose colored complexion really shows;
Along with a broken nose
That really shows how it goes.

Unless it goes away
I'll never fade again
And although I will crawl
I shall breathe until I die
When it all goes full circle
I'll be waiting for you
Like what was once before.

The orchestra will fall
From the incompetent conductor;
I know it will be all numb later
But I'll save it for the haters
They'll all follow the Romans
And so shall I.
We'll drink our sorrows away.

New York is burning tonight,
It takes me away with fright.
But we'll now dance right.

Now come on, why won't you?
We'll go through.
There'll be time to sew.

And unless it goes away
I'll fade again
Although I will walk
I shall blink until I bleed
When it all dies away
I'm going to forget you
Like what will be in the next time.

The band will rise up
And I'll be the spotlight
I know it's going to flow tonight;
I'll lose my lovers
But at least I won't be like the Romans
They won't be like you.
Tonight, our problems will go away.
anotherken Dec 2018
I'm never taking it back,
Never taking it back.

It's like a noose tied to my neck,
It's like a big backpack tied around my back

Someday, I could want to be the thing that I want
A hero for the world in silence
Someday, I want my empathy to be worth keeping
A shining beacon hope for the hopeless.

Last night, I had a vision:
Three mighty ships crossing the sea.
With 888 merry men all around
It's like pandemonium but everyone danced
It's chaotic but we saw each other.
4 days later, I saw blood.

For all the times I wanted to run away
And all the things I want to forget
My limbs are tearing me apart
For all the people I wanted to save....
I couldn't do it.

When I see people on the ground.
Begging like lepers, exiled and mocked.
I shed a tear.
But what could I do?
Give my money?
My support?
This disease will **** me soon.

No matter how I fix it,
This disease called empathy,
With this remedy I call Stone Heart....
It just doesn't work.

My noose will stay glued to my unmoving body soon.
I want it to stop.
I want my disease to die.
I need a constant way to be selfish.
Someone, something just tell me how to ignore the pleas.

For it shatters my heart if I remember the unlucky ones.
But I don't want to burn myself.
This disease called empathy.
This disease that hurts me.
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