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Anora Emporium Nov 2017
I am an artist
I paint images of myself in the eyes of others
Different portraits with different expressions
Hung in a gallery
that no one visits
Anora Emporium Nov 2017
I wasn't looking for love
but it found me anyway
in a glass of cider and a 2am conversation
it filled the silence with heartbeats
and the night with music
it was the grip in my hair and the kisses on my neck
just a peck that left me begging for more
love found me in shared poems
and Lord of the Rings games
and blushes as thank you
and two plates for one meal
in Star Wars jocks
and quirky socks
love said hi with a grin and screamed over loud noises
to drown out every other worry
that I may have
about losing what I've only just begun to love
Anora Emporium Oct 2017
I need not wander any longer in the tresses of my depression
As this lesson I now know
is happiness
Long time no see
Anora Emporium Sep 2017
Mm* these floors I'll never walk again
These walls that hold a love that never ended
The light in eyes of love and life the same
The energy I'll never know again

The faded halls the twists and turns my friend
Hold so tight the love for each dead end
The memory of feet against cold slate
These are the floors I'll never walk again

Mi Re Do

Where does the heart go
Why do my hands still know
The places I always saw
I know I've been here before
Things always look the same
When they give you the most pain
But it's just in your eyes
That I don't recognise

Take me home
To years ago
Love is the same
It's you I don't know
So take me home
Show me the way
Take me home
To yesterday
Lyrics to a song I wrote last year. Perhaps try and imagine a melody...
Anora Emporium Sep 2017
Sometimes I wonder
About how a green cloth is not green at all
But rather
A material that absorbs every other light extension
Except green

Then I think about how
Your eyes absorb every light
Except brown

And how your lips absorb every light
Except a dusky pink

I think about how the light rejects my skin whilst it welcomes yours
Warms as it absorbs within your strengthened brow

I think about how

Colour doesn't exist
And how emotions are a chemical reaction

How when he dealt me "the conversation"
Our bodies fired up
In one last effort to create a connection
Between a male and a female
Of the same species
In one last effort to preserve
And survive
As is the instinctual nature of animals

Perhaps what makes us human
Is that we were able to reject
One chemical equation over another

And this cloth has a colour
That doesn't exist.
Anora Emporium Sep 2017
False love
flipped on its head
frozen time thawed
friends to the end.
Yet I am still human, and falling to loss is instinctual.
Anora Emporium Sep 2017
I don't know
how to say
how it makes me feel
except that it seems wrong
and right
sitting deep within my stomach
the realisation that
love ends
whether by choice
or force
love has an expiry
and the heart clenching
and lost passion
I translate to anger
in a futile effort
to protect myself
from the mortality
of love.
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