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Abby Jul 2019
Is it so wrong I long to be loved?
To hear well done?
To be thought about?
To be held?
To hear how much I mean to someone?
It's what I search for in my darkest hours alone with no one to show me what love is
Abby Jun 2019
As each pair of eyes she stared into
Lips she kissed
Hand she held
She still felt empty
None of them were good enough
Maybe for a time but she knew something was missing
Something wasn't right
After countless of guys and dates
She finally realized
They will never be him
Abby Jun 2019
The thought of you still keeps me up at night
The memories of the way I felt alive when I was with you still rips my heart apart
Your voice echos in my mind in the stillness of night
Your laugh is forever on reply in my mind
I 'll never forget how you made something so simple mean the world to me
How when I was with you I felt like no one else was around
How my face felt from not being able to stop smiling
How holding your hand felt like it was truly made for mine
But most of all I'll never remember how you made me feel like you actually love me
I believed it in the fastest and slightest way and I fell  
Head first
Thoughts started to fill my head
I had doubts about you but you clouded my head with your sweet words
Your touch
Your kiss
And I fell for it
Now when it was time to pick me up you left
I never felt a pain so real and raw until you
You turned your back on me
You'll never know what it felt like the day you left me
How my fists pounded my steering wheel from all the rage built inside of me
How echos of screams filled my car
How the warmth of tears never stopped and my vision was blurred
You'll never know the pain I felt that night driving in my car
And still in my heart I hope you never do
because even after all the pain you caused me all I ever want for you is to find true happiness
I don't want the pain I felt that night from you to come from someone else and haunt you like it did me
Abby Jun 2019
That's what I hold onto
Hoping you'll come back
Hoping you'll miss me the way I miss you
Hoping your heart is breaking the same way mine does every night
Hoping you still think of me the way I think of you everyday
Hope is all I hold onto for you and me
But somewhere deep down I know hope won't bring you back
Abby Jun 2019
I know the person you are
And I know the person you can be
I fell in love with the person you could be not the person you are
But I hope everyday you will become the person you can be because that person made me believe, hope dream and love
Abby Jun 2019
As I close my eyes memories of you flood my mind
My laughter sounds from when you used to make me laugh
My smile grinning while I smiled while I lay with you thinking I wish I could make time stop here in this moment forever
Holding your hand and wishing I never had to let it go
But then the sun came up and I woke up and it was all a dream
Abby Jun 2019
Sitting here in the dark with streams of tears flowing down
Here I am
My real self
The person who I really am
Not the person I only pretend to be in the light of day
In the dark
I feel safe
I feel open
I feel broken
I feel like me
It's hard to pretend to be someone your not
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