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anonymous Jun 2018
Gasping my lungs turn to stone
My throat closes in
“Just breath”
But i cant
My mind is spinning
My heart races
Im standing on solid ground
But it feels like im falling
And i keep falling
A downward spiral my mind screams for everything to stop
But my mouth can not make a single noise
I grasp the air with my lungs
But i slip farther and farther
All i can hear is my mind breaking
Shutting down
All i feel is my heart beating
Blood rushing through my veins
The burning in my lungs
Desperatly begging for air
And I can not see
The room is spinning
And Nothing is real
anonymous Jun 2018
the face of sorry
poised elegance
a beautiful sorry
and total displacement
blackout poetry
anonymous Jun 2018
to weep but be calm
is the moon
who wondered of
another blackout poem
anonymous May 2018
You expect the beginning
to sing
the way you planned it
how lovely
he smiles
he frowns
later they are both disappointed
another black out poem
anonymous May 2018
Stories aren't supposed to end this way
taken away
"I give up" he said
those thoughts in my head
i'm missing everything
he let go
and we know
he's not whole
anonymous May 2018
The hello,
The falling,
The beginning was unexpected
And I heard your voice for the first time
Somehow I fell farther
Thinking you were waiting to catch me
When i pressed my lips against yours
I thought i was home in your arms
You caught me and held me close
I thought I reached the bottom
Suddenly you let go
We were falling the whole time
And you reached your bottom
And i am still falling alone
The goodbye was more unexpected than hello
anonymous May 2018
A darkness came over me
It ate at my soul
And took over my brain
Took over my body and my thoughts
I could not escape myself
Oh but please make it stop
It’s taking me away
Make it stop I can not live with this darkness
Save me please
I’m drowning I can not breath
Take away the pain tormenting me
It’s too late
The darkness took me with it
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