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"Boys will hurt you"
"Boys aren't kind."
"They'll break your heart."
"They'll break your mind."

"Boys have cooties."
"Boys make you sick."
"Do not fall,
for a young boys tricks."

"Boys are evil."
"Boys bring pain."
"Corrupt your soul."
"Corrupt your brain."

But they didn't warn you,
they never do.
That loving girls,
is painful too.
Anonymous4070 May 17
I dreamt of destiny
before I learned what it meant.
And when I did, I feared
that my dreaming was spent.

There was no timeline,
there was just life.
No sense to the senseless,
the happiness, or strife.

Life was just chaos,
random moving gears.
I lived with the chaos,
the unknowns and fears.

And then your name,
on an 'attending list'.
And I believed in things,
I didn't know could exist.

And then your name card,
right beside my place.
And connections appeared,
in all that empty space.

And then all at once you,
and all at once me.
And all at once it comes back,
I rediscover destiny.
Anonymous4070 May 14
When you make my stomach twist,
and you make me want to cry.
When you leave  me wanting more,
always leave me asking why,

is it still love?

When you make my whole head spin,
and you take up my whole mind.
When you make sure there's just you,
and you make me almost blind,

is it still love?

When the day comes to an end,
and all I think of is your touch.
When I cannot fall asleep,
because I'm missing you too much,

is it still love?

When you leave me feeling broke,
When you leave me feeling sick.
When I want to curse the world.
When I want to end it, quick,

is it still love?

And now that it is over,
and now that you are gone.
Buried in the soil,
to never see morn dawn,

is it still love?

and how do I make it stop?
I was a fairy in kindergarten,
a spirit of the moon.
My best friend was the sun,
till we grew up far too soon.

I was a wizard in kindergarten.
I controlled the leaves.
I danced in windswept circles,
as they swirled up in the breeze.

I was in love in kindergarten.
Had married Old Saint Nick.
Dreamed of a life of candy,
of eating long past I was sick.

It's not your laugh that's kindergarten,
it's not your joyful bliss.
It's that we play pretend again,
through each and every kiss.
Let's not talk about my short lived crush on santa because what the hell was that?
Anonymous4070 Apr 22
"Come here" she cried.
The girl dressed in white.
"Come sit with me,
and all will be alright."

And so the boy went,
to the girl in the gown.
She was delicate, sweet,
pure and heaven bound.

She smelt like the summer,
she looked like a cloud.
She was dainty and quiet,
and strong willed and loud.

"Come boy," she said.
"Come, let us dance."
And so he fell deep
under her trance.

She was beauty,
heaven's fine glow.
And so he didn't feel
his vision start to go.

He shook with excitement,
and muscle fatigue.
The girl pulled him close,
whispered "don't leave."

His mouth soon went dry,
then his heart just ceased.
As did the rest of his muscles.
His strength quickly decreased.

"Dance with me boy,"
the angel then said.
But his legs were as twisted
as the thoughts in his head.

He felt himself slip.
And she gave him one kiss.
The sweet angel's trumpet.
A lifetime of bliss.
In this house we stan poisonous flowers.
Anonymous4070 Apr 22
I used to imagine I'd see them everywhere, the boys I said I loved.
I used to get giddy with excitement, just in case the universe aligned and they surprised me. And once or twice they would.
And it'd be a perfect surprise.

I don't imagine you though.
I don't build up fantasies of running into you at the park or while running errands.
And then I'm stilled surprised when I get there.
Because in my head, you're everywhere.
And then suddenly you're not.
hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahhahahahhahahahahahahahahh today's been a day.
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