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 Apr 2016 Hao Nguyen
A mixed tape of my
least favorite people
plays in my head
saying things
I find far
too logical.
 Apr 2016 Hao Nguyen
I saw myself

To be of no worth

When people shared my view

I felt even worse

So I decided one day

That it was time for a change

I started to value myself

Then so did everyone else
the way in which you see yourself can sometimes be projected onto the way other people see you too

So maybe if you value yourself a little more everyone else would value you more :)
 Apr 2016 Hao Nguyen
looking for a fresh page
a new start
but I fail
the lights are still down
in the back of my brain
seems impossible to come out of this alive

looking for a hand to hold mine
a friendly smile
a saviour
but I am only lying to myself
as I know,
today's heroes are the ones
who tomorrow will shoot you down

I look for love
and kind words at night
I look for the star that's gonna make light on my path
I look for someone who'll tell me
that it is gonna be all right

I look around for rescuers
I picture them in my mind
I smile when I think that I might one day find
they're real
and I forget for a few moments
there are only temporary heroes
and the ones to save me today
will tomorrow be the first ones
to **** me with their ****** hands

I look around for temporary heroes
and I forget
that my only forever lasting hero
lives within myself
gotta learn to love myself
inspired by this voice
You cannot stop yourself from,

Until you hit the
**G R O U N D.

— The End —