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Seated at my feet when I wake at 2a.m.
You faithfully keep watch over my soul.
Yet the unspoken words between us
Haunt my thoughts by day.  
There is so much I long to know.

I sense your ever-presence guarding
My every step, my thoughts, my heart.
Tortured by your silence, yet
Comforted by the knowledge that
I'm never alone.
© Annilda Esterhuysen. All rights reserved.
Rolling boulders ripping through the sky.
Beneath, with bated breath I lie.
Mother nature's pregnant swell, showing.  
One final crack of the whip, glowing.
The quenching droplets rapidly flowing.  
Birth of new life long awaited.  
Earth's crippling thirst satiated.
© Annilda Esterhuysen. All rights reserved.
Earth, holding its breath,
willing the droplets down
into its warm, waiting skin.

Amplified senses
drawing on the palpable air,
willing the heavens to quenching chaos.
© Annilda Esterhuysen. All rights reserved.
  Jan 2015 Annilda Esterhuysen
I'm in love
The ghost
Of who you were
Today I choose to cherish the warmth of the sun caressing my face . . .
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