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Feb 18 · 33
Anna Adamu Feb 18
She worked her life away in the day
The sun had no mercy it seared her skin
It sent sweat on a merciless errand
The pipes of water broke their boundaries
Starting right from her pitch black hair
Running down her ebony skin
A fake tear it created under her eyes
The old man calls it tears of life
Around her earlobes it created a course
Paving a way down her jawline bone
And landing upon her pointed chin
The long journey of the loving sweats
Found their way unto her spine
Snaking down onto her slender waist
In no time her clothes are flooded wet
Drenched in the merciless sweat of life
Few coins in her expectant pocket bank
Blind her thoughts on her soaking  body
And flashing thoughts of her child at home
Makes an even joyous perambulation
Feb 14 · 102
Anna Adamu Feb 14
I had heard that it was said
That when you find someone
And get attached
Or out of the forsaken blue
You meet someone else
Better, bigger, and lovelier
Wait a minute!
I met you
And all else seemed invisible
I met you
And nothing else mattered
Looking beyond your imperfections
And seeing the God kind
Looking beyond mean voices
And seeing the brightest future with you
Thank God I met you
Thank God we still bond
Never mind my tantrums and mood swings
It is the way I recharge my battery
To love, and cherish you forever
None like you
Anna Adamu Jan 28
A hero gone
That was born
A leader lost
That was found
Sweet honey in a calabash
Fresh wine in a gourd
And a raindrop in the ocean
That was not lost
A ray in the sun
Shining across the globe
You stained your white garments
To save your motherland
You tore your green apparel
To defend the course of freedom

You remain a woven nest upon the maple branch
Eagles, doves, and many more
Found refuge in your reign
Fond memories of you still linger on
Happy days of laughter somewhat covered the mourn
The sun will rise and set unend
So shall you remain in hearts forever
Jan 21 · 122
You cannot be me
Anna Adamu Jan 21
You cannot be me
Copy my smile, talk, and walk
Mimic my true posture and gesture
Walk in my full naked footprints
And one still remains
Jan 4 · 31
Nature school
Anna Adamu Jan 4
And it came
Teaching the world to wash its hands
It appeared, giving free courses in hygiene
Dec 2020 · 97
Anna Adamu Dec 2020
We stand in awe of China's great Wall
We are thrilled  by the Statue of Liberty
We stand amazed at the Pyramid of Giza
We are mesmerized by the Eiffel Tower
All awesome, thrilling,  amazing and mesmerising

If after imagining the miraculous growth of the foetus
Or the perfect mode of the human being
If you still look at the sun rise and fall
Or the supernatural breath of life
And still believe there is neither a  superpower involved
Nor a God to stand in awe of
Then Psalm 14:1
Dec 2020 · 114
Anna Adamu Dec 2020
We stand in awe of China's great Wall
We are thrilled  by the Statue of Liberty
We stand amazed at the Pyramid of Giza
We are mesmerized by the Eiffel Tower
All awesome, thrilling,  amazing and mesmerising

If after imagining the miraculous growth of the foetus
Or the perfect mode of the human being
If you still look at the sun rise and fall
Or the supernatural breath of life
And still believe there is neither a  superpower involved
Nor a God to stand in awe of
Dec 2020 · 26
Anna Adamu Dec 2020
Still thinking hard
How I survived
Still figuring out
How I still  live
Still amazed the year is ending
Rejected in every job application
Dejected by covid-stricken companies
The year is almost done
And I can boast of less
Yet my hope
Yes, my hope will never die
Hello! my friends
I love that you're still here with me
And God is still working on me
He is still cooking something
something amazingly delicious
I have not seen it yet
The aroma tells it all
Dec 2020 · 36
Anna Adamu Dec 2020
I remember the times
We sang lullabies
Lately you sing dirges
Dec 2020 · 36
Anna Adamu Dec 2020
You go to bed and dread tomorrow

And pray to God to save your soul

The night is short you wish is long

You stay awake in the silent night

The morning routine is like a mountain to carry

There’s no appetite for milk and honey

Finally you hit the tired road

And wish the traffic will never end

At least to see more trees forever

In no time the longest journey is over

You stand silently near the office door

With copious vacuum occupying your thoughts

Your fingers reach for the tired door ****

Its gentle screech is the loudest volcano

In your ears alone it erupts with a bang

Carving more mountains and pointed hills

The day begins and never ends

It ends but feels like it just began

Your greatest fears are those of tomorrow

To wake up again and return there

A4 Sheets look like giants slaughter tables

Ballpoint pens pierce the air like a sword

Rulers remind you of the riders Cain

And files pile up like judgment papers

Your day runs wild like war in Wakanda

You barely have an air to breathe

Boss on your neck, he demands a hundred

One mistake is seen as the worst ******

And your achievements are never given a medal

Adding oxygen to your flaming heart

The day finally ends yet sorrow prevails

With thoughts of tomorrow clouding your brain

I know a friend who works in the sky

With thousands of angels surrounding his desk
The work place must be people friendly.
Dec 2020 · 109
Ghana votes
Anna Adamu Dec 2020
We go to the polls
We vote for their roles
We purge them of their moles
With spiritually physical drones
Do we have goals?
Do they have our goals?
Are they worth our strolls?
Do they feel for our souls?
Or they need our blows?
They have pierced arrows
Creating manholes
Our thumbs are our scrolls
We will read them when we close

God bless Ghana
Jul 2020 · 108
My sunshine
Anna Adamu Jul 2020
You are my breakfast and supper
I smile twice a day
Each blessed morning and night you go to work and back
My window blinds are never down
To catch a glimpse of you
And when alas you appear
My day starts anew
You are my sunshine in the night and my daily moon
When that smile spreads across your face
I forget where I stand
And tsunami feels like a hummingbird upon a maple tree.
Jul 2020 · 130
Friend again
Anna Adamu Jul 2020
And when strings no longer coerce the ear
And we breathe together again
When friendship no longer holds a gap
We shall embrace the morning and kiss the night once more
Jun 2020 · 209
Anna Adamu Jun 2020
I wish
I had a wish
To wish
Do not exist
That reality
Was the metaphoric flower
Reality is real
May 2020 · 124
Anna Adamu May 2020
Oh money
Please come now
Where art thou
Come now
I want to visit charity
Come now
She is chewing her dreams
Come now
She is swallowing her breath
Come now
Day by day she looks into my eyes
Week by week she calls my name
Month by month she awaits my arm
Year by year she traces my being
Today is today and her eyes are fixed
Oh money
Please come now
May 2020 · 196
Anna Adamu May 2020
I laid down motionless with memories of me
Frozen as Everest recounting the dark
Foggy lights and the brightest darkness
Shadowed the clear path of my being
Crooked the road of life I saw
Winding through the river course
The cold snow seared my open skin
In the sun my bones chilled the lowest degree
Deception threw its towel at me
I caught it with revived naivety
And wiped my sweat not knowing the test
Temptation clouded my brightest morn
I saw ahead but failed to look
Ambiguous warmth run through my blood
As I received countless unsolicited visits
One hundred times a day
From the compulsory lesson-devils of life
While I beckoned them to tarry awhile
They marched in with their next of kin
Teaching me one lesson or two
To look well whenever I see
And listen better when I hear
Life teaches so many lessons. Deception is all over. It pays to be alert
May 2020 · 107
Perfect line
Anna Adamu May 2020
I started writing a
got stuck at the last
could think of nothing to write
oh the perfect line I needed
could think of nothing to write
when you seem lost, pause, relax, the answer could be near
May 2020 · 111
Anna Adamu May 2020
I was bruised and worn smelling fishy
I stopped by your door
And smelled something meaty
Your *** of soup was soothing to taste
And your bouncy couch touched with honor
Your favorite smile tasted like cherries
And your graceful hands served with courtesy
You nurtured groomed and pampered me
Touching all cords of my being with care
Your very fine and pleasant self
Scolded grief off my chest
Few months on I heard a knock
The look on his face was a messy conundrum
And oh a more twisted puzzle  
Was the news that you joined the heavenly ones
A truth I could only genuinely solve
When I laid a wreath on your tomb
Back in your house same reflective day
I looked into your white bedside mirror
And saw you clear standing right there
Did the doctor properly lie?
Or the siren genuinely faked?
I could promise I saw you real
I saw your plain humble face
And saw your colourful breath
I saw your clear pretty smile
And saw your bona fide warmth

The holy woman in the clever mirror
Was the maiden you carefully nurtured
The woman you gently groomed
And the angel you smoothly pampered
I masticated every word you sang
Now here I am
Looking pretty
just like you
we often get in touch with people who change us for the good
May 2020 · 128
Anna Adamu May 2020
I heard the
that google died
I googled
to find the
Sometimes some things are obvious.
They couldn't even tell a better lie.
You are the strongest, just as you are.
Anna Adamu Apr 2020
He came forth wrapped in gorgeous beauty
Two and zero and two and zero
Mesmerizing twos and hopeful zeros
Bearing gifts and visions of platinum and gold
Unknown to the world he had conceived three
Hope, faith, and a poisonous third
Super deadly like black bullets in a barrel
Coercing and bullying innocent hearts
It seized a zero in the blessed year
And covered itself in thorny spikes
A beauty in the lab and a monster to man
A stubborn inedible protein on earth
Forcing its way down anhydrous throats
And winding way up the wide nose tunnels
It announced its coming from the farthest east
With no vivid clue it could cross a border
It walked, jumped, and open gates
Broke fortresses and sacred citadels
Marching on like an unstoppable King
Crippling royals and murdering claws
As deadly as hurricanes and mighty tremors
It emptied streets not a soul in sight
Pelicans and parrots covered the sky
Tigers and tortoises owned asphalt
And whales and walruses had a peaceful swim

A new order of brotherly love beckoned
Friends of covid were alien to friends
And complete distancing the newest amour
Hugs and kisses looked gross as evil
The friendly salutations were fast forgotten
Coughs and sneezes were weapons of death
Deadly weapons of mass massacre
Did the pandemic register horror alone?
Shall we reminisce only of the black?
Nay! The other side of the coin remains
Evident as the cloud that covered the view
In the midst of the live tumultuous chaos
A white dove warbled a song of hope
A white flag signaled the newest dawn
The retina of nations opened widest
Streams and rivers danced in the dessert
Winter shone bright and hot as the sun
And stones became the king’s edible
Inventions never ceased in America
And innovations flooded the soils of Africa
Is this the awakening forefathers chanted?
Should we be ecstatic of the brand new day?
What shall be said of the leader today?
Did he see the summer snow?
See the beauty in the storm
Apr 2020 · 54
Ask me
Anna Adamu Apr 2020
I cry with smiles
I smile with tears
Ask me first
You console the happy me
Rejoice in my sorrow
Do not be hasty in judgement. Your six could be my nine and vice versa
Apr 2020 · 190
I in me
Anna Adamu Apr 2020
Never a day without me
Never a moment without my thoughts
I am drenched in me
I am my countenance
My fondest moments dwell within me
I am my architect
Carving my smiles and pruning my cries
You can do it. Believe in yourself. You can't always depend on others

— The End —