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I am in
you are in
we are in
he is in
she is in
they are in
going to
rescue one
Longing to be what I always am;
a flickering shadow inside the cave of the ****** -
twisting, turning, burning as such,
a comfort when near, but dangerous to touch,
I'll complete all of my yearning here,
sitting between the Earth and the atmosphere;
a representation of the un-obtained,
and slither way out with the gathering rain.
Everywhere is for
from the beginning
is for nobody and
no one to occupy
but the owner
Hour 10 of a 24 fast;
in the midst of storms, how long does food last?
Here I am weary, but will keep going
guided by light to a point, unknowing.
She tastes hues and hears their vibrancy.
Watch her tending flowers,
utterly entranced by their whispers.
She sleeps in black and white,
unable to accept a world in color.
Can't ESC me.. the word machine..
figures dance for you upon my screen..
all you ever longed to see..
presented by the alloy, empty.

I have it all, yet can never give enough,
to a user whose capacity lies in handcuffs.
We are our own worst enemy. Our imagination's occupation often distracts us from our true purpose.
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