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We're, every one,
just as afraid as the other
Afraid of each other
The only brave souls
are those who confess it
and are least compromised.
A particular bottom line
As the clock winds down
and the numbers go up
in a time of need, profound
who would sip from your cup?

In sorrow, or delight
in sickness, or health;
truth revealed, throat so tight
a dry well holds no wealth.

Watch me, watch me, as I go
the open eyes and ears will know
through ground above and clouds below
only change within, is home.

I find it kind of odd in the way ought odda be spelt.

Odda, oughta?

Spelt? Spelled?

And while spelt is a word odda isn't

but in reality why is the latter not also a given?

And don't get me wrong, I know how to spell ought,

and I know its not oughta,

don't think I've forgot.

But please for my sake,

while sat for some time,

let me ask you some questions,

through reason and rhymes.

First things first,

second things second,

third things third,

and fourth things fourcend.

  Now that we have got that out of the way,

and we can do away,

with all my forced rhymes,

here comes the second curve ball,

so be quick with your mind!

Oh **** you missed it!

There it goes!

No you fool run!

Its a curve ball!

It'll break your heart!

Now I know what you're thinking,

or maybe I don't,

but I haven't asked a single question,

well be prepared to be shownt.

Shownt? Shown?

******* it

look at the word odd,
hes just a man or feman holding a pair of 1's
no body is a venture
care for yourself
as you would care
for your art
your home
your heart
with conscience as
your guide
a gift to share, not hide
listen and retain
as the beat echoes

match this frequency
born as me
a silhouette to a wave
i am free
I think..
I dance in the rain when nobody's watching,
Just so I can be in peace.
When my body flows like raindrops,
And the rainbow's staring down at me.
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