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Annabelle Camp Nov 2017
A life with out love
Is a life where no girl is hiding behind her makeup
Is a life where no heart has to conceal the beauty it has to offer
A life with out love is not a life for us

Women need love to grow and flourish
Annabelle Camp Nov 2017
What is it about love that makes people so obsessed?
Love is a dangerous addiction
once felt entering your body, nothing can replace it

But was that love?
Or child plays dissembling ever puzzle piece inside of your body

He'll tell you he loves you
Just so that you won't feel guilty inviting him in
Body on body
His hand on your skin
Was this love?

Blinded behind what romance means
He took advantage because you were just a teen
Small and innocent
Craving affection from one who could provide
Not knowing he'll be the one to steal your precious innocence on the inside

He'll never know he is the reason you cried
He'll never know that every night you died

You felt like you were stabbed in your heart with a blade
Drowning in blood from every part of you body
From your toes to your brain

You felt betrayed
He never loved you
You had been played

Regrets were made
Not that you loved too much
But because he was an unwelcome, uncontrollable love that never stayed

To the girl that creates an unrealistic realm of what love should be

— The End —