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May 2015 · 1.2k
Mothers Day Conundrum
Anna Vigue May 2015
Mothers day is fine
I don't mind it
not one bit
except when TV tells me
to buy up gifts n' ****

I really love my mother
I love her every day
so if I spend some money
will it be better
love to play?

If I buy her pretty flowers
or a fancy Ipod case
will she think that I so love her
more than words
could ever say?

How 'bout I draw a picture
just like the good ol' days
or make her something special
like an ashtray
made of clay

My kids I know they love me
they show me all the time
they don't need to
buy me presents
I know that they are mine.
Think freely, forget commercialism, enjoy your family with time not $$$$$$
Apr 2015 · 524
Not In One Conformist Group
Anna Vigue Apr 2015
What year is this anyway?
What did high school mean to me?
What did high school take from me?
My individuality
My sense of immortality

probably din't help
very much
it must have helped
that I
Remember when it was Banger, Rapper, Preppy?  At least it was that way here in middle class suburbia in the early 90's.
Jan 2015 · 845
Anna Vigue Jan 2015
Scrupulous Empowerment
Endowed upon our Government
A System that us Citizens
Employ without much Dissonance

Listening without Learning
Driving but not Driven
Waiting to be Waistless
Adoring the Adornments

And being nothing more than that.
Dec 2014 · 1.1k
Ninteen Eighty What?
Anna Vigue Dec 2014
remember who you was
and remember who you wouldn't
remember if you Should'ave
and remember if you Couldn't
the things that happened Yesteryear
are gone like yesterday
the things that will
you could drink in a Frappe

ask the happy What Not
he was gone, like yesterday
the things that will tomorrow
are now gone
like Ice Capades
I love the rhythm and cadence of Alligator Pie, so fun to read.  So I like to play with syllables when I write.  I saw the Smurfs Ice Capades  at my local Memorial Centre when I was a kid.
Dec 2014 · 493
Kids Will Be Kids
Anna Vigue Dec 2014
"Nice hair
did you dye it that colour
so you could look like me?"

Those looks
The one off comments
I knew I was Different

When I was little
boys chased my bike and
threw rocks and me

When I was older
boys put notes in
my locker

While girls did
what girls do
which was often
(at that age)
not very nice

Those witty
pre teen
Dec 2014 · 5.1k
Bad Decision
Anna Vigue Dec 2014
Bus late
First date
Shoulda bought a car
Nov 2014 · 549
The Time Between Seasons
Anna Vigue Nov 2014
Autumn has the wind
Winter has the sun
The time between the seasons
Is my favorite - bar none

Frost is in the morning
Chill is in the night
But the stars will still shine brightly
Until they hide from morning light

The sunset's bright with purple pink
The sunrise red as blood
Water at the rivers edge
Threatening to flood

There's beauty and there's danger
All that which makes life sweet
Living on an Island
Really can't be beat
Sep 2014 · 9.7k
It Starts With Music
Anna Vigue Sep 2014
It doesn’t matter what I type
As long as I type words
It doesn’t faze me what the hype
As long as I infer
The lyrics although musical
Just bounce inside my head
They always start with music
But the  words come out instead
It does have a tune.
Aug 2014 · 3.4k
Anna Vigue Aug 2014
Now he’s gone
I can’t go on
Feeding on this
We ****** him dry
What a great guy
His light side
And his dark side
Are  a treasure to
Nanoo nanoo
Your time is through
Your legacy
Your jokes
Your glee
You’re a
Candidate for suicide
A Statistic in your
Look up suicide statistics. It's a very sad time for many men.  Thanks for the laughter.
Aug 2014 · 593
There Is Only Here
Anna Vigue Aug 2014
Stuck in translation
Such human frustration
When something goes wrong
I will write you a song
It’s true that we’ll never
Believe you for long
If I write you this song
Will you feel I belong
No I never will see you in heaven
Nor will I  see you in hell
I will just see you right here
While you’re currently alive and well.
Has a tune
Apr 2014 · 466
The Police On The Range
Anna Vigue Apr 2014
There's a time for worry
A time for shame
There are places
You'll never see again
If insurance you seek
Then do not
Challenge me
I am certain
And you'll be the one
Go, Go on your way
If you stay
It will be
Your last day
You better go hide
Perhaps hitchhike a ride
I would not
you to
But I'll catch
Up with
You, Sir
Western police drama
Nov 2013 · 1.9k
Procrastination In Isolation
Anna Vigue Nov 2013
How I play the game

If you can't
Then I can
Lazy without blame

When I'm on my
I'm in my
By myself I will play

Without you
Without you
It's  a contemplation day
Nov 2013 · 463
The Nowhere Place
Anna Vigue Nov 2013
Temperatures rise
Clouds part
Sun shines
It warms my heart

I Stretch out
Lay back
Feel the heat
What lacks?

Oh yes
He's here
That ****** warmth
Lovely dear

Keep on watching
Down below
Kiss me now,
Before the world explodes

Nothing left now
Empty space
Darkness falls
The Nowhere Place
Thought this one had a neat rhythm
Nov 2013 · 2.2k
Contradiction Of Self
Anna Vigue Nov 2013
I am Strong
I am Vulnerable
I am Sure
I am Foolish
I am Smart
I make Poor Decisions
I am Filled with Energy
I am a Lazy Slob
I am Sure of Myself
I am Confused
I am a Leader
I am a Follower
I am Creative
I am Unoriginal
I am Optimistic
I Fear the Worst
I am Brave,
I am so Scared
I am Dark
I am the Light
I am Free,
I have been Captured
I am Short
But I am so Tall
Nov 2013 · 2.2k
This Cold Morning
Anna Vigue Nov 2013
Feel the cold air
hear the sounds
the bagpipes
the prayers

Take time
to remember
to hear
the stories

Stand up
appreciation for
the soldiers
that carried us

Nov 2013 · 872
Rememberance Day
Anna Vigue Nov 2013
remember when
you fought to live
fought for our rights
freedom to give
remember when
out at sea
strong waves lashing
courage to be
a warrior fighting
for fellow man
keeping together
our selfish clan
fighting for
our right to be
our right to choices
right to be free
now to honor
your day at last
is it enough?
remembrance past?

I shall give you
every day
my past my future
in every way
I give you thanks
and all respect
every day
and somehow yet
I know that this
is not enough
you fought the war
with much rebuff
all the freedoms
I enjoy
the soldier grew
from a small boy
born to protect
and born to serve
perhaps it's more
than I deserve
Nov 2013 · 4.6k
Damn Humans
Anna Vigue Nov 2013
wind lashing
rain pouring
typhoon here with
little warning
heaven opens
up it's eye
houses torn
people die
earthquakes rupture
torn apart
family's mourning
breaking hearts
natures wrath
against mankind
lashing out
a monster sky
global warming
oceans death
oh what a world
oh what a mess
As extreme weather hits, I take time to reflect upon my impact on this world, and what I can do to help future generations survive.
Nov 2013 · 697
On Again, Off Again
Anna Vigue Nov 2013
When you left me standing there
I felt like such a clout
My heart was filled with agony
My mind was filled with doubt

I turned around to walk away
Pretending not to care
I felt so wicked foolish
Hurting more than I could bare

Next time you break up with me
I know I'll follow through
I'll never call you back again
You *******, I love you
Pure fiction, but I liked the turnaround at the end
Oct 2013 · 5.4k
Robbery Failed
Anna Vigue Oct 2013
No Money
No Toys
No Books
No Boys
No Fun
On the Run
Catch me if you can!

Door Open
Fly Out
Cops Chasing
All About
In the Car
Driving Far
Catch me if you can!

Turn Corner
Wheels Screeching
Heat On
Freedom Teasing
Made It Round
The Corner Bend
Let's do it again!
All of the work, none of the reward
Oct 2013 · 383
Williams Sleep
Anna Vigue Oct 2013
To sleep
or not
to sleep
that is the question
whether to dream
or lie
in blissful
eyes closed
heart slow
breath shallow
turned off
this world
turned on
my world
to sleep
to dream
Oct 2013 · 831
Anna Vigue Oct 2013
I look upon her
and smile
Do not smile
she says
It is not good
she says
It will cause
your face to wrinkle
your lines to deepen

Look at me
she says
I do not smile,
my face is smooth
as buttah

But I never was
one to listen
I cannot help it
my rebellious self
as I smile at the memory
of my grandmother
wrinkles deepening
at the corner of my eyes
That Russian lady had great skin!
Oct 2013 · 2.2k
Sunday Morning 8 Ball
Anna Vigue Oct 2013
***** clacking
drinks pouring
8 ball in the
early morning
Breaks made
***** down
another chance to
win this round
**Welcome to the
Church Of All Angles
I play pool with my family team, the Pocket Posse, every Sunday.  The team includes myself, husband, grandpa-in-law, mom and dad.
Oct 2013 · 609
3 am
Anna Vigue Oct 2013
I move across the cold floor
feet shushing on the wood
trying not to wake
the man in the warm bed
I lift the edge
of the blanket
gingerly slide in
tucking my feet
the place
that warms me
Oct 2013 · 3.0k
In the Name of Science
Anna Vigue Oct 2013
Are humans inherently evil?
Does it go right to the core?
Do we always need to prove ourselves?
Do we need to settle the score?
I watched a documentary
With people doing experiments
On other people just like them
Callous with their detriments
The lower class
The prisoners
The foreigners
By practitioners
And now we have this information
Torture, surgery, chemical weaponry
Some classified, some out to view
Is it their duty of citizenry
To share that information with me?
To tell me how and when and why
To share results of tests gone by?
Do I even want to know?
Do not let them die in vain
Maybe I should share the pain
(maybe you should share it too)
To learn
To see
NOT to do
Although there are horrors and abominations of human behaviors, what has been done cannot be undone.  As a society I hope we can learn from past (and current) human experimentation so that the lives are not lost in vain.  The information that was garnered in unimaginable ways is here, it exists, it is now ours as a collective history.  To not use it seems to be an abuse of it.
Oct 2013 · 1.6k
Anna Vigue Oct 2013
This is my lyrical masterpiece
Is somebody reading this?
I'll take you up so high
Adrenaline will make you fly
Do you think that you know me?
There's nobody like me!
Do you think you can handle
My lyrical ramble?
Do you think you can see me?
My mind and my dreams be
Do you think you can hear me
my voice loud and clear, see?
You know you don't know me
You don't even know you!
Oh wait --
Stop and see --
I don't even know me!
What, I think I'm a rapper now?
Oct 2013 · 575
Ode to a Lady
Anna Vigue Oct 2013
Happy Valentines Day Poopy
Although I do not need
A date just to remind me to
That our love is deep indeed

Your superior eyes entrance me  
When you look up from your book
To catch my eyes just so
And give me that **** look

That I hold inside my mind
It’s a look for only me
I will treasure it forever
Into my heart you see
I wrote this for a friends ******* Valentines.  It was based on a little dossier I had my friend fill out on his lady....What do you think of the nickname he chose?
Oct 2013 · 1.9k
Snack Time
Anna Vigue Oct 2013
trying to write
trying to think
the kids won't stop chatting
please get me a drink
from the deepest fount
of knowledge and peace
I would swim deeper down
to muffle the sound
reactions in check
DOWN -- hit the deck
I will not engage
your unflattering gaze
now sit down to eat
ahhhh this peace is a treat
Oct 2013 · 851
Anna Vigue Oct 2013
Happy Birthday to my DAD
Another YEAR of life to add
Another YEAR of wisdom gained
Another LEVEL'S been attained
Yet there's more ACHIEVEMENTS to UNLOCK
To level up is no CAKEWALK
With the power of FAMILY by your side
I think you will enjoy the RIDE
Oct 2013 · 365
Hello Poetry
Anna Vigue Oct 2013
there's a place I can go
to make my words show
a presence online
preservation in time
lyrical wit
to share for a bit
write a poem
from your home
hello poetry
My cred to the site
Oct 2013 · 780
15 and Counting
Anna Vigue Oct 2013
I can't tell you what I meant
because I don't know what I said
I'd tell you what I think
but I haven't got a thought
if I put two and two together
I think that I'd get five
and if you'd **** me
for what I know
I'd only tell you lies
I'm a smashed up piggy bank
robbed of all my pride
broken heart
empty mind
Wrote this at 15
Oct 2013 · 415
All the wrong reasons
Anna Vigue Oct 2013
You had it made
no worries
no fears
no sadness
but you chose to throw it all away-
for all the wrong reasons
then you realized
that you were better off before
and patched it up
expecting forgiveness
expecting to end the pain.
You  then knew
that it was right to
be with him
to share his love
his pain
because of mistakes
and problems
it couldn't work
then you realized
that mistake you had made-
for all the wrong reasons
Wrote this at 14
Oct 2013 · 731
Unregarded Boyfriend
Anna Vigue Oct 2013
Do you love me?
Do I care?
I reach out to you
no one is there.
You tell me you love me
I tell you the same
but all that I'm doing
is hiding my pain.
Life in the fast lane
it ain't all that great
in my world that only
revolves around hate.
Wrote this at 14
Oct 2013 · 1.0k
Teenage Angst
Anna Vigue Oct 2013
No one understands
the power of pain--
it gives you all the pleasure
It gives them all the shame.
Does it make you feel good?
No one else left to blame.
You can feel your heart pounding
adrenaline in your veins--
all the aspects of death
are one and the same.
An empty soul
without even a name--
Will the pain ever die?
Will emotions ever tame?
Fighting and killing,
it's all one big game--
in a world that only
revolves around pain
This poem was written by me at 14 in the early 90's

— The End —