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  Mar 2016 Anna Sofia Thomae
I roar with a bravado
that echoes throughout
the deepest caverns
of brave souls

yet with every time
there lies a risk
of my own reverberations
shattering my heart

I am fragile glass
fashioned into
the fearsome form
of a lion

I have been chiseled at by
Father Time and Mother Earth,
carved away by my pains
and my worries.

I am no façade;
there is nothing ornate
about me designed to
hide something heinous

I can shatter
just as easily
as my mother’s
prized china set

But I roar on
even as I chip away;
my joints creaking
and my body scorched.

Do not mistake my
scratches and cracks
for weakness,
I have demons of my own.

I walk this ground
with the hope
that my roars,
in spite of my fragility,

will instill a sense of hope
into all of you
with glass hearts
such as mine.
This piece was inspired by this -> which doesn't seem to be working, but the piece was entitled "Paper Lion"
In the darkest parts of the boulevard
where all you heard where people's cries
where blood was dripping from the celling to the ground
you knew you had arrived. Home.
not finished
I'm the ******* person I know
How will I breath in a burning room?
I'll probably choke to death.

I will turn to smoke
and soon everybody will forget about me.

While they forget, they'll breath me
and soon enough they'll die.

— The End —