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Anna Elizabeth Jul 2014
I love you..
But do I really?
What is that but three little words
Put together to create a sentence
Too frequently misused
But yet holds so much meaning
Perhaps I'm bitter
Because I haven't found it yet
Perhaps I never will
But judging by the fairy tales
Perhaps one day I will
Anna Elizabeth Jul 2014
The spark was never there
Oh how I wished for it
a thousand times
and a thousand times more.
Platonic love
Oh how it hurts
when misread as true love.
I miss you my dear
best friend
Oh how I long for your touch
your smell
your imperfect smile.
My heart is slowly beating
crushed with every thought of you
Oh how I hurt you.

I am sorry.
Anna Elizabeth Jul 2014
I look at the sky
sunshine washing over my skin
tingling and warm
cleansing my soul  
I wish to be nowhere but here
in this moment
where I am

— The End —