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Anna Brown Dec 2014
They flicker, bright lights
Yellow, not gold
Bigger than mine, your hands
You're a monster
I am starting to shatter
My palms feel the snow

I open my eyes to snow
Burning lights
Everything.. Shatter
I'm made of gold
I live with a monster
We hold hands

Mine are smaller, frail hands
Laying in the snow
We turn into a monster
No more lights
No more gold
Now shatter

You shatter
They break, our hands
I paint you gold
Transforming the snow
Under the lights
I'm not a monster

And yet, I am a monster
I thrive on the shatter
Hide from lights
Scratch with fearsome hands
Pad through the snow
Turn things to gold

It consumes everything, gold
Greed is the true monster
There's no longer snow
It's melted, we shatter
The bones have broken in my hands
Turn off the lights

You're gold
I'm the monster
Let it snow
Anna Brown Sep 2014
Aching legs and laughter
Your hands pulled me on your back and we raced up the hills
I looked down upon his face, his eyes
Suddenly he was on your back too
We were soaring
There lay a little house atop a mountain
Inside it we rejoiced, banishing the mountain trudged
Our music was loud, our laughter louder
Dancing and shouting we galloped falling to a heap on your bed
A thousand candles were lit
Like a blanket of glowing stars
sending us into sweet scented dreams
Only to wake up alone
Anna Brown Sep 2014
I see you playing with childish grace
That same naive look upon your face  You're a temptress, maiden in disguise
his dark abusive hands made you to realize
Down down down you go
Into the unconscious full of woe
Eyes bring tears and food relieve too bad it's a deadly treat
Ah too bad you took the bait now below lies your fate
No matter how much of it you fear
You will return each year
To the darkness and what it brings
Until you finally emerge a queen
Your crown will be of ****** thorns
Throne a seat of menacing storms
From this blackness your beauty shines
Beauty was in sadness the whole time
Anna Brown Sep 2014
Water was everywhere
Drenching us and flooding the yard
You were stronger, both stronger
Wrapping her up in slithery rubber
Water filling her mouth
She started to drown
Only I was left
Why are we doing this?
Somehow it was fun, kids playing games on a summer day
And yet it was more than that
As I was wrapped up and knocked to the ground I reached high, pulling myself up
Although blinded I wouldn't give up
I said I never give up
If nothing else at least I'm determined
Anna Brown Sep 2014
I wish I didn't sigh so much
Somehow I don't know how else to express myself
These days feel longer, I'm weighted down
I miss you
Brown eyes aren't often spoken about but I think of yours everyday
If we were to return to our magic kingdom I hope the water would stay warm and the moon bright
My life is composed of short stories that all start better than they finish
I wouldn't mind being frozen in time if it was with you
That pond could be our lotus casino
You're always on my mind
You're always searching for adventure and I'm always searching for you
Anna Brown Sep 2014
I can't stop writing, maybe I shouldn't
I hope the words won't cease to flow
Many thoughts spilling out in an endless flood
Maybe this is the real Noah's arc
Perhaps the flood was god never ending words and the animals were Noah's feelings he wanted to keep concealed in the arc of his mind
Perhaps like god my words are water and are cleansing
After I spill what I need to maybe I'll be fresh, reborn
I never did read the bible though
Church sermons made me feel boringly proper
Anna Brown Sep 2014
lord of the rings fanatics, typical
Somehow controlling thousands of people turned us all into Gandalf
I guarded the food, you two the door
Most people don't tell you how healthy it is to assert yourself,
They crave passivity, fear aggression
Assertion doesn't mean aggression
Patriarchal society
How good it feels to stand tall
Huge like a mountain, wise like a wizard
If we are Gandalf you're the ring
I hope you get thrown into the pits of Mordor
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