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Aynjul Jan 2018
looking at you
is like
staring down a open road
  Dec 2017 Aynjul
In a perfect world
Time would be tangible
I could relive the sweet moments a million times,
Feeling the same fire of emotion as I felt before

I could use the hindsight of what I’ve learned to see and do things differently
To return to a place in the past with the wisdom I have now
To alter the course of timelines and erase the wrongs

All to conjure a future just as I dreamt it,
With all the beautiful fantasies I had of us
And every blissful moment in between

A race from past to future,
trying to create what the present could be,
If only in my own imagination.
If only time could work differently.
Aynjul Jun 2017
Without you
   I could Touch the sky
& my mind is free
With you
   I was dancing with the stars
& my heart,
was already floating in space
I am stubborn and ******. my heart will ware and tear apart before it lets you go.
Aynjul Jun 2017
Whenever I hear new music,
its like the artist knows
Missing you hurts.
out of all The Life my heart holds for you
I don't know how to let it out..
for now,
I just bleed words that cant rhyme
Lyrics, melodies, beats and time-
and nothing can tame my heart

but hopefully My poetry will reach yours
Feeling music is not the same as it was when I looked at you almost everyday
Aynjul Jun 2017
I'm currently 2,500 miles away
Sitting on a rooftop in the city on a cloudy day
Yet, Nothing felt more like home
Then being alone.
Alone in this...
They say time heals all, distance makes the heart grow fonder, yet true love never stops growing ?

Happy anniversary
  Mar 2017 Aynjul
South by Southwest
Maybe some day we will dance
Holding hands in disbelief
As tears of joy
flow from our eyes
While the field of flowers
will cheer in salute
Maybe our eternity
will come to an end
And our day will come
to begin . . . just maybe

Just maybe I hope
beyond my dreams
Waiting for the one you love
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