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Anjal Singh Oct 2018
A day full of sorrow,
With a soul almost hollow,
Aching hearts still beating,
To a ****** mans weeping.
With a voice that trembles,
Of a boy I resemble.

And what I do is write..
For those tears dried..

Of how he lost his father,
To whom he lost his mother,
For he had a little sister,
Who will know one brother,
A brother at nine,
Always smiling with mine..

And all I did was smile..
At least for a while..

Little hopes was all he had,
Big hope was what she had,
With no coins in his pocket,
He gave up his locket,
For he had to feed,
His little sister indeed!

And all I did was watch..
With a glass full of scotch..

But that was all he got,
And a little teapot.
No one knew his misery,
For he was always a mystery,
A smiling little fellow,
Who waved every hello!

And all I did was nod..
Always a bit sod..

It's been two weeks,
The boy's grown weak,
With smiles faded away,
A Little girl swayed away,
The boy became a man,
With a little bit of tan.

And I wrote those tears..
For a girl without fears..

His world turned upside down,
To a Kingdom with overthrown crown,
Where boys may drown,
Where he was now a clown,
With days coloured brown,
In his own dead town.

And all I did was write..
For all those tears.. that dried!
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Did you see a special child,
Moving on its own
Waiting for a smile from
strangers faces around!

Did you see a special child
Sitting in the park
Waiting for the ball to come so
He can give a pass!

Did you see a special child
Sitting near the lake
Waiting for the fish to be caught
In the fishing rod straight!

Did you see a special child
Moving it's wheel chair fast
To catch that metro rail
Which is about to depart!

Did you see a special child
In your child's class
Sitting in a corner waiting for acceptance and cheers!

Did you see a special child
In your neighbor's house
Waiting to be befriended
By the whole society!

Did you see that special child
Whose innocence is unbound
Smiles are genuine
And eyes are pure shine!

It's 'not' you alone who
did not see him..
We tend to not register
there presence,
We deny to register
there existence
I haven't seen a special child
till my 28th birthday.

Till I became a mother of one...
That day a mother was born
A special mom of a special child...!!!

Then I became friends with
Many such special mom's...
Beautiful kids became
my son's friends too...

And the special journey
of Special Life thus began!!!

Sparkle In Wisdom
Sep 2018
Cerebral Palsy.
Anjal Singh Oct 2018
It was day after day,
When he found a tiny way..
Every night after night,
With a life full of light..
Living dreams after dreams,
Holding breaths full of screams..
As he breathe every breath,
He stepped closer to his death..
Longer sleeps in his bed,
Tired eyes, glittering red..
Thin skin, bony bed
Shorter days, full of med..
It was days after days,
That he found no lively ways..
It was breath after breath,
That he screamed himself to death..
That's life, live while you can!
Anjal Singh Oct 2018
A tear passed away
On a face that prevailed hope and happiness..
For it will never belong,
On those red cherry cheeks..
For no one can really know
If it really did exist..
For it has to prevail love,
Life, hope and happiness..
For it has to make her stay,
Smile and love it's loneliness..
I wondered about whom my first poem published here should be about..
Then I thought of me :)

— The End —