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Anize Orona Jun 13
You say I’m yours
And that our beating hearts are meant to be
But the truth is, they’re not
I belong to nobody.

My existence is not for you
It’s for the Seven Seas,
And for the Moon that glows

My heart isn’t meant for a single soul
It’s for the Earth to consume
And for the Sun to warm

My decaying bones won’t be for you to woe
They’ll be for the wind to blow,
And for the Trees to grow.
Anize Orona Jun 13
I can only imagine the pain you have
All the signs and yet,
Everyone was oblivious
We pushed you so far away,
That there was no time for mending
Or goodbyes

I’m sure the thought of suicide
Has crossed your mind,
More than a thousand times.
So sickening to think…

I tried so hard to help you
In the many ways one could.
I never judged you…from the bottom of my heart, I love you.

I love a poor soul that is
Frail, Hurt, Alone
A soul that no Hospital could fix.
A soul I watch grow,
A soul that lost their way home
So sickening to think…

That we sleep peacefully at night
Knowing you’re maybe fine, maybe safe
So sickening to think…

Your birthday passed,
And no one blinked
While I was thinking of you all day
And hoped you got cake
So sickening to think…

I can’t sleep at night.

Flashbacks of your face.
Anize Orona Jun 13
We want ourselves,
When it comes to life or love

But when it comes to Death,
You are all I Want.
Anize Orona Jun 12
You left a piece of yourself in my front door step.
Where a loquat tree grows, where my tears fell.
And you see,
Rain came just in time to wash a bit of us away.
It washed away all of you, that was left inside of me.

You left a piece of yourself in Harbor Drive
A restaurant that doesn’t exist anymore
And I thank God,
That worked out just fine.

There’s a lot of you in the streets of Downtown
Where Gaslamp’s trolley lead to your house
Where we ran all the way to Seaport Village,
To the house across Grape Street
From where you first said, you Loved me

And there’s a piece of you in every corner
Of my neighborhood, your neighborhood
I can’t go back to Chula Vista without wincing every time I pass your exit
In fact I can still see your bedroom every time I close my eyes.

No I can never do that.
You are all over
From where the beach stretched,
To the mountains of Cowles
To where the borderline finished,
To where we never got a chance to explore together.

You left a piece of yourself in me.
Where a flower still lies within.

You left a piece of yourself In my front doorstep.
Where my tears fell on a loquat tree
And the rain came just in time to wash us away
Only to grow what I couldn’t with you.

March 4, 2019.
Anize Orona Dec 2017
When a woman says she loves you,
She is inviting you to her world
Where not only her flesh & bones
But her everlasting soul,
Blossoms from purity & hope

Whether it be woman to man,
Or woman to woman,
She has chosen to give you a chance

A chance in the sense that her sun,
Will provide the energy you need to function & her air
Becomes your oxygen
As You slowly become her universe

When a woman falls for you,
She makes her body your temple
Decorated with whatever you please
Because her mindset is only focused on one thing and that is,
Making sure your happy and content

When she lets you in her walls,
She is only expecting the essence of love
& the undivided attention
Of another human being
Who can offer her more then just words

When a woman says she loves you,
She is offering her soul
& everything her heart has left.

Dec. 2016
Anize Orona Dec 2017
My soil is intertwined
With hope and hatred
There are either two sides-
No In the middle

Where the Truth is denied
And people go back to their bubbles of politics & emotions
Where we are all divided
By labels, ignorance & arrogance

People sing in choruses
Not willing to find common ground
Just wanting to prove whose wrong

Trying to win & dominate
The cultural world & ethics
Where honesty is shamed
And everyone asks themselves,
How did this happen?

Anize Orona Dec 2015
Enough luck to brighten your way
And enough pain,
Because without it,
You won't feel like you're living

I wish you enough

Enough mistakes to learn
And enough sadness,
To experience
What makes us catious

I wish you enough

Enough love to be happy
And enough fortune
To enjoy,
The small things that life has to offer

I simply wish you enough

Enough to make you happier.
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