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Anize Orona Dec 2017
When a woman says she loves you,
She is inviting you to her world
Where not only her flesh & bones
But her everlasting soul,
Blossoms from purity & hope

Whether it be woman to man,
Or woman to woman,
She has chosen to give you a chance

A chance in the sense that her sun,
Will provide the energy you need to function & her air
Becomes your oxygen
As You slowly become her universe

When a woman falls for you,
She makes her body your temple
Decorated with whatever you please
Because her mindset is only focused on one thing and that is,
Making sure your happy and content

When she lets you in her walls,
She is only expecting the essence of love
& the undivided attention
Of another human being
Who can offer her more then just words

When a woman says she loves you,
She is offering her soul
& everything her heart has left.

Dec. 2016
Anize Orona Dec 2017
My soil is intertwined
With hope and hatred
There are either two sides-
No In the middle

Where the Truth is denied
And people go back to their bubbles of politics & emotions
Where we are all divided
By labels, ignorance & arrogance

People sing in choruses
Not willing to find common ground
Just wanting to prove whose wrong

Trying to win & dominate
The cultural world & ethics
Where honesty is shamed
And everyone asks themselves,
How did this happen?

Anize Orona May 2017
I don't want to forget
The people I loved and regret
I will remember their eyes,
And their lips
With all emotions they possessed
No, I don't want to forget

My heart and mind is a vast ocean of secretes
I don't want to deceive that the reality is,
My lovers and past,
Are the reasons why I've learned to love
Anize Orona Apr 2016
How can I love,
When I don't have
No more passion,
To mend your or my heart?
Anize Orona Jan 2016
Death stopped for me
Because I couldn't stop for him
He put his lips on my wrist
And told me "I, shouldn't bleed"

Death stopped for me
Because he knows that I,
Am meant to live
He put his hands around my noose,
And whispered "It's to soon"

And Death stopped for me
Because I finally set my soul free
He turned away & said
"This wasn't meant to be"
Not even the afterlife,
Wants me around.
Anize Orona Jan 2016
And all my burdens falls apart...
As I finish this blunt,
I can't help but be alert
If it weren't for my father's words,
I wouldn't be so harsh, I know,
How can you love someone,
So cold?

My brother still preaches
Tells the world, he's had enough,
Of this *******...
If it weren't for him,
I wouldn't be so open minded

Forgive me mother but I've,
Failed you as a daughter
See my wrists?
Do you now accept my existence?
Or do you still want me to be perfect?

Through my father's eyes,
You can see the gates of Hell
Through my brother's eyes,
You see a picture of corruption...
For he himself, is broken
Through my mother's walls,
You see her darkness
Through my eyes,
You see nothing.
Anize Orona Jan 2016
Because of you
I'm beginning to get these thoughts that I,
Haven't had in a while
They're poison to my mind
And I know they're real

Because of you
I can't help but cry every night
Wondering if you're really worth it
How I wish,
You weren't my main subject

And because of you
I've never felt so worthless
So many mixed emotions
That only a few, could understand
And if I continue,
to see the Silver Lining of us,
I guess I'll remain confused
Because it's you,
That made me a better woman.
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