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Depressed on Main
F/Writer’s Corner    I only just started keeping a diary less than two months ago and it’s made me realize how sad I am all the time so ...
Lagos, Nigeria    Call me Luna Call me Moonshine~`````` Call me mystery Find me in the night By the Moon's edge Just call me Call me Luna ©Evna-Luna
Maryland    I absolutely love to write, stories, poems, anything really. A lot of my poems aren't very good, but I'm working on it. Also, I would ...
Gillian R Stingley
Maryland    My name is Gillian, and I like poetry. Not only that, I also like reading, writing, talking (If I'm being honest here), and being with ...
Derpiworld    Poems about my life and poems that aren't about my life. friends- @AshandGlitter @Anima Torch

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