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Anika Abith Jan 2018
Sometimes I do wonder,

Didn't the butterfly ever feel like
hiding in the cocoon again?
I found a butterfly with its wings broken, unable to fly....
Anika Abith Jan 2017
I know, our Hearts are long miles apart
but still I hope
you'd peep through the window
to my room, where we once shared warm nights.
I know, our minds soared with the new winds
but still I wish
you'd turn and look to see me alone
in the park, where we once walked hand in hand
I know,Our Love Story is to an end
but still I want.... no, need
you to gaze at me once,
smile at me once,
at least,gimme an angry look,
Still, I'll be happy- 'coz
I know I'd see a glimpse of Love
in your eyes - 'coz- you do,
you do love me like hell...
Or at least, the one time I could meet your eyes
is enough for my heart to live
A Lifetime....
"I don't care how hard being together is, nothing is worse than being apart...  "                                                -Starcrossed (Josephine Angelini)
Anika Abith Dec 2016
The lil girl draws a deep breath
Nibblin'  her finger, dimples alive,
And she feels life flowing through her body,
What would she know about

She sits there gazing at her daddy
Sleeping....... peacefully
Anika Abith Dec 2016
Until this eternity ends
my Love, You and I
are the same.....
for the #one person...
Anika Abith Dec 2016
Time is a mighty conqueror
who leave scars of his reign.
As we perch in his kingdom,
he gives us the free gifts of old age.
Even if he carves you wrinkles,
Never let him wrinkle your Heart....
to all the people who is old by face and not by heart....
Anika Abith Dec 2016
Given,  blood is the element of heart
And logic is the element of brain.
Soul equals life and
mind equals imagination n creativity.

Let mind be the abstract of brain
And soul be the abstract of heart.
Won 't a ****** logic be
An imagintive and creative life?
Maths is a poetry !
Thus proved.
Dedicated to math- loving - poets
You can reach frm point A to B and go everywhere you imagine !!
Anika Abith Dec 2016
Pellucid tears drop from the heaven,
glistening tenderly like a diamond ribbon.
A glow of memories split into the air
and me, the pluviophile, amble halcyon.

My rhapsodic heart sparkles at the memories
of the petals I had lost in time,
when tears from the sky soaked me wet
and dewdrops crowned me alive.

The fondling memories come back to me
soaring with the serene wind.
I sink in the depth of the ocean I lived,
once, abinito, long ago someday....

Her touch, so soft, had carved my expressions
and her languid lullaby had found me peace.
Her eyes, filled with affection was the light in me
and her tender kisses kindled in me a heart.

She had sculpted me, given me life and found my soul.
She had endowed me with the shades of life.
Her ineffable beauty, the bloom of nature,
colored the petals I wore right now.

Those were long before in time,
when sun shined bright and night sky alive,
when rainbows bloomed forth the rain
and I was a tender flower to behold.

In the rainy day, I stand today,
as my petals began to wilt.
I crave, I long, for the days I lost,
somewhere in my life, in the winds as it blew.

I crave for her touch, "just once again"- I cry,
the soft feeling she left me behind.
I desire for her ineffable affection
that bloomed me to the flower I am.

Soft drops of tears glide from heaven
wetting my soul, my heart, me whole
I feel the drops to be her touch
as it flows down my wrinkled face.

Those were days, I long for again
the beautiful days that was gifted to me.
Until this eternity ends, till that
Those would remain the sweetest of days...
one of my favorite word- pluviophile: The one who loves rain, the one who finds joy and peace in rain...
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