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 Jun 2015 Nicole
Joshua Haines
And I want to tell her that I understand
what it feels like to be fake, insignificant,
and a shadow on the sidewalk of society.

And I want to tell her that I also borrow
the experiences of others --
that I, too, learn feelings
by stopping and staring at personal wreckage,
like a tourist of emotions,
like an inevitable wish of a human being.
 Jun 2015 Nicole
Love Is
 Jun 2015 Nicole
                                  Is when you never give up
                                 On each other, no matter how bad
                                 Things get. Love
                                 False words and fake promises. Not a
                                 Relationship built on lies.
                                 But times that you spend that couldn't be more

                                Love should be unconditional.
                                Never changing and never ending.
                                If so, love is infinity. Lasting forever and

Just another weird late-night poem about love..........
did i ever tell you
  you saved me
from myself
did i ever tell you
  i will never be the same
did i ever tell you
   the day i saw your face
it was through the portals
  of my soul
and i wished i could have seen you
with a hundred eyes
  did i ever tell you
that knowing you has
brought the mercy of God
upon a humbled heart
and the house of love
has opened its doors
and its fragrance follows me
all the days of my life
 Jun 2015 Nicole

Across my universe
A new star appears
everytime I think of you

A new planet is discovered
orbiting around us
each time you tell me you love me

along with flowers and trees
birds and butterflies
sunny days and rain storms

each stone, every stream flowing
on a beautiful Sunday morning
when the sun rises and I see your smile

Every midnight thought,
sleep revealed dream,
sunset that I write about

I just listened to the Beatles singing
"Nothings going to change my world"
And I finally understand...Across the universe

You are my world, my universe,
everything that matters to me
and nothing is going to change my world

I write so many poems about my love for you
hoping you see them, read them,
and understand how I feel

and this is another, though it rambles...
not cohesive,  doesn't rhyme,  no flow or cadence
It is just me just trying to say once again

that I love you, you are my universe,
my world, my everything and
nothing is going to change that...ever
I am sorry for this collection of thoughts. I am so in love that often my thoughts just overwhelm me and I have to say how I feel. I continue to search every day for the perfect words, poetic or otherwise to tell her how I feel.
 Jun 2015 Nicole

She takes my day
  and turns it to night
So that I may dream
  of loving her
       *again tomorrow
Good night beautiful
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