The words are hanging there
all threadbare
like a noose around your neck
They never forget
but gather dust in a mythical cloud
Transformed into data but kept clean
Never corrupted to be interpreted as obscene
Downloaded at your convenience in a future unseen but captured in a grand impulsive moment on a computer screen
The diary of a mind
Of places unexplored
Of faiths untested
The unlocking of the door
All at your fingertips no less
But yet I digress floundering into transgressions
In some form of escape or obsession
Into a reality you can relate to
All entranced and stamped into some file
Every entry date formulates and substantiates a behavior trait
Every emotion
captured frozen in granulated pixels
To be thawed out in the coming of the new ice age
They will shake their heads and wonder
of such human escapades

The times of riding on your back
when you did a double axel are gone.
Yet these are things she never did
because the rink is a bed of spikes now.
You never thought of her so you
wouldn't recognize the soul she wears.
She is the stalker who is desperate
to avoid you because she misses you.
She can never skate across the
ghost of your breath in the morning.

Reality is anger it is the emotion I want to see the least of
My muse needs to be 100% love

Reality is based in people‘s needs mostly selfish indeed
My muse needs to be lost in a lovers fantasy

Reality is pains and aches and people‘s mistakes
My muse needs to dwell in Stardusts light a lovely lit place

Reality bites
So does my muse when she playful in fateful night

So I want to escape this life
and live in the place of a muses delight

Write poetry of love, lust,fulfillment, and a lovers greed
Unforgettable sex where it’s all the best
Every position wet, wild, panting a successful experiment
My old age now advancing
No troubles just peace and rest
Is all I need to escape

It all sounds so selfish when you write it....

I felt the tremor that look of recognition
The glimmer of knowing some fate that awaits
Destiny’s date
But the future has designs of her own
Jealousy know no bounds
For it was her that came around
Spreading “maybe’s” in siliques
flirty lines of seductive poetry
Tongued to me in that heated whisper
through wetted glossy lips
her slender fingers of femininity wrapped on your pulsing wrist
Sharing the secret of your heartbeat
All that awaits in anticipated fate
The lovers energy that emanates
from your eyes

Angstrom Dec 7

The ocean is in constant motion
Beyond the size of the ship
He who feels it
Windblown wave action
Mildly seasick can be the reaction
Chewing ginger staring blankly off into unknown horizons
Dreams hatched on charts, drawn and plotted in sea foam
From waves that are combed
Destinations unknown
Bring  me closer to home

Tickle my ribs with ocean's erotica
Send my mind to places exotica
Sing me your bawdy tunes with a hot breath that makes me swoon
Mermaids tales on ukuleles wail
Sirena seductresses
Temptresses of the depths luring one into seabeds of kelp
Reefs adorned with shells hanging draped in pinnacles crevasse
Shapely sea mounts of delight
I awaken to the dream by the dock of the bay
A mere spectator upon reflection
Waiting for another date and day.....

Angstrom Dec 3

My word play is foreplay and on the 7th day we made hay
But there really was no way to get it underway
For the starlight was to bright and I suffered from stage fright
So I struggled with my thoughts till daylight
Left in a heap exhausted mights
Shoulda and coulda don't cut it if you just woulda
But dreams are just full of wasted longings
just wantings to belongings
The yawnings of comforts found in a crowd bored
Strangers stares are but fish eyed glares
Your eyes and smile long disappeared
down the hard hearted highway of headlighted glare
Somewhere horns blare
Windows roll down emptying out muffled shouts
Time to hitch down the road to the next handout.

I have hitched all over the USA back in the late 70’s these are the thoughts of a young less angsty Angstrom....

  Dec 2 Angstrom

In house made warm letters run,
Bright poems let, in winter sun—
The dreams of day a lively school,
As songbirds gleam at vernal pools,
Apparitions of youth— fly in and go,
A love blew held in wings, undertow,
Little things now steeping with peace,
Cloudy thoughts set aflame, released,
A lost woman revisioned— unknown,
Is conjured, screening real as a poem.

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