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Angie May Nov 2015
You loved me until the star dust
Spilled from my body onto the floor
And the galaxies spinning inside of me
Crashed out of control
Angie May Nov 2015
I can't fully appreciate
These light from my window
Coming I softly
Across my sheets
Without seeing
The sharp lines
On your face
Glowing in the same light
Mornings ago
Angie May Nov 2015
I can't help thinking about
The side of you
I see when you're asleep
Your eyes shifting
Behind closed eyelids
Your cheekbones
That my fingers trace
Until I fall asleep next to you
Your hips
Exaggerated in early morning light
As you roll towards the window
And I wrap my arms around you
The way you move
When I move
And kiss my forehead
If I wake you
The first time you said you love me
Was muttered in your sleep
Weeks before you said it
With eyes open
Angie May Nov 2015
I said your name
When he was on top of me
Inside of me
His breath on my neck
Fingers tugging at my hair
His chest heaving against my back
The creaking
Of his bed
Kept him from hearing
Angie May Apr 2015
My hair is getting longer,
softer, thicker
Days are growing longer,
warmer, greener
Time is moving slowly
As I'm slowly
falling out of love
with you
A poem a day 4/7
Angie May Mar 2015
I saw you
walking with her
and I
choked because
I think that I
am in love
with you
and you
are in love
with her
and she
could not
care less
I feel so sick
Angie May Mar 2015
****** because at baby showers girls may only have PINK blankets
and boys may only have BLUE blankets.
****** because straight boys pretending to be gay are hilarious,
but gay guys are fashion accessories for girls to collect and fight over.
****** because I was bullied in 7th, 8th, 9th, 10th grade for liking girls.
****** because the gay community thinks I'm pretending to be straight
and the straight community thinks I'm pretending to be gay.
****** because witches were burnt at the stake, and so were we.
****** because gay people are killed every single day for the love they have.
****** because transgender kids **** themselves because it's easier than feeling the disapproval of your parents.
****** because my dad insists that there are only two genders.
****** because if you have a ***** you are "he".
and if you have a ****** you are "she".
and if you break the rules you are "it" "drag queen" "******".
****** because if you identify as something other than what you were born as, they will refuse to respect that.
****** because they will only refer to you as what your genitals say.
****** because I am genderfluid and people will not respect that.
****** because I am bisexual and people cannot respect that.
****** because I will not tolerate your use of this word.
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