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Angelina Desh Jan 2018
have you ever wondered
if it was possible
to set fire on fire?

well, if you're thinking it's impossible
cheat on someone with anxiety
and stand back from the flames.
thanks for that, btw
Angelina Desh Dec 2017
Lipstick red like poison
Stinging as you marked your territory on my neck
And as my knees became weak, my heart a bit too heavy
You picked up the broken pieces, knowing they were yours to collect

Our hands danced under city lights
And frequently met in secret under restaurant tables
But when our fingers pried apart, the city finally fell asleep
And ever so slightly, your mascara ran down your cheek

The light peeked through the windows
And the sun reminded us we’d lost track of time
Between the sheets, we wrote a sermon preaching that there was still love to be made
And by 5AM, we knew we’d need the concealer to hide the blackened secrets under our eyes

-makeup can’t hide all of our secrets
a writing prompt given to me by the woman: "hard but fun" - write about makeup
Angelina Desh Dec 2017
It shines, slithers, and glitters,
   the color, vibrance, and shimmer
   blind with the lights.
I can't look but my eyes crave its eyes.
I can't touch but my hands need something to hold.
I can't taste but I miss the taste of the blood of her heart.
I can't hear but her voice screams and repeats: "Why don't you love me?"

"Why don't you love me?"

I can't smell but the instance of your essence triggers the memory
of my drug-addicted love.
I can't do many things but when I'm near you, I can breathe again.
I can feel the warmth melting my frozen heart.
I can feel the breeze under my wings as I jump to my death
because loving you

And I never want to feel alive again.
Angelina Desh Dec 2017
he walked on a tightrope with your glass heart
lost the plot in the story your eyes told
and when his balance followed, your world became one million tiny shards of fear

I spent the rest of my life picking up the pieces
And only got to 999,999.
This is about losing someone to commitment issues. It's a particularly conflicting heartbreak that consists of so much love, yet so much contrast and confusion. You may or may not be the love of my life, but regardless, these words are for you.
Angelina Desh Nov 2017
whenever i have writers block
i pray to god you haven’t stolen my words
because they’re the only thing i have left
to remind me
that you’re no good for me anymore
Angelina Desh Jul 2017
I keep your secrets close to my heart
Like the necklaces we wear with memories tucked deeper inside than we've ever shared
Like a flower blossomed from us, held tightly to my chest
Genuine seeds of thought sprout as our petals are doused in golden dreams
While lust stained tips and thorns sharpen alongside the crescent moon
I pick that flower every morning and think of you.
This doesn't seem happy....but it is. It's about how beautiful it is when two people share secrets, or even random thoughts, with each other. Those two people have grown a beautiful, secret garden between them.
Angelina Desh Jul 2014
The thunder woke me the same way you broke my heart.
I sat up in bed, sweating, panic settling in
The same way it welcomed me graciously when I realized
I'd have to endure every single day
without less than a single spoken word

You won't even look at me.

I used to fight
for you, against you
against the constant urges to look you directly in your gold threaded eyes
and wonder why?

There was a day
where I fought for your heart
and won.

Nothing is the same.
Now it's all detachment and denial
from you, my thoughts, my anger
from the amber glow that follows me radiating red
a somewhat burning hell.

Every morning I see you go to your locker
That's when I can still hear the thunder.
This is probably my most angry poem. I've dealt with awful anger issues and writing them down really helps me. I'm sorry that this one is such a downer.
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