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I want to take back the days I was sad
I want to show you that I can be better
Kinder, more lovable, braver
I want to take back the days I wasted
crying on my bed stuck in my head
When I could have,
should have been better instead
But I can't take back the days I was sad
No I can only be better
I can be braver for other people
Good girl will forget
                 the mistakes you've made
Good girl will forget
                 the tears she'd shed
Good girl will forget
                 how many women you've laid
Good girl will forget
                 that night she bled
Angelica Jun 9
I am sorry
that my hugs
can be suffocating.
It's not always
because I'm scared
to let you go.
I am just trying
to hold myself
Angelica Jun 3
There was nothing between us.
No sweet words uttered in secret
No promises made under the moonlight
No longing looks stolen from time
No names patiently carved with a knife
But his lips stayed longer than they should
And his hands lingered for a while
His eyes spoke a language we never learned
Like something deep down had overturned
Will retitle once I think of something
Angelica Jun 2
Why must I look into your eyes
And ask where I stand
In front of you
where you can't see me
Beside you
where I am forgotten
Or behind her
as a shadow you can neglect
Angelica Jun 2
I wish I can look back
And say I had no regrets
That I learned all my lessons
And in front of you is a new person
But I keep making the same mistakes
And somehow I have more questions
Like how is it that I still feel broken
Even after my supposed salvation
Angelica May 22
I beg her to stop hurting me
As she digs the knife deeper
Telling me she loves me
Telling me she knows better

I beg her, 'Mama please'
But she's not listening anymore
In her eyes, I am only child
Still a child and nothing more
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