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Angelica Feb 17
I hate that it takes
so little to break me
That I have to struggle daily
to rebuild every small piece
Becoming more fragile
with each attempt
Knowing that every effort
will not make me unbroken
Angelica Nov 2021
I am certain
that we will find each other
in our next lifetime
and the ones after that
But **** the Gods still
for not giving us this one
Angelica Feb 2021
I was promised
too many things
all at once
That when they broke it
one by one
I didn't notice
until it was all gone
Angelica Jan 2021
I was raised learning
that an incredible love
amounted to an equally
incredible guilt
towards the choices
that are made in our names
the opportunities missed
and the dreams abandoned

I was taught to apologize
to that love
long before I understood
what I was apologizing for
never once asking
where the limits of my
incredible guilt stood
when to stop nor if I could
Angelica Oct 2020
You should have just taught me how to smoke
Instead of things like how to drive and cook my favorite food
That way I could’ve simply tried to give up a bad habit
The same way you gave me up
Even good memories can turn rotten
Angelica Sep 2020
Time flows
And all wounds
are supposed to heal
But I am still here
I am still her.
Angelica Sep 2020
Practice religion in any way you need to
Be it through prayer, philosophy or poetry
Any gracious God will accept your soul
No matter how you choose to offer it
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