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Angelica Feb 8
Bury me in the warmth of your embrace
Drown me in the scent of something like home
Carry my fears into whispers of forever
Hold me til I question if I was broken at all
Angelica Feb 2
You are the soft sigh of the waves
receeding from the shore
The warm breeze on a slow day
The pink sky before the sun bids goodnight
The first flower that  blooms on May
Angelica Feb 2
I never knew I was drowning
I thought that's just how everybody lived
With water filling their chests,
With hearts pushing with every beat
No light in the bottom of the ocean

Then I started swimming towards the light
Not knowing what lied beyond the surface
The first time air touched my lips
and caught in my throat
it felt like a violent whiplash

It felt like I was dying
The water spilling out of me
My heart beating so fast, lungs filled with air. It was painful to breathe
It was painful to live
Angelica Feb 2
He reached into the sandbox
And found all the favorite toys
I thought I lost long ago
Picked up a red bucket
And told me we could rebuild the sandcastle That some kid stomped all over
He asked if I wanted to be the princess
And I told him 'I want to be the Red Ranger'
I expected him to say something stupid,
Like 'Girls can't be the Red Ranger'
But instead he replied, 'Cool, I'll be Yellow'
I write for myself
Angelica Nov 2019
I made a room out of sadness
filled it with picture frames
of arguments I refused to let go
A tear stained sofa
that was meant to welcome guests
Is now where my past
has overstayed its welcome

Hanging on the walls
is a picture I drew
of a memory called happy
And on the coffee table
sits an old phonebook
of people who promised
to stay in touch

This was only supposed to be
a guestroom where I allowed
my chaos to visit from time to time
But somehow the boxes of anxiety
have piled up
and the monsters
have found their way
under this bed too
Even my safe place has become haunted by me
Angelica Nov 2019
I was desperate for peace
I allowed the chaos
To drown me into silence
Angelica Sep 2019
I sold my soul to poetry
And never looked back
But now every relationship
Is a writing prompt
Every trauma, a metaphor
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