I've decided to
let time flow
between us

Until it erodes
all the bitterness
we've built up

Washing away
all the pain
and wrong notions

Leaving room
for new waters
to pile up

Until forgiveness
flows back
into the ocean
I am a broken glass of water
filled to the brim
A few drops from spilling
A few drops from breaking
Angelica Mar 13
The first time she looked up
She fell in love with the sky
Her heart reaching higher
The only answer was to fly

So she made wings of her heart
Carved dreams into feathers
Bid farewell to earth
And fluttered towards ether

But gravity loved her too
Had no intention to let go
Pulled her firmly to the ground
And broke her wings in woe
Angelica Mar 6
I stand at the edge
refusing to fall
I was being defiant
by not answering your call
Because I was afraid
Because I was trying to be brave
Because that moment you reached out
Deep down, I knew wanted to cave
Into every promise
I'm too scared to trust
Into everything
I claimed to be weakness
You see right through my fraud
And you disarm me with your smile
Strip away my facade
And I am left defenseless everytime
For the stubborn romantics
Angelica Feb 13
Poetry is when I play interpreter to my heart
Fumbling to find the right words
Stumbling to convey love beyond a four letter word
A million things get lost in translation
I inscribe loneliness most times
Happiness she prefers left unwritten
And you, she'd rather kept hidden
But I know you from all the unintended traces that spill into everything she says
I try not to write about you
Or at least eclipse you in between the lines
But it's impossible when you're the one all her words are meant for
Angelica Feb 5
I had a dream once of not so long ago
Of a girl standing still in the middle of the snow
White flakes covered every corner of my view
But I always found her like she was someone I knew

She seemed so familiar with her blood shot eyes
She looked like she'd been crying her entire life
Pale skin covered in wounds and lined by scars
Neon signs blindingly painful even from afar

My entire being desperately ached after her
Every cell screaming, "Don't let her suffer!"
I wanted to hold her, dry all her tears
Tell her there was nothing she should ever fear

But move I could not, not a single step
And words couldn't escape, not even my breath
I struggled hopelessly to be by her side
Thinking that if I didn't, she might have to die

Angry tears threatened, urging me to fight
But then she faded away, out of my sight
Suddenly I could move again but it was now too late
I wasn't able to save the girl from her terrible fate

I fall to the ground heaving, feeling an awful pain
It felt like lightning cursing through my veins
And then there was blood in my now pale complexion
Only then had I known, I was looking at my reflection
This was something I originally wrote during high school and posted years ago on another platform. I recently revised it, so now it feels like a collaboration between my 16 and 23 year old self. This is one of my favorites so thank you for reading :)
Angelica Feb 1
I make up
a lot of fantasies
about love
The best one
was the one called us
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