Angelica Sep 8
I learned to hold myself back
the same day I learned
there can be too much of me
Too much anger
Too much honesty
Too many emotions

I learned that I lose people
When I care too much
So I cut out some pieces
Hoping to be someone's enough
Gave out some pieces too
Trying to make someone just right
Angelica Jun 22
Wherever life takes you,
Do not forget that you are
the space to my ocean
If your darkness becomes too much
Look down on me
and I will reflect back your stars
You'll always have a home with me
Angelica Jun 21
You must've finally broken
when after all these years,
you just sit down and wait
for the tears to come when
even your body is done
squeezing your heart dry
Angelica May 28
She'll be okay once she cries it out
Like pushing your fingers down your throat
She just needs to let it all out then she'll feel better

She'll be okay, she's a really good liar
Her parents can't even tell
Sometimes even she doesn't know the truth herself

She'll be okay when they leave
She doesn't even like staying herself
She'll probably leave first before everyone else

Don't worry, she'll be okay on her own
You know she's very strong
She's been doing this on her own for very long
Angelica May 9
Soft limbs and fragile hearts
As we glided in each others arms
Timid steps, a secret art
Shaky hands that hold me warm

One step forward, two steps back
A few stumbles in between
A prayer they won't change the track
As our shadows slowly close in
Angelica May 8
I was the ocean
And she was space
Two restless souls
Trying to find their place

One created blackholes
In between her stars
The other drowned sailors
Who ventured too far

Two divergent spirits
But for fate or some reason
For a few fleeting moments
They meet in the horizon
Angelica Apr 28
We expect
the same sincerity
we’re not
willing to give
Waiting for
someone else
to hand us
the courage to live
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