I wish kindness finds you
And prove sincerity exists
That happiness can be found
And that love
can still make the world go round
Angelica Dec 6
I do not
write happy
too foreign
for me
I do more
Angelica Dec 5
I got high
on his secondhand smoke
Jealous of the cigarette
between his lips
Like a bull raging
towards all his red flags
In death, I wondered
how his lips would taste
Angelica Dec 3
I wish
I was brave
enough for all
the "what ifs"
in my mind
Angelica Nov 24
i get tired
getting caught up in you
fall asleep
to replays of our conversations
you push me around
all tattered and blue
and still I run back
to infatuation
Angelica Nov 7
I get headaches
instead of heartaches
My brain pushing down emotions.
So I used to take pain relievers whenever I feel hurt
I sometimes still do
So sometimes I get confused
if I'm hurting
or just having a migraine
Angelica Oct 19
There were words meant to be said
And actions needed to be taken
But we both choose to be safe
Than risk being forsaken
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