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Angel Hendry May 15
Will You?

Will you still love me when I’m unaware of trends ?
When my body is different ,
When my freckles are surrounded by wrinkles
When my hair isn’t as long  ,
When I’m unable to be missed because we don’t get the chance to be apart
When the stories I tell are worn out and old
When we can’t stay up past nine and
When I don’t remember life before us.
Will you ?
Angel Hendry May 15
Is anything forever ? Or does life consist of painful experiences and fleeting moments of loveliness alone the pain, are we ever truly happy longer than in those moments in passing, are we always searching for our forever thing in hopes the minutes turn into hours the hours turn into days , the days into weeks, weeks into years and so on until we reach our final chapter hopeful eventually all the pain makes sense and we have accumulated enough of it to get the ending we deserve.

— The End —