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Angel Estrada May 2013
I'm alone,
Everyone said they would always be there for me,
But where are they now?
They gave up,
At this point I'm use to it,
All I have is myself,
I have no one I need someone,
Someone that will help me no matter what,
But that won't happen,
Someone help me I need it
Angel Estrada May 2013
Why am I still here?
I'm not important or wanted,
Everybody either gives up on me or doesn't try at all,
Why me?
I just don't understand why depression had to get me,
I don't see life getting better anytime soon,
I don't have any reasons to stay on this world,
Why am I still here?
One day I'll get so fed up and actually and just end all this,
It's not like I'll be missed,
Nobody cares about me,
I don't want to be happy anymore,
Why should I have hope in something that will never come again right?
I'm just done..
Angel Estrada May 2013
So far my life has been hell,
The worst part is nobody knows,
They all see me as this happy kid always smiling and laughing,
But really all I want too do is **** myself,
Nobody knows the real Angel they just know the cover up,
One day I'm just gonna give up end all my misery and pain,
I try my best to help everybody but nobody is ever there too help me when I need them,
I'm at war with myself every time I cut every time I try to end all this is when I'm losing the war,
I'm slowly being pushed to the edge and when I get to the end I will end all this,
The world would be better off without me anyways,
I'm nothing special just another suicidal kid,
I just want to be happy again
Angel Estrada May 2013
I have been struggling with depression for 3 years,
I don't blame the world for this I blame myself,
I am the only person who can help me over come this depression,
I have nobody they all gave up on me,
Life isn't getting any better so why should I keep on trying?,
I have given up all hope in happiness,
Life I hate mine,
People say stay strong but I don't have any reason to stay strong,
Nothing can change the way I feel about my life,
I constantly cry myself to sleep and I also cut a lot,
I have no inspiration to go on with my life everything is ruined,
My mom is never home and when  she is she's sleeping,
My dad haa he's gone,
My siblings they look down too me they think of me as an "emo freak",
My friends they wouldn't understand if I did open up too them or they would tell the whole world,
I just want to be happy again,

— The End —