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Shell of a Man Nov 2021
With written wards mightier than swords
I will not be witched by wicked words
But words fall short as I see more
And pens and pencils and keyboards
Go weak when I reach for another text
Read receipts have me near death
A little red bled through where the ink wept
Spells checked and cast with each breath

Three steps back to rekindle my nerve

She said it's a new moon, new beginnings
In truth I knew nothing but endings
Bewitched betwixt her witching hours
I wish we'd stay mixed until it's ours
We want nothing but a little fun
And whatever she may be the goddess of
Shell of a Man Oct 2021
The lighting was dim
Blue and purple flickers of them
And she's got him writing again
Fighting against the lion within
Thought he triumphed but she isn't convinced

Writing again, writing against time and my
Highest of sins, lied while spitting sighs
Under my breath like thunder she crumpled again
Again but against missing, fistful of quarters
I've been wishing i can fix this with kissing
Bed making and hand holding and stove cooking
She loved again and I was against infinites
Two years late to a wedding picture by a kitchenette
Two years too late, too sorry, too much to forgive
I'm writing again. Fighting against who I have been
So you can look me in the eye and say you love me again
Shell of a Man Oct 2021
She believed in us
I believed in time
Ours like diamonds and mines
Her's now lost for me to find

The look she once gave me, a distant memory
Missing histories she pieced together to better remember me
Or better to bury, scary to think forever might never be
Open mouth stare as I bare it all for her to see
Star crossed, arms crossed, heart tossing and turning at sea

Has she heard this before?
Maybe the statement but not the cadence
Every word faced with shame in its placement
I'm back again, a villain tragic, a magician rabbitless
No tricks, no sleeves, only a quarter fits between these teeth
No lie spit, no sigh sent down only my love at your feet
No rhyme or reason for treason, please know I mean it
I meant but this time I mean it with more conviction
I'll pay for my sins with each sentence, wishing for an ending
"What perfect ending we'd be" How imperfect that church is
Let me rebuild it again, my consistence the foundation
A new cathedral for us to sing in.

I believe in us
Maybe she'll give it time
a sequel
Shell of a Man Sep 2021
Heavy is the head that could fill up a tome
Memories turn bitter, tormented to hold
Crown ornamented with glitter and gold
Riddled with scolding cinders and coal
Meant for winter to temper the cold
Tinder, I'm told, burns like whispers of home
A whisper I've known, You've been missing
I know.
Shell of a Man Sep 2021
They always think they can.

Distortions sold in a fortune cookie
I am a fortunate man.
Shell of a Man Dec 2019
Lost in the garden
Leaves loosened from the branches
Nothing sacred but the trees
And the light through your lashes
Shell of a Man Jun 2019
I cut my hair today
But didn't feel any different
  I looked into the mirror
   and cried.
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